Changes with the February Update: Developer Updates

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Prathun, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Aanuvane Augur

    Thank you for the compromise on the AA grant. Please make sure the default on the check box is out/no/off so that those of us that aren't interested in this feature can continue on our own journey without having to remember to toggle it off before we zone. I also actually really like the idea you can turn it on and off. I think that might have interesting implications should I decide to roll any new characters. Even though your lowering the usable level for Glyph of Indeterminable Reward to allow people like to me "dispose" of experience to really slow down my play :D, I'm not sure I'd ever really be able to make myself redeem one of those if I weren't completely maxed out. But it's a flexible option regardless.

    I personally don't understand the rage coming from so many players on this particular point. This isn't introducing any new concepts to the player base. What makes you think that the person who pays for TAs and PLs in order to up their AA count understands what these AAs do? Or that these same players who effectively earn their "status" without as much effort as you don't also diminish your hard earned accomplishments? Yes, ok, this is a little different, but really not that much. There's probably nothing that anyone can say to help you over the psychological impact of feeling like you're getting cheated, but when it comes to the concern that these "newbs" won't understand their class - evaluate each person individually and assess their performance before you write them off. There will be some people who are still curious and willing to research and learn so that they can make the most of their character.

    Take a deep breath. Remember the fun you've had playing over the years. Focus on playing your game. Look for the people who contribute to your continued enjoyment of the game. If you happen across someone who could use some help or advice on improving their approach to game mechanics then try to offer it in a friendly, non-threatening, constructive way. If they accept the coaching, you've made a new friend. If they don't, then you've got someone you can choose not to interact with again.
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  2. rawdawg76 New Member

    I hope this was left alone.... as mortal coil was the real culprit here. 2.0 just got the ball rolling and MC proc's kept it going.
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  3. loketo New Member

    agreed SOE u guys are dropping the ball again. just capp it up to 95 and rethink what ur doing because I don't want to be able to assassinate dark blues with little to no effectiveness... that means pulling out the boxes and high and behold not better leveling. I use assassinate to farm plat because getting a group and leveling is faster. this is just going to make everyone make a zerker and go decap thru RoF missions. if u wanna change it give rogues level 96 rangers 95 and zerkers 94. why because zerkers work on everything, rangers don't get hit and proc more, and rogues get slowest proc rate but have to still get hit. honestly assassinateing isn't a viable way to level and if anyone does level this way id advise make a friend and try CotF missions...
  4. EightBitTony Journeyman

    Will people please stop suggesting this stupid idea? It honestly only takes a few moments to think about the implications before you realise how much it would change the game and how much it would break.

    All pulling, all encounters, all combat would be different. The first time someone got a mob to 20% and then stepped back an inch too far and it leashed, the forum would be full of complaints.

    It's already an issue that has to be handled on raids with leashed mobs, and it's already an issue in a small number of non-raid encounters that use the technique. It's unreliable in EQ and EQ was never designed around it being there (games which have it, were).

    Please, please, stop suggesting this and 'max mobs on the hate list' as solutions. They're exploitable, they're fundamentally different to the game design, and they're just not workable.
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  5. Deckerd Smeckerd Augur

    I don't think it completely fair to say it is only about money. On the one hand you say they just want to grab cash and then on the other you say you spent a lot of money on xp potions to level up all your AA. Some of you are contradictory. Auto granting all those AAs means they are permanently giving up all the revenue from those xp potions in the hopes that they will lure in new customers. It is a gamble and it probably is not an easy one.
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  6. Cevil's Remains Master

    Same here, I have zero desire to play this just hits the stomach too hard an it gets UNBEARABLE when I log in and everyone is upset by this, this game has been my life's One true great escape, so to speak, but that's being taken away for the benefit of a handful of newcomers, who in actuality do NOT have it so bad, wow 27 likes on my first posts ever on the forums, and NO we are not logging into ten accounts and coming here to post or like our own posts, I think devs need to go back to the board on this. Work needs to be out in to make a game succeed, scratch this easy way out and BEEF UP the end game with more to do, do the proper research and grant a few hundred MUST HAVE aa while fixing the curve, you may not like it but you are capable and that should be considered more than an idea that gives the opposition false hope.

    I see livid veterans that have always thrived in change, being told to accept this change but this is not merely a need or an update, folks!!!
  7. Quilix Elder

    While I appreciate the need for what is happening. And may not like how some of it is happening (massive auto grant of AA instead of like 4 coins worth 1000 AA each in inventory to spend as we wish).

    1. The poll is way outdated - Taken before ftp brought lots of people back - and probably quite a few of the original voters have since left. So the poll counts for nothing and should not be quoted. I tried explaining the changes to a returning player yesterday and eventually said "better to go and read the forums" - sad reply "What forums?"

    2. No attempt to take a new poll would seem to have been a deliberate ploy - you know the player base will have changed in 2+ (?) years - try a government with that attitude - you voted for us last time so no point in having an election this time, we will just stay in power.

    3. The original poll over the granting of the AA did not go into the specifics - i.e. we are going to give everyone everything free amounting to 1000's of AA's

    4. I came across this whole thing by chance due to the fact that now and again I do check the forums but not often.

    5. There is still no attempt to inform the broader player base beyond those that frequent the forums of what is happening (or none that I can see) - How about:

    MOTD: Major changes to AA and class abilities happening this month - Go to the forums to find out more !

