Changes with the February Update: Developer Updates

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  1. hakmer Augur

    Assassinate needs to have Humanoid removed to bring it more inline with the other pure dps class.This would allow future balancing to be addressed in a more efficient manor, and keep them more in line with the current amount of dps they do relative to each other.

    Headshot does not need it's restrictions removed as it has a much less risk of use.The class is also not a pure melee class and therefore should not have the skill to use it without restriction.

    Decap should have maybe a one or two proc advantage on Assasinate as you can use it to give Berserkers more sustained dps and bring them more in balance with other dps classes without affecting raid content. It also makes sense in that, a two handed weapon will do massive damage more often.This depends on how high you want berserkers to go. You now have a way to control that effectively.

    Congrats to the casual players who get to benefit from the changes, i hope you get to enjoy the game even more with increased abilities and survivabilty.
  2. moogs Augur

    I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, but let's keep in mind that playing MMOs creates nothing more than a false sense of accomplishment. If you think that anybody in the real world cares about your max level video game character or how much time you spent achieving these things, you're lying to yourself.

    EQ still has years of quality content on the way. Before the hamster croaks, let's have a little less elitism and a little more community.

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  3. Luptul New Member

    I fully plan to read this thread in it's entirety, but haven't yet as I just woke up and am not fully functional. Personally, I am glad there is going to be an option to not take the free AA handout. so those of us that enjoy taking a break from actual leveling now and then after 51 to knock out some AAs for some quick, small character progression can continue to do so.

    I do have a question though, forgive me if it's already been asked/answered here. There was mention in the original thread about some sort of "reward" for people who had earned the AAs the old fashion way before the handout. My question is, if this reward goes in for those people. Will the people who elect not to take the handout and continue earning AAs also get this reward?
  4. Underbrush Elder

    Given the other limitations, makes sense undead excluded although one could argue using the Walking Dead defense that the head is where you want to shoot them.
  5. Casidia Augur

    Some of the jealousy in this thread regarding AAs being given out for free, makes the community look bad. I won't even go into detail how wrong it is to think you "worked" for something in a game, but we also had these AAs much earlier than those who get them now.

    So you got something for your time (if fun wasn't enuf /shrug), and besides you also missed the bus where AAs stopped being e-peeen in this game by at least 5 years.
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  6. Deckerd Smeckerd Augur

    You know, the AAs are not really that hard to understand at all. Even if they get auto granted, I bet most people will figure them out just fine in a jiffy. So many people here think that what makes a good group player is knowing their own class. Hey it does help, but, the thing that makes someone really good in a group is knowing the other classes and experience playing with real people. That means grouping. The more a person groups the better they will be at it.
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  7. Underbrush Elder

    Some would argue that is a yes.

    Counter with answering, what is this change to the three abilities bringing to those characters? Is there any value? Where would it be used? For Rogues and zerkers it would be a spike in DPS during combat that they would already be in similar to a paladin Slay Undead going off. For a ranger you would need to step out of combat and bow to get this to go off, a general reduction in DPS since archery is generally lower than dual wielding in the hope of it going off to make that combat style a good choice.

    I do hope you are looking at these counter points.
  8. Aonghas Elder

    No, I can't say I feel WTF about this, considering it's exactly the kind of unfair biased response I was expecting.

    I can say it's reinforcing my very negative view of SOE devs and CS personnel.
  9. Omniscience New Member

    As a SK I'm not going to say I'm thrilled our nerf was reduced, I'm not going to say I'm happy with these changes because I'm not but I will regardless give it a try seeing as how I still have months left on my membership, also starting out as an EQOA player, I have to say the game has had a number of changes and some not for the better, and I say this is not for the better, make the game more about the community and fun not about money, because that's what this seems to be about to me.
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  10. garfelio New Member

    What about Paladins? the Slay undead feature will be like a joke compared to the assasinate / decapitation /headshot...
  11. INUKAI New Member

    Whether you raid older content or newer and or are level 85* or 100. Point was people making instant raid alts/mains who never learned how to play their class. Then taking up a raid slot and wiping the event wasting everyone's time who bothered to learn their class. Now days it literally only takes one person not knowing what they are doing to wipe the event, unfortunately.
  12. Underbrush Elder

    Yes, and let's see how long it lasts before that gets the nerf.
  13. Brittney New Member

    Just make a server for players that want the change with the AAs and the nerfs! Then make a server for the ones that don't want any changes or nerfs, and give everyone a free char transfer to what ever server that they want, might have to make a few more servers for the people that don't want the changes, because it would get full fast. If you did this everyone would be happy! SoE still gets all that money, and no one is left unhappy.
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  14. arsenil Lorekeeper

    don't worry you will all still be able to solo and kill 10 to 12 mobs at a time to get great solo xp .. only warriors are not aloud to solo
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  15. Bomana New Member

    I like this much better.
  16. drkoli Augur

    Since this was announced I have had 0 motivation to log my alts in and grind xp like I have been
  17. Coruth Augur

    Every non swarmer in my guild duoed with one to level.

    Just because u like to walk to school in the new 3 miles each way doesn't mean I can't get on aq bus
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  18. Omniscience New Member

    Agree FULLY
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  19. Tarrin Augur

    Who is making an instant raid alt/main and how?
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  20. strongbus Augur

    Ok this is coming for someone who has played sense kunark. I have a max out necro with all aa.

    While I understand those who don't like the idea of giving aa away for free. You have to understand eq has to grow with the times. Newer people coming into games like eq are not like us old timers. The though of taking weeks/months to complete a quest or level their toons up to speed is out of the questions. They expect to be able to log on for 1 or 2 hours a day and see great improvement in their toons. I have seen loots of people try the game out and have fun up to the point of having to get aa to do anything and quit cause they can't see any great improvements each day.

    Good example. Back in the days of 1.0 and 1.5/2.0 us old timers had no issues with taking months to do the epics and we loved the feel of it. Now adays if the dervs tried to put in 3.0 or such with the same time sink as the 1.0/1.5 had back when they came out we have a thread like this one form the newer players complaining that it was to hard or to long and unfair and need to be changed to something that could be done in one day.

    while I would have like the aa to be done by tying them to level achivements and maybe a few others that when completed would grant you like 250 aa or such. Or as others have stated increase the aa bonus % so you gain aa 2 or 3 times as fast. SOE know they have to do something to make the I want everything now crowed or they are going have issues.

    No matter what they do its going get someone ticked off they are between a rock and hard place.

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