Changes with the February Update: Developer Updates

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Prathun, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Tarrin Augur

    130 pages posted in 2-3 days. I can't BELIEVE they would miss your couple of posts!
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  2. nes76 New Member

    Honestly, I think the AA changes will be a huge help to players who are having major difficulty leveling their characters like myself. I'm sitting right around 91 on my mage, and I can barely kill a mob that's 70 without having to gate to avoid dying. And that's having level app. gear and spells in place. The only other option for me is to be power leveled which isn't any fun because all you are doing is just standing around not really enjoying what the game has to offer.
  3. Goth Augur

    big deal... so long as i dont have to group with some lvl 100 with less than 1000AA i could care less.
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  4. Ronak Augur

    After a bunch of people already completed them via swarming, you mean? Interesting.
  5. Cevil's Remains Master

    I was pointing out that one negative post gets attention while on the same page as two constructive ones, but thanks for your forum violation response!
  6. Gnuff Journeyman

    This addressed the majority of my concerns. I'm still not happy about the auto grant idea, but such is life. Thanks for listening to the community and making some needed changes.
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  7. Langya Augur

    Well, people hate change. That's the take away from all of this. The past 6 months there have been plenty of talk about how beaming/swarming are the death knell of EQ and now that the issues are being addressed there are vast amounts of 180s. Apparently solutions to problems were supposed to effect the other guy, correct? Not in my backyard? Well, it is what it is. The AA dilemma and the swarming to PL were directly related as well as the problems with Krono. This patch will do much to fix what has been addressed in a slew of complaints. Still it is not surprising that another slew of complaints resulted as a result.

    You just can't please everyone.
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  8. Nein Lyves Lorekeeper

    Well of course when something like that gets started, people rush in. "in before the nerf!!" Right? Besides, they had implemented a fix before which was summoning mobs, and of course all the swarm kiters got on the forums and cried the blues, so they changed it back.

    This has been on their radar for a while. They were just trying to find a way to fix it globally rather than a zone by zone fix which would have been less than stellar.
  9. Trajet D'Or Augur

    The math on Twincast and Tower6, was only 2% TC rate during SoD a since fixed issue means it's 3% now.

    There are 12 times TC might cause a fail since TC on 4th cast can't cause a fail and on average only 6 can cause a fail since 6 of those 12 will be the same element type and TC is a benefit.

    *So on average you will succeed 0.97^6 times or 83.3% of the time or have a TC fail 1 in 7 times.

    Being lazy I'll just use 1 in 7. But now you get the 5th set of emotes and even if you don't have a Ranger handy to do the 5th set only when one of the first 4 sets has failed you will have on average 1.5 times a TC proc can result in failure so around 19 times out of 20 you will succeed on 5th set (barring non-innate TC related error) combined with 1 in 7 chance of needing 5th set of emotes means 1 in 140 times you will get a fail due only to innate TC.

    So if you did Tower every 5 days on average once every 700 days or once every 23 months innate TC alone would cause you to fail. Even if "OMG, we have the worst luck" and you fail at a statistically unlikely rate due to innate TC you're unlikely to crack the 1 fail per 6 months of every 5th day farming due to innate TC.

    *Math can give a much more precise rate for how often you will get 0, 1 and 2+ failures in first 4 sets but that simple calculation gives you a pretty good benchmark for failure rate.
  10. Lerilon Lorekeeper

    Not unless the mob is pretty low already. And only humanoids, a very short list.HS damage scales up, but not to current content HP.
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  11. Trosh Augur

    I can see adding the proc limit to SK's, that makes sense (as long as it is really low) but -1 level effectiveness for HS//Decap?! are you insane?!!

    The proposed changed were good and healthy for the game, removing exploits and making all classes more even and the game better. It was going to force people to actually *gasp* play their classes!

    Now you can kill 2 mobs per minute solo as a ranger rogue or zerker that's just 1 level below you? that's more solo ability then even necro's can boast (not really good necros, just your average guy, before you complain about your leet dots)

    Stick to the plan sony, or make headshot etc. proc 10x a minute, but only on GREY mobs.

    The whole point of this update was to remove stupid techniques like this, and make people actually play the classes, right? Now all you need is 1 cleric and 5 zerk/ranger/rogues to have a murder group of epic proportions?

    Lame Sony. Lame.

    PS. Why would you not want the tradeskill aa's? Just curious

    EDIT: Or make HS/Decap/ like Finishing Blow, and only work at 10-15% health.. that would work
  12. Kanxxxx New Member

    If sony really want's to reduce time, why not allow us to create a level 85 character with 4000aa's? Equip us with defiant armor and all spells and disc.
  13. Cevil's Remains Master

    You have got to be kidding, they are a waste of time already invested once this goes live maybe, but stand a rogue with no aa next to mine with max offensive etc in any kill scenario and try to tell me those are a joke, more people are leaving the game ABRUPTLY than the few WoW kids who can't hack the one mmorpg with some difficulty.

