Changes with the February Update: Developer Updates

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  1. Piestro Augur

    I am not saying you don't deserve anything, more than the solution will not be granting large amounts of AA. The team will decide if and what they want to grant, it's still an ongoing conversation.
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  2. Quilix Elder

    Not much point in heading for end game then, is there:) ? Raid nights / compulsory attendance / Loot points, etc:eek: - Just give up now ;)
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  3. dreadlord Augur

    I haven't seen that figure but will take your word for it.
    But I don't see how it's possible?
    The Devs say they have been asking people who have left why that is.
    Well I do 'exit interviews' for people leaving jobs and one thing I know is that people are rarely honest or tell the full story. For eg, people blame the game rather than themselves perhaps? Or perhaps they discovered EQ was just not the right game for them. It's not right for everyone and shouldn't try to be.
    The 'candy crush' brigade will find EQ too onerous. That's not anyone's fault.
    It's an old adage but true - you can't please all the people all the time.

    Again, let's assume that figure is genuine. It takes no cognisance of the people who would leave EQ or become more prone to leave EQ because of the changes.
    One person who has paid subs for many years has to be worth more than one or two new folk who may or may not continue once they have played with their shiny free AA?

    So no proper cost/benefit analysis has been carried out of something which is a fundamental change.

    If there is such data of the full playerbase then I'll happily shut up and go with the majority. But the fact that there are hundreds of pages of posts and so many new forum participants (like me) coming out of the woodwork to protest suggests that that figure is well wide of the mark.
    Our guild was raiding last night - out of the 60+ people online not one person was in favour. A handful didn't care. Most were vehemently, angrily against the change. Guild chat has not been so lively for months! So, sure, that guild may not be representative of the majority. But those people represent about 200 accounts. I'd be very surprised if the same discussion happened elsewhere with a radically different outcome
  4. idej Augur

    I have no idea what you are talking about with them ignoring EQ. They just released a statement how they will be increasing content. They will have weekly updates and monthly patches. Every week and every month. To me this seems like they are doing everything they can to make sure players are getting what they pay for.

    Just because they are looking for ways to bring or return players does not mean they are giving up. I have seen more out of them this past month then I have in the past year. That to me shows they are going all out for us.
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  5. Endo Journeyman

    All these replies and "concerns" that auto granting AAs will cripple a person on learning a classes' abilities are just all strawman arguments.

    They are ALL related to somehow just trying to argue against the AA grant because they just don't want people to get stuff for free that they had to work for over the last 15 years.

    Get over it. It is a very old game that has been around a long time. EQ needs to evolve. Just accept it. It will be ok. The world won't end.

    I laugh at all the "concern" these people have over other people learning to play their toons. It is a joke. Move on, its not your business how well or bad another person plays their class. It is not your job or anyone else's to be their mommas. EQ is not that complicated, anyone can learn how to play a class well enough in a month or two, if not shorter.

    Those that can't, likely were destined to always be sucky players anyway. No matter what.

    Actually, from reading the replies to these threads, I'm realizing that there are a lot of supposed long time EQ players that don't have a clue about EQ and how to play their class.
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  6. Mintalie Augur

    I believe one of the devs said it was an in-game poll, but I'm not sure. But I'm much more willing to take the word of the devs on this than believe the dissenters saying, "Everyone is gonna cancel omgz!"

    FWIW, there were two out of about sixty online in my guild on Wednesday night who voiced concerns over these changes, and neither of them were outraged or threatening to quit. I realize that this is information is just as subjective as the rest, but I'm in an end-game guild where most people have more than one account.
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  7. Piestro Augur

    What specifically is the detriment? Curious.
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  8. Kazh New Member

    Good luck with the changes.
  9. Ssixa Augur

    There has been at least one raid (Somnium #3) where enduring breath has been disabled. Rank 5 of this AA will let you breathe longer, rank 6 does nothing for you.
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  10. Piestro Augur

    There are still times, for example with a mob mechanic that penalizes melee, where archery would still be useful and this upgrade would come into play. Not a huge use case, but a use case.
  11. Tharzak Elder

