Changes with the February Update: Developer Updates

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  1. Nightmares Augur

    the AA from Progression and MPG trials are earned by completing certain events / tasks / requirements. These are not and have never been able to be bought with AA, so they are remaining the same. I do believe Piestro mentioned it.
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  2. Piestro Augur

    Mage beam still limited. Chain class proc rate nerfed, but level cap increased. So that one goes both ways. Shining line is still limited on overall number of procs. If people can show parses that show tanks on single mobs routinely proccing substantially more than the changed value, I would be happy to show that to the Devs.
  3. Karthanon Augur

    Just as a baseline, how often does Headshot fire in a minute?
  4. Innovictos Herald of the Sun

    Ok, so do I have it right to say this

    Every level you ding from 51 onward as long as the AA is flagged a "four xpacs back" and is available to your level, its as if you had infinite AA and bought it like normal, only it just happens.

    If that is correct, would that then mean that before you hit "four xpacs back" AA, you would never be turning AA XP on as it wouldn't help you?
  5. Slasher Augur

    Cant mod decap with a zerker its a spell proc so ya this wont kill anything.
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  6. Piestro Augur

    I'll bring this up. We'll probably want to do some checking into this.
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  7. Smiggzi New Member

    Make brass finesse, percussion finesse relevant again and extend bard songs post 95!!!!!! I have level 95 raid item from ntov - ROF content doesn't even do anything for my songs. thanks please give feed back :)
  8. Deadjester New Member

    I am hoping for some feed back on the "/claim" ideas for the AA granting system
  9. Light New Member

    I love these changes. It will make playing and creating new classes fun again for me. I feel all changes are needed and I welcome them. Thank you so much.
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  10. Axxius Augur

    What about Heroic Characters? Are they going to start with maxed AA?

    Proposal: move the auto-grant threshold to lv MAX-20. That way it will be only lv 80 (SoF) AA that's auto-granted.
  11. Slasher Augur

    I would hope its addressed BEFORE these changes because this is a huge issue aggro will not be controllable vs anything it can proc on if it is not.
  12. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Best I could call this is "a good start".
    Call me jaded, but most it's likely a preconcieved "fall back position" that was closer to the real plan all along. (Old marketing trick: Take 100 away - then give 50 back and call it a gift!)
    Don't be too conservative in the damage on the 3 chain class procs.
    The ''in your face" chain classes need a way to kill it - or shed some aggro from a prosc that leaves it alive.
    If Headshot remains nerfed on frequency - it should also work on almost anything with a "head" - like decap does now.
    Reasonable compromise for the SK's (I think) - but you left the clerics out?
    Mercs drove enough clerics away - last thing the need is a nerf.
    Don't let the low Cleric post count fool you. There aren't enough Clerics left to have the same impact here as the SK's do is all.

  13. Piestro Augur

  14. Morningdew Lorekeeper

    Welcome returning players who will pay for gold account for 1 month. Goodbye to many longtime EQ players. Hope the 1 month worth of gold upgrades is more than the loss of current veteran players. But probably will make more money for SOE since I am one of the few who actually stopped their recurring payments rather than just threatening to do so.

    Anybody who believes this about improved game play is just fooling themselves. It began with free accounts hoping that would lure new players to EQ and hope they loved the game enough to pay to play and that did not work. Next they tried silver accounts hoping to lure players back to the game and then they would upgrade to gold, a few did but most of those just farmed plat and bought Kronos, so that was only a small success. Now the gifting of aa's is to hope that a large number of silver accounts will go gold. I'm guessing there will be many to do so, many with Kronos, and then a month later will go back to silver. Of course based on the lack of intelligence of many who play, I'm guessing that many that actually use a credit card will forget to turn off recurring payments so EQ will get a little more money.

    It seems to me that even though Sony has deep pockets, SOE does not, hence the reason 4 games are being retired and we can't get bugs fixed like the chat channel. The limited resources are all put into how to get more players to play. While this makes good business sense, it does not mean good game play. I know many long time players will disagree, but it seems that most of them are boxers with multiple toons that just want to get their armies up to speed as fast as possible.

    As far as most of the nerfing goes, I am all for anything that makes the zones and game more stable but it does seem suspect that the timing occurs when they are offering 85 toons with station cash. Outside of beam pulls, I don't see that any other char is causing zone lag/crash problems.
  15. gcubed Augur


    A level 100, cannot one-shot a light blue conning mob (much less a level 99 mob) in todays game with headshot, assassinate or decapitate. With a proc rate of two per minute it won't be often that that these abilities will actually kill a mob (even a light blue) unless it has already been half beaten to death.

    On that subject, I do have a question. I do not have a zerker in my stable, but I have grouped with them quite often and have observed their decapitate rate. Wouldn't SOE have to first increase the proc rate of decapitate to above two per minute before they could reduce it to two per minute? :p
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  16. Harabakc Augur

    It takes 3 procs of assassinate(250k specifically) with the current ability to kill level 88 mobs, sans discs/multipliers. How precisely do you intend on make it not worthless?
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  17. Dances Journeyman

    I think this may be the nail in the coffin... for me anyway..... I always liked mass killing and unless we are talking refunded aa for those of use who actually had to work for it. I think this is lame at best.
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  18. Shimmerleaf Augur

    1) /report
    2) /petition for zone disruption
    3) /suspend
    4) ban as needed

    Seems simple to me
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  19. MacHammer New Member

    As a returning player with almost 10 years on my account. I was enjoying grinding my aa's the old fashion way. Thanks for allowing us to face-roll aa's. The challenge was part of the game that I enjoyed. I really have no reason to play any of my toons until this goes live. I guess I'll go look for some other way to spend my cash. Thanks for the good time.
  20. Axxius Augur

    How much dmg will they do to a lv 99 trash mob in RoF T2?