Changes with the February Update: Developer Updates

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  1. Axxius Augur

    Lv 99 headshot, assassinate, decap? :eek: You haven't considered the implications of this for the RAIDS, have you? There are multiple raids with blue con adds. And there are usually multiple rangers/rogues/berserkers in the raid, so the reduced proc rate won't really save those mobs. You are going to make those adds insta-killable? Really?

    IMO you are overdoing this. MAX-6 = lv 94, i.e. lightblue con would be just fine.
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  2. Reht The Dude abides...

    While these changes may not be what everyone wanted, thank you for listening to your player base and making some changes. I finally feel like you are guys are at least listening to us now, which is a huge change from the way i used to feel.
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  3. Cevil's Remains Master

    That requirement doesnt cut it, dont you see? People reach that level in a matter of hours. This is completely wrong, I may resubscribe if you agree to go back to the drawing board. But honestly, I see your compromise after a 100 page thread to be very lacking.
  4. Gafgarion Elder

    No. this is not good enough. the problem is not that they will be personally granted, but that they will be awarded to people who didn't achieve them. A guy's AA count on EQ is something he or she can be proud of. If you auto-grant so many aa's, that's less incentive for us to keep grinding AA's and play the game, if we know they'll be auto granted to the population later. This is an awful idea folks.
  5. Piestro Augur

    Yes, we'll edit these changes in at the appropriate places to the original changes.
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  6. Langya Augur

    Is there a link to this Heroic Character concept with all the particulars?
  7. Wildery New Member

    okay this sounds more reasonable. still not happy about the aa grants tho, but i can learn to live with these changes. thanks for listening to the feedback!
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  8. Carel Da Bard Journeyman

    I still think that reducing the request time from 18h to 4 or 6h for the Hotzone kill tasks would solve a bunch of aa lagging behind problems. I'm satisfied with the HS change.
  9. Deckerd Smeckerd Augur

    Any hope of getting a sizable chuck of vitality for those that earned AAs the old fashioned way but still have a lot farther to go? I saw you were considering giving titles, items, etc. Could you just pop up a quest reward box and let us choose a reward. I hope vitality is on the list.
  10. Lighteningrod Augur

    Thank you for the opt-out option on the AAs. Max-level -1 is decent although I find 2 ppm mildly sub-standard. Generally speaking, this is an acceptable compromise.
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  11. Piestro Augur

    No, it was mentioned but not fleshed out in the December Producer's Letter I believe.
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  12. Canik Augur

    I'd like to see that as well... and not the EQ2 link, as that may not be what happens here
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  13. Xinetoan Star Seeker

    1) Can you expand on this? Does this mean you can earn some / bank some at the lower levels and its gets added after you apply it ?

    2) How does the AA get applied?

    If you are 65 now with 400 AA, how are you effected relative to someone who is 67 with 100, or 71 with 800 or 80 with 2000 etc?

    What does it look like when that person hits 66, or 68 or 72 or 81, etc?

    3) Can you still earn AA beyond the granted? Like when you hit 77 and get xx granted AA, can you earn AA poitns still and buy other stuff not part of the package?
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  14. Zulan Lorekeeper

    Thank you for the interaction on the forums, it was nice seeing you respond to tons of posts (even the ones that didn't warrant a response), I followed all 97 pages with out posting and I'll say the AA grind was ridiculous unless you knew someone that was lvl 100 to PL you, or had an alt yourself so it was long overdue to say the least. Love the opt out option as well.

    Now people can level up to 100, pick the AA's they want and not worry about grinding stupid AA. Then once they have everything they want, bam make the AutoAA active and they are capped out plus what they wanted before the cap.

    The proc on lich sting needs to be really high, the 2.0 shouldn't of been changed while I do agree with mortoil coil.
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  15. Nightmares Augur

    I like this alternative too. In fact a lot of the NEW changes they are going with over the originals are MUCH MUCH better. Just have a couple questions about them, but I am a much more happy camper
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  16. Coldmouth Elder

    Even if Headshot procs 1x per minute thats extremely OP no? Think of group situations having a Ranger headshot every other mob. It takes my 4box a solid minute or so to kill 1 Shards Landing mob. A ranger would be game-changing.
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  17. Gragas Augur

    Its not the mob that will insta die it will be the berserkers, but its fine for wizards to proc for 441k gotcha.
  18. Smiggzi New Member

    So tell me this with all these changes coming about. Can you guys finally make brass finesse. percussions finesse etc on bards special wielded items actually work on spells past level 95 ? seems pretty lame I haven't been able to extend my songs at all since getting 96. its already been a year.
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  19. Ragnard Elder

    Pending the number of charges on MC/Lich sting, I think I could go for it. Please consider unlinking the Mortal Coil AC bonus from the lifetap charges. Also, you may need to increase the proc rate of mortal residue to avoid it still being swarm-usable pretty easily.

    I'm a little surprised by the killshot AA changes. My ranger can break 1 million dmg with HS under the right conditions. Time to reconsider my box group... ;)

    I'm also thinking level -5 or -6 might be more appropriate, but let me know ahead of time so I can PL some new alts before swarming changes go in.
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  20. Harabakc Augur

    I'd like an answer from SoE as to what is wrong with assassinate now? Rogue's aren't causing any of the problems you've brought up. We put up with enough garbage with the over powered melee mobs in current content and being unable to do anything past Valley in VoA without having to have a group. So why are you gimping our option for moloing?
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