    Sorry, but I don't get this. You've made the announcements that this is going live, yet you're unsure of the details of how and what exactly is being pushed to us and how it will all be affecting us?
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  12. Piestro Augur

    This is part of that discussion that we are having.
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  13. Gialana Augur

    Please do consider the tweaks I suggested in post 294 (page 15 or 16) to your auto-grant AA plan. The first suggestion would also allow players to choose whether or not to get the spell casing subtlety, one of the most useful AAs for a few classes in many situations. The suggestion would also allow players not only the option of whether or not to take advantage of your offer, but also how much of your offer they would like to take advantage of. EverQuest has always been a game that has had many options for players on how they want to play the game, and my suggestion continues that by giving players even more control over their characters.

    In my post, I also mentioned "Enhanced Forgetfulness" and "Clinging Root" as an example of more AAs that have potential negative effects on game play.

    If my suggestion is not liked by the EverQuest team, then please give us a way to destroy awarded AA so that we can get rid of the currently unwanted AA while still being able to take advantage of your offer. I realize this could be more difficult to code given the dependence of AA on other lines.
  14. Jazya Elder

    Best way IMO is to require 'double damage' hits for it to fire.
  15. Kantsyng New Member

    This would never work, noone wants to leave their characters or server/friends/guild. Of course it would fail.
  16. idej Augur

    Whats not to get. They announced that these were the changes they wanted to do and wanted to have an open discussion. The open discussion has led to some changes and has also led to some add on's. It's not even up on test yet which could lead to more changes. Nothing is set in stone until it is live.
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  17. tanith Augur

    I'm seeing a lot of replies from Devs/Piestro to posts on the class changes and the fine detail of how the '4k allocation' might work. But no response at all to the numerous posts about the big issues.
    Is some feedback more equal than others perchance?
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  18. Cordilya Elder

    Please forgive if this is a bone-headed question from a relative newbie (returning player from many years ago, before there was such a thing as AAs).

    Am I understanding this correctly? If I am a Gold member, and I'm currently level 60, there's no need for me to grind AAs at all at this point, because they will be given to me automatically as I level? And that means I don't need to worry at all about grinding for AAs until I get into the 80s, when AAs from the four most recent expansions become attainable?

    Thanks for helping me understand. If this is the case, I don't see any reason to do anything with my character until the update is implemented, and I may just dial up an alt instead for now.
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  19. Bayho New Member

    As someone who initially posted that granting the AAs was a bad idea, for a variety of reasons, I am posting to say that I have changed my mind after reading most of the comments in both postings.

    I have recently returned to the game and been grinding through the AAs in my Warrior and Bard, both mainly in their early 80s. While it really was nice seeing what AAs did, helping to ensure I understood the mechanics of the game since I have not played much at all since Planes of Power, it is somewhat of a hurdle, especially considering I returned with a group of friends and we have been aiming to reach level 85 and work together through content. Different players have more or less time available, which has led to differences in levels and AA. The granting of AAs will help us be more uniform from the beginning of content which really interests us.

    We are skilled former players returning in attempt to reconnect with a game we loved long ago and a community we have not found anywhere else. We like working hard and are committed to it, with or without the granting of early AAs. This will, however, help us join the true community of EverQuest, which is top-sided, as all MMOs are.

    In addition, I have a plethora of friends, some who I have not spoken to in a decade but am reconnecting with. Many wish to help us level and are excited that we have returned to the game. We are excited to join them in the game, but do not want to come off as a burden in any manner, which is one of the reasons we joined and are leveling together. Getting past the initial hurdle to actually play with old friends will help build the community, and that is why I am now for the AA granting. I hope to pull even more friends in, who were reluctant to join initially. I would love to see this game expand to a great community, that still loves the challenge that EverQuest has to offer.
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  20. Goat115 New Member

    Everyone will not cancel. I have several gold accounts. I am not outraged or threatening to quit. I have been around to long. I differently think granting the AA's is not necessary, not needed. How many in your end game guild have nothing to do when not raiding but to play alts? Just curious going to make it faster for each alt to have nothing to do also.