Changes with the February Update: Developer Updates

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  1. Cevil's Remains Master

    They choose not to reply to our comments, it is as if this is set in stone. They are granting AA's and I will never pay SOE another dime, 3 more accounts that they dont care about.
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  2. Fooba Augur

    Get rid of item and buff level restrictions instead of auto granting AA's
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  3. Piestro Augur

    1. So let's say you are level 85 with 1000 AA. You can continue to earn AA and purchase AA that you qualify for with the low AA bonus. When you decide you want the rest of the AA granted you can check the box, zone (or whatever the trigger ultimately is), and receive the grant for any AA you are eligible for but haven't purchased yet.

    2. It fills in any AA you qualify for but have not yet purchased based on the requirements.

    3. Yes, although your options will be fairly limited because you'll have most stuff. Glyphs that you are eligible for would be available.
  4. Gnomeland Augur

    The damage difference between when rngs / bers / rogs get to HS, Decap, and Assas, and when they don't, is going to be pretty massive. Gonna make balancing difficult I think.

    SK change... All about the hit limit, but still a nerf regardless. A big draw of the class was the ability to swarm, and now it's just about guaranteed they won't be able to.

    AA grant solution doesn't address the 'I earned my AAs but now new players don't have to!' crowd at all.
  5. Dabrixmgp Augur

    lets just let the free AAs go to accounts with 10+ years played. That way those of us who have put in the work get the rewards. People then cant complain that the AAs are just wellfare and the people didnt earn them.
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  6. Fenthen Living rent free in your headspace

    Please tell me you're not done with the edits to the original concept.

    - Shining still nerfed?
    - Chain class proc rate still nerfed?
    - Mage beam limited to 12 still I hope? This was the one that really needed to be done.
    - etc?
  7. Piestro Augur

    A headshot at these levels doesn't kill mobs unless they are already significantly damaged.
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  8. Axxius Augur

    Correct. Lv 99 mobs can take quite a while to kill by a group geared casual dps player.
  9. Cevil's Remains Master

    I dont have anyone to PL me, never have, and I will tell you the AA grind was so far from ridiculous.
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  10. Slasher Augur

    Again what about the aggro issues ? Go decap something on a zerker you will gain instant aggro. There has to be an aggro modifier on the proc to reduce it.
  11. Langya Augur

    So this is wrong just on principle. Just due to the fact that someone might elect to not click the "opt out" box.

    Well, a few words about AA's. They are my opinion:
    • How you get them is none of my business. You could slog through and get them the right way. You can get PLed and pay for the service through however you see fit, you can buy them somehow from SoE, you can buy a character from a 3rd party auction site, so on and so forth. It has ZERO impact on my gratification and sense of achievement, which I reserve for myself. It doesn't matter because this leads to the next point...
    • KNOW HOW TO USE THEM. If you don't than off you go. Kick rocks. You could have gotten then yesterday or 2 years ago, but if you didn't take the time to figure them out than what good are you?
    That is what matters. Its not going to affect me one iota how you got them, unless the methods interrupted my game play in some negative way. It will of course effect my game if you decide to not use them because you never figured out what they do.

    That will probably go with most people who just want to enjoy the game and not get hung up on semantics, ideology or being a purist with their mind still stuck in 1999.
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  12. gahlamorf New Member

    nor at any warrior posting.. the warrior class is dead after this, no need for them anymore in ANY way shape or play style.
  13. Piestro Augur

    Unfortunately there isn't much to reply to. "If you do this I will quit" isn't a conversation, it's an ultimatum. If you have any points you'd like to discuss I do encourage you to bring them up.
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  14. phierbrd New Member

    It will be interesting to see what "reasonable limit" means on mortal coil and lich sting. From my perspective for it not to affect group / raid tanking / off tanking the limit will have to be high enough that 4-6 mobs beating on me simultaneously will not create enough riposte hits to kill off the buff before it naturally runs out of time (assuming max buff extensions, spell casting reinforcement, and riposte AAs are in place). I don't have parses for exact numbers, but my guess is the limit will have to be well into the 3 digits for the buffs to last their normal lifespans with even just 4 slowed mobs hitting me. I swear that sometimes I riposte more often than I swing my primary weapon (which would also eat up hits). Please be careful on the tuning devs, SKs are kinda hanging in the balance here.
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  15. Axxius Augur

    Tell that to the monks. We had a 998k kick in Neriak last night. ;)
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  16. Piestro Augur

    That is the intent.
  17. Cevil's Remains Master

    Then let me start by quoting myself from your last thread on this topic...

    This is just too much, no threats here whatsoever, but I already know I will lose interest in EQ if this grant takes place. I have played since pre-Kunark and raided in that era and I know the game I have came back to over and over can't be what it was then, but you are making it far, far, far too easy. Many of us enjoy the grind, and let's ALL BE HONEST the grind is nothing compared to what it was, it is very easy to level and has NEVER BEEN EASIER to accumulate quick aa. You can do dailies and play less than an hour a day and fill your aa bank on these if well below 4k aa! I still get 16aa at about 5k for doing two dailies, it takes about 20 MINUTES! And the heroics provide a very solid steady pace of aa as well. I'm seeing people be told they should focus on leveling now? The dedicated players, the ones here whom the majority of are very upset, are what has kept this game alive, and this is a slap in the face. Even giving 2k aa for absolutely no effort is outright absurd, this is not world of Warcraft and that has always been why I play EQ, the edge, a little challenge, a game that could wake me up while sitting at a desk! I don't mean to get worked up, but this just irks me and tugs at all the wrong cords. Played a rogue in EQ since pre PoP, VT key camps and all that crazy stuff that was implemented that we do, isn't it for the love of the game? I see this as a big ups to the people who are PLing up and an utter killing blow to the dedicated masses, the die-hards. I have never used assassinate in any way that harms anyone's game play whatsoever, and it's pretty much being rendered obsolete. I can't believe you propose to do all of this at once. This isn't for the good of EQ, not by any means.
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  18. Bloodclaws Journeyman

    i don't see these so called improvements doing anything for the rogue or serker who has ta be right on a mob ta kill it, let alone be on top of a current lvl mob taking huge hits an praying that that decap happens before they are lying on the ground looking down on their corpse, because they got hit with more dmg than they could be healed for an their procs didn't bother going off, cause they only have 2 per minute an no ripost.
  19. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    Heh, headshot, decap, and assassinate don't kill anything in one shot at the current max rate unless heavily modded by clickables like for rangers Bullseye disc. I imagine even when modded given what Piestro said it will not be enough to kill anything.
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  20. Pelamar Lorekeeper

    I brought up a post and you refused point blank to debate it I should also like to point out I at no point threatened to rage quit over this Piestro.