    This is EVERquest. Smh
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  14. leaola Journeyman

    PiestroCommunity Relations

    AlmarsGuides said:
    “If we're not getting Spell Casting Subtlety how will Silent Casting, Extended Silent Casting and Quickened Silent Casting work?”
    If those are requirements then we could either:

    a) remove the requirement for subtlety


    b) grant the other aa lines after the requirement is met
    I for a long time wish they would drop the requirement so I can choose when to get hate and when not to.
  15. costic New Member

    this is all about money only thing is the aa will net them a one month sub for a player to claim there aa then go silver again, spike gain true.

    the classes and paying costumers being nerfed I'm a warrior were the sad panda of everything were given is taken away, more classes feeling that won't help a dieing un repopulating game.

    I'm not against the aa its sony granting a pretty easy one time exploit for one months membership, People rejoice for the low price of 14.99 gain 4k aa.

    While at it in the hopes that the gimik works lets remove all means to pwl that same gain witch is the bonus exp portion of a characters aa bar sub 4-5k. sony doesn't realize I guess all those pwl toons usualy pay their pwl in krono these days. sony krono is income for you, you have fail fail fail at understanding your own cash flow streams.

    all this change and all for money in the end will only net the loss of more money for you. Please wake up and smell what is burning, alot of people are burning out on sticking by you, we know the ship is gonna sink but do you really need to sick termite loose while were at sea ?

    *random generater 100% health summoning mobs mixed into what is generaly non summon mobs would end all swarming and for the argument of kiters they all have a faid ability now to drop that agro or die that one time to remind them kitting is supposed to be dangeris thats why its a solo thing not a grouping thing.

    edit: apprently this summon thing was done before and kitters got it removed, um so sony is promoting soling over creating a grouping content game afterall. I'm not anti kite kiters ALL have faid abilities now when you find the bad one faid move on it removes the MASS kite exploiter PWL server lag, but hey going to piss off someone so what ever works.
  16. Kandykiss Journeyman

    Once again... 179-400k dps on a level 99 cotf mob = nothing.
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  17. strongbus Augur

    you do know that hs//decap are not instance kill things. They are a set damage/spell proc. It just a high one. Think I have seen my wife(100 zereker) decap for bout 400k ish a hit. On lower level mobs this would be a instance kill. On mobs in rof/cotf it take 7 or so decap procs to kill a mob(trash has like 3 million hp or so) and they said they want to avg it to 2 procs a min. That is not going happen. What it will do just gona give those 3 class a passive ablility to do some nice damage here and there.
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  18. Trosh Augur

    Those are activated abilities, and therefore you can just... not activate them.

    If they are going to give them to you, I would imagine they could ignore their own rules.. they do it often enough already.

    Spell Casting Subtlety is passive
  19. Barnwyr Apprentice

    I'm out, before I go, tell me if anyone that was involved in the SWG nge was involved in these decisions. You don't have to mention names, a simple yes or no will do.

    Giving away AA's is giving away any feeling of accomplishment. I've spend man-years acquiring AA's only to have SOE now give them away. The parallels between this AA move and the gross simplification of SWG NGE are undeniable. Dumb down the game so '1337' dud3s can own the game.

    To longer playing people, this greatly increases the chance you will get someone in your group that has no clue.

    This will not increase paying accounts and erode the number of long term gold accounts you do have. Dumbing down the game makes it less challenging, and less enjoyable. I said this before when SWG was nge'd and I am saying it now.

    Nerfs are expected and in some cases necessary, but instead of spending 5 minutes to see who was doing the swarm killing, play to the cheesiest and just punish everyone.

    Good luck SOE, after these AA's go live, you are going to need it.
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  20. Atrocitas New Member

    I detailed how you're shafting a lot of us with your AA Grant. I'm sure you've run the numbers and I'm glad most people got their AAs "the fun way" and couldn't care less about the AA Grant. I just spent a couple months grinding (grinding isn't fun, it's the most efficient means to an end, it's running missions over and over isn't beaming, it isn't swarming, it isn't head-shotting or whatever else you've now deemed unacceptable). This included MANY SC XP Potions. Yup, my choice. I wanted to get a couple new characters to a useful XPlevel and AAlevel as quickly as possible. I did it within the rules you all put in place.

    Now, you're going to push a patch and at least 50% of the money and effort I expended over the last couple months was a complete waste (I could've waited two months, not spent countless $ on XP pots, not spent countless hours running in circles...because now you're just handing out AAs; awesome). I know people on my side of the argument aren't supposed to bring up the word "fair", but what's fair about this?

    For the record, "Do this and I will quit" is shorthand for "I'm really, really, really not happy about this and if you pursue this path, I'm moving on"; mine was in addition to a detailed explanation of "why". It was never replied to and now you're claiming they were all ultimatums...your choice I guess. It's also an alternative to begging, which I'm not about to do in any circumstance; certainly not for anything relating to a game.

    If you don't want my money, it's all good. It's your business and you can do whatever you think is best to allow you to turn a profit. If it works, it's good for those that love EQ (the title, not the memory of the game that used to be); it keeps the game alive. You've already proven your willingness to "sunset" (such a lovely term by the way) any game that becomes unprofitable.

    My posts (and likely others) were simply a heads-up. Those that don't understand this mindset can continue to see it as whining, threats, really doesn't matter to me because none of them apply to me. I say what I mean.

    To give you the satisfaction of thinking you're right about everything, I'll go ahead and use your term to finish:

    I quit.

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