Fixed Internally Changing Characters/Servers - Someone logged into your account error

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Troutfest, Aug 22, 2020.

  1. Evurkvest Augur

    Can confirm this.
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  2. Strumph Augur

    YEP! Same HERE!
  3. Ndaara New Member

    Same. On the plus side, it worked to log in from the other computer this time!!

    Also. My notes tell me that I adjusted my CenturyLink settings on 10/5/22 and did not have connection issues until 10/24/22! Since June it has been a max of 5 days "normal behavior" (after adjusting CL setting "Cyber Security" to "off"...or back to "on") before the random disconnects start up again. So that seems promising!
  4. tanith Augur

    Nothing changed here
    Still getting booted to server select
    Still having to remove the 'logged in' character
    Still getting the 'someone else logged into your account' message
  5. Korea numbah3 Elder

    Getting this even more since the patch today. Also having LONG (5min+) load times from character select and frequent failed logins/back to server select with the someone else logged in message. Once in the zone times are normal.
  6. Juzam_Djinn Elder

    Yeah, I'm having this problem too on all my alt accounts that are on a HDD, just timed one and it took almost two minutes from hitting the Enter World button before the loading screen even showed up, from there it took ~20 seconds to load into the world. My main account is on a SSD, it took just 20 seconds from hitting Enter World for him to be loaded in game. Something is definitely up, I know my main could load faster than the other characters, but it was nothing like this before the patch.
  7. Warpeace Augur

    This is still happening before you ask.

    Quick camp to swap toon on account and dropped to server select. Try and log back in through the server select and get the warning someone logged into your account.
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  8. Velisaris_MS Augur

    When it happens to me, I just let that account sit at the server screen for 6 or 7 min. That's usually enough time for the toon to actually get booted from the world. I know they claim they fixed it so the toon is booted immediately, but that's clearly not happeneing.

    After a few minutes, I can log back in normally with no warnings.
  9. Scila Augur

    Happened twice to me today on one account. I'm a frequent flyer with the problem with no changes on my side. Rarely does it happen to both accounts (2 computers boxing) but it can happen on one them the other in the same session. I normally try to reboot before a session; however, that doesn't do anything to eliminate the problem. It stopped for a while, but today it seemed back simply changing characters twice in a row.
  10. Petalonyx Augur

    It seems to scale with server load.

    On busy Bristlebane, during peak times, I would camp to swap characters and it would drop to server select about 75% of the time! I had this happen approximately 50 to 100 times ( no exaggeration) during the 300% exp bonus week.
  11. Diani Augur

    Oh yes, this package of fun and joy is still around.
    It currently happends only one this account though, but it feels like every flippin time
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  12. Marton Augur

    Have to restart every time I want to swap characters.

    Very annoying.
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  13. Dept. of Labor New Member

    Is this EVER going to get fixed? This happens almost every single day still.
  14. Evurkvest Augur

    I have this problem about 1/3 of the time i try to log off to char select on a specific char. I have 5 more accounts that dont have this problem. What is notable on the problematic char is that it is my main and oldest char that have probably 4+ times more stuff in bank and inventory.
  15. tanith Augur

    This has been the worst it's ever been today. Usually only my main account is affected, and with varying frequency. Today:
    Every. Single. Time
    Every. Single. Account.
    I changed chars etc it's back to that ****** message.
    Seriously not fun
  16. Zvenn Just an old monk

    this is happening to me a lot now since the patch (this never happened to me prior to this most recent patch). but im getting randomly disconnected 3-4 times in a row with an error stating someone logged into your account (changed my password to be super safe) still happening and still same error. seem to happen mostly when zoning randomly...but last 4 or so now were just sitting in zones ,petting tigers in shar vahl, random disconnect to that error, sitting in Guild Hall LFG to a random disconnect to that error (about 5ish minutes ago)
  17. Malbro Augur

    It still happening to me also, never stopped.
  18. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Behind fixing NoS bugs, this needs to be near the top, or even at the top, of the "to fix" list. This is now beyond annoying. On one of my accounts, it now happens practically every time I try to swap to another toon. Having to sit at the server select screen nearly 8 min while my toon gets removed from the world so I don't get that stupid error message is insane.
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  19. Svann2 The Magnificent

    If I have an alt account logged in and logout my main he usually crashes to server select and when I try to log back in it tells me someone else is logged in so I click that and it kicks me all the way back to username/pw entry screen. I believe its some conflict caused by having 2 accounts logged in.
  20. Strumph Augur

    Can't say it's not an issue, but happens with 1 toon logged in on whatever computer I try. Happens all the time to my shaman who is on his own computer unless it's raid time.

    This crap is old... whomever does QA is slow or they forgot to feed the hamster. Obviously I didn't get what I wanted for Christmas as it's not fixed yet...:(