Changes with the February Update: Developer Updates

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  1. Parts Journeyman

    Does that mean it will auto-grant all tradeskill related AA too? it seems like it will only make tradeskilling take more time and cost a lot more on the lower end if so, using a salvage potion and being forced to fail 50% less and spend more on materials because it autogrants you that AA, instead of being able to use a salvage potion and get skill ups quickly by failing and salvaging materials.

    I have over 10k AA spent and have avoided the tradeskill ones for that reason, just so I can use salvage potions when I want to tradeskill and get them up quicker at the low end without costing as much, would be nice if this were a choice still... and if not, autogranted tradeskills would be welcome while you're giving us free advancement. :D
  2. Langya Augur

    Second this motion. Been playing since 2000. This deal with the AA...yah. I couldn't care less. My achievements are my own and how the guy next to me got theirs is their business.
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  3. Karthanon Augur

    Great, so remove the humanoid restriction. :p
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  4. Piestro Augur

    Petitions aren't really a good vehicle for delivering suggestions. I'd suggest creating a separate thread on the forums for discussion of your ideas.
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  5. Tyvoris New Member

    I still do not think that my epic should have a hit counter on it. Mortal coil is what makes swarming possible because if the pull is big enough to cause server lag, then epic will run out far before they are all dead.
  6. Annunaki New Member

    Why put a hit limit on Lich Sting... why change the SK epic at all? The epic effect only lasts for 60 seconds. If you add the hit limit to mortal coil alone, that will eliminate the swarm killing by SK in all situations except for swarming in super grey content zones, which lets face it, swarming will continue in those situations because the gear at this point is so far ahead of those areas. Also the epic effects everyone in the group. Are those ticks going to apply to each individual?

    On a separate note, I came back to EQ about 4 months ago. I started in 1999 and played hardcore up until Gates of Discord. I had to recover my account that was hacked and the security question added sometime after I stopped playing. The account recovery process took about 2 and a half weeks of detective work. Anyway, back to point, I started to play my necro and I saw SK's swarming in pofire. I was the only person in that zone on my necro as I ground out my AA's. I decided to make a SK because the whole dynamic of running those mobs around looked very exciting. I rolled a SK and leveled the character up, farmed for my epic 1.5 and 2.0 as I researched more about how to get to the point of doing what made the SK look appealing in the leveling progression. Over the course of these last few months leveled my character up to level 84 and stopped to farm 2303 AA's. I felt like I had spent the time well. I saw a drastic change in how strong the character had grown. Progression... now you are giving people the AA's that I just spent these last 2 months farming, solo not power leveled. I feel like there should be something that compensates the time I spent playing. I farmed about 98% of the viable AA's at this point for the level and now I'm being told, if you would have just simply sat back and not been so eager and into the game you would have received all of those AA's and more! It's not fair nor is it right. It's as if you are just steamrolling over the time played. I enjoy the class and I think the swarming would impact the game if there were a lot of active players in the zones, but I have seen days where for many many hours there are literally no people in the zones where I am leveling. Who are these players that are adversely being affected by your servers having to do what they were made to do? How would this be different than if you had 64 people in the zone raiding the boss back in the day on a 56k modem?
  7. Gloomfall Lorekeeper

    I put it on the Melee Forums under Rogue suggestions.. I'm going to update the original thread with what was posted on here so they can reply to it! Thanks!
  8. Tanit New Member

    Piestro, thank you for putting up with us. We appreciate all that you do. Now escape the office and have a well earned beer. ;)
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  9. Soulrheever Journeyman

    Nerfs suck, nobody will be happy with any of this, and the whole mess is a bad idea. That being said, I'm very glad that the feedback was taken into consideration, particularly regarding the SK abilities. (I'm sort of biased)
    • Mortal Coil will have a reasonable hit limit applied. This limit should not affect normal game play usage, while reducing its effectiveness for swarm killing.
    • Abilities such as Lich Sting WILL continue to work on riposted attacks, but with a reasonable hit limit applied. This limit should not affect normal game play usage, while reducing its effectiveness for swarm killing.
    Just make sure that the hit limit is high enough that they won't wear off early against just 3-4 mobs. ;)

    Looking again at the proposed changes to Headshot, Decap, Assass, etc... perhaps not a good change. Would there be some way to reduce the proc rate overall, but have a higher proc rate on lower con mobs? This way it could still be used to clear out trivial trash, could be effective (less than now) for gaining xp, and capable of dropping a chunk off higher level stuff every so often?
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  10. Carel Da Bard Journeyman

    What if I have a level 100 and (s)he only has 2kaa. How does the AA grant work if I'm no longer getting levels? Sorry, might have been answered before.
  11. Pelamar Lorekeeper

    I said in my original post that the spell is broken now since no cleric will recast a spell with a limited proc limit as the duration will be MUCH shorter than the ten minutes *Golf Clap* Piestro for clearly having read my original post
  12. Nightmares Augur

    Hi Piestro,

    Just a thought... a lot of the AA that players will be eligible for level by level are building blocks. That is to say they have ranks and certain AA affect other AA as well. Lets say a player levels up to 100 with no AA, then wants to Grind out 4k AA for the bonus and spend them, doing this BEFORE clicking that little button and receiving all the other AA. Most of those won't be valid cause the requirements wouldn't be met(there are not 4k AA for House and above if you take away the ones that have earlier ranks. In this instance, the new system of AA grants is blocking productivity, options to players, and individualism.

    This is probably not a huge point, but it might be something the Devs could consider.
    Another option that would help solve this issue would be to make many of these AA's that are going to be auto granted as zero cost AA. This would be for things like the Innate Strength, Lung capacity, Metabolism, etc. that will be eating up the majority of AA for this change in the early levels. Making them no cost and being auto granted, would allow players to still retain a "Spent" AA amount, which a lot of players do look at as personal achievements. This would also remove the effect of the auto granted from taking away from the AAXP bonus for first 4k.
    Anyways, its just my thoughts on it. Your feedback would be appreciated about this.
  13. Piestro Augur

    That's an interesting question. If doing so caused zone lag that would technically still be zone disruption. If it becomes common enough that zone lag is still being caused then we might have to consider further options to limit this behavior.
  14. Piestro Augur

    As long as you are eligible for those other AAs (and are granted them) then yes it will grant it. Fundament isn't locked behind any sort of quest content or anything.
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  15. Coldmouth Elder

    What do we do in the meantime?

    Between now and patch

    Leveling my alts to 51 sounds like a good start I suppose :)
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  16. Ronak Augur

    There are not part of the swarming issue, and are not proced on ripostes. They should not be given counters.
  17. Karthanon Augur

    The same thing we do every night, Pinky! Try to take over the world!
  18. Gnomeland Augur

    When do you guys plan on pushing out the patch?
  19. Lateralus New Member

    Why are you adding a counter to lich sting? I don't see any reason why you should nerf both MC and epic. Just remove MC completely and call it a day, case closed, GG.
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  20. Piestro Augur

    Tradeskill Mastery and Spellcasting Subtlety are both specifically excluded. Please let us know what others specifically might cause problems.
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