    Seems like just what the MOTD is for - I certainly set our guilds one to tell people to come here and read up. Or is having that much feedback on a major change going to be too much for you ? - Lets just keep it secret until it happens

    You are doing a wonderful job holding this all together and staying civil Piestro (even if it is in your contract to not be rude to customers) :). So with reference to your other problem - seeing as you seem such a nice person I would go on a date with you and show you how it works :D
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  8. Omniscience New Member

    I feel the exact same way
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  9. Kandykiss Journeyman

    So what if it does go to 99? 179k twice a minute to a level 99 mob is less than most decent dps can do anyway. Small, very small boost. They wont die much quicker at all. People seem to think they can be 1 or 2 shotted like the lower level mobs... LOL no. Small teeny tiny upgrade guys.
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  10. Undertakerr New Member

    Well this just about makes me want to quit the game, i really dont care about the tweaking of aa abilities but to outright nerf an epic after so many years of using it is just plain wrong. If this does not get changed before the patch goes live i am taking my bussiness to another MMO, see ya Sony.
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  11. br3333nt Journeyman

    Beam nerfs? About time! Let's keep them for reals this time.
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  12. Recnarp Augur

    So, has there been an official statement on the idea of just having say AA bonus experience be 1000% until 3000 AAs? Then maybe 500% bonus experience until 6000 AAs? What about adding 1 time completion quests that yield 50-100 AAs?

    You know... actually have to play the game in order to achieve something. I want players to catch up easily. 11k+ AAs is a nightmare if you're returning. However, I don't believe in tarnishing the leveling/aa experience with a simple price tag of $14.99. Tired of this new era of gaming where everything is pay-to-win.
  13. Ronak Augur

    They also swarm for slayer achievements, and faction. Those will need to be adjusted downward on requirements. Substantially.
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  14. FatalMojo New Member

    I am sure this has been addressed before but there is 31 page of feedback so I am left with little choice but to ask again, sorry! My character currently has upwards of 7600 aa's, I feel it is extremely unfair that the, literally, weeks of game time invested to acquire these are now made completely irrelevant. I really don't see how an opt-out option is a solution. Wouldn't it make more sense for anyone to opt-in to have any AA already purchased that would now be free reimbursed in a special AA bank with no cap just for that purpose (minus appropriate exp bonus) and any AA's above current char cap, if reached, would be made available to other chars? Or turned into a different reward? As it is, I am extremely unhappy with the proposed changes, and I really hope a satisfactory solution can be found.
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  15. Ankarv Augur

    I'm glad it was admitted that the AA grant was just to get more money, I don't believe it will make you money (it will give you a quick jump in sales followed by a massive drop from the people, grabbing gold for one month to get the AA, be it for an alt or a normal silver account). Quite the opposite, I see many people saying they will cancel accounts but I guess time will tell. I would try to find a different way to drum up sales.

    On a less sarcastic note, Thank you for spending the time to read this extremely long post, but I would still like the devs to consider what I said before about Headshot, Decapitate and Assassinate: Don't nerf the current AAs! Keep them the way they are and make a new AA that will be viable in today's content. There is nothing wrong with the AA as is, a nerf now to then change the AA is very odd concept to me.

    I would also like keep throwing my hat into the do not grant AA ring. I think it will be detrimental to the game in the way of subscription loss and general lack of interest in the game quicker than current content. I have never heard anyone complain in game about AAs being too hard to get, especially with dailies now.
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  16. Kandykiss Journeyman

    Yes. No one mentioning this! How is 179k from a level 100 beserker on a current mob's hp OP?
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  17. Dexxeaa00 Elder

    I feel like auto grant is a bad idea. Ever sense this was announced I feel like AA ing is useless untill the update. If anything make it a little easier to lvl 100 and make it harder to get AA !!!!!


    /Sigh Greed for dollars ruins everything

    Spend some more energy and resources on marketing the game ?

    I personally think that all the people with the intention to be gold are already. Only way i'd pay for gold is if each month i'd get free station cash and some LoN cards with loot items. Maybe throw in some coupons for companies you have relations with ? 1/2 off for a pizza for paying 15 dollars a month for EQ?
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  18. duo13 Elder

    my Rogue that never abused the game, never pulled mass mobs never pled anyone and sony ignored with any changes who I spent years on to lvl and max aa's now is gonna be nerfed
    lets face it folks they wont listen
    should I even hope they do
    the AA change is not just bad
    its a slap in the face to your paying customers
    sad day ended billing
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  19. Nein Lyves Lorekeeper

    Nah. It's been mentioned by the devs that they never expected players would use their skills for swarming like they do. So, but eliminating swarming, they are bringing things back down to where they were originally supposed to be.
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  20. moogs Augur

    Our reward for gaining AAs the long, hard way was:

    1. Fun over the years along with hundreds if not thousands of groupmates
    2. In-depth knowledge of zones, mobs, quests
    3. In-depth knowledge of game mechanics and class abilities

    #2 and #3, eventually a new player can catch up on for the most part. To say otherwise is an insult to the intellect and ability of your fellow gamers. Nobody can take away what you guys have experienced, and to be honest, there is very little reason to visit the past dozen expansions since there's hardly anybody to group with today. 85+ is where it's at.
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