Changes with the February Update: Developer Updates

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  1. costic New Member

    Someone got the simple logic thank you
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  2. scare New Member

    People are paying to play a game, but someone really changed that game. Many drastic changes very suddenly. What is the chance that I can have the remaining time reimbursed to me on the three gold accounts that I have?

    I understand that I have the pleasure of already having the AA that is being rewarded to however ponies up cash to you. You conveniently provide other cash options for receipt to you in this new arrangement that you are imposing. What about back to me?
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  3. Harabakc Augur

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  4. Slaade New Member

    I think i should be given the option to get my 15 bucks back, cause i would have never paid for this month if i knew you were going to do this. Nor would i have spent money on Merc slots , etc. So all that have spent money in the last 30 days that was not given a heads up about giving away all of our work should be given a refund if they wish to cancel their account.
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  5. INUKAI New Member

    To be realistic there are very few truly new players that have never played EQ before. Of those few most bail soon as they see the old graphics unfortunately, very few give it a real chance and stay. Would love nothing more than to see an influx of real new players but i am not holding my breathe.
  6. Brittney New Member

    If they going to nerf classes that can swarm pull/ beam pull all because of server lag, then maybe we should not stop there, we should also ban raids too, because raids also cause server lag, just think when you get 30,40, 50+ players in one zone, you know that going to lag out the zone. So if you’re going to make this game suck, then why stop there just make it suck all the way around.

    I wish that you make a server for the people that don't want the changes and for the ones that do what the changes. Then after everyone chooses the server they want, then see what server has the most players in it. Doing it this ways makes everyone happy. You can call the server that gives all the free AAs and all the nerfs the EASY server, or something along that lines. This way you keep the money rolling in from old time players and new players that just wants to get things for free, and it takes care of the problem.

    I really hope that SOE don't give out free AAs, that is really a bad ideal, What about people that have worked hard for them AAs what do they get for wasting all there time on them AAs, and what about the players that are maxed AAs right now, but they had to work hard for all AAs they have, what do they get?

    If you’re trying to take away the possibility of power leveling then you need to stop low level power leveling too. Everyone knows if you take a high level with a damage shield, and the high level pulls the whole zone and then ducks, and then let the low level use an AOE to nuke the mobs once or twice, then the low level just sits back and watches his levels go by. Well, that too cause server lag too, and in my opinion is no different than a mage or SK swarm pulling/beam pulling, just power leveling for higher levels.

    People that log on to the servers from different countries also causes server lag, this happens with other games too.

    Again it would be nice to have a server for the people that don't want the changes and a server for the ones that do, not only that but maybe even a server for people that like to solo all the time. Not everyone in the game wants to group with other players, and some players have boxed toons and do this so they don't have to group with others. They like to relax and play the game how they want and at their own pace too, in whatever zone they feel like going, not to mention that they don't have to random for all the nice items that don't drop very often in the game, so the chance they get what they want is better. Keep this in mind when you’re trying to make it to where more players group together because not all want to group with other players.
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  7. Tobin Augur

    I would hope the idea of a title or something as a reward to those that do the AAs "the hard way" at say 5000, 7500, and 10000 would still be considered. That seemed like a nice idea.
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  8. Oranges Augur

    One thing I don't get is that some time ago OMM (mcenzie missions in pok) were nerfed.

    And the reason was too much XP too easily. I diagreed back then and said newbees needed some more XP and OMM encouraged grouping.

    Why now then those AA....and not too long ago, nerf of OMM.
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  9. Gungnirr New Member

    I may be getting ahead of this but, it was proposed by others that those who have already earned these AAs be given some sort of achievement/award/reward. What I want to know is what about new/returning players that decide to gain their AAs the manual way? Do they get this achievement/reward? and if so how will this impact their decision to opt in for the AAs and become viable group member sooner than later? I foresee this reward however legitimately deserving curbing the needed effect of the granted AAs. Players will opt to earn the AAs themselves to get this "achievement" and therefore still take forever to be group viable at the high end.
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  10. EQTrixy Elder

    I can't talk about each class changes as I don't know much about each class to be able to add to it. I'll wait to see how it turns our in game.

    The granted AAs on the other hand is a much needed welcome! I really like this, and I can't wait for it to be implemented! EQ teams, you have done a wonderful job; you all need raises. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I am really looking forward to future improvements.
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  11. Sharpnote New Member

    I had to register to post on this topic because after 15 years I never had a need to post on these Forums.

    I can say being in an End game Raiding Guild, The Free aa idea is NO GOOD.
    How can someone learn to play their class properly when granted 4kaa worth of abilities? What happened to learning and Progression? The sense of accomplishment for earning something?
    How do Raid Recruiters know they are recruiting worthy characters who know there class instead of someone who has NO IDEA what they are doing with a lvl 100 Toon with 4k+ Granted aa with no effort at all?

    Now to my understanding, they are toying with the option of *enabling / disabling the Auto grant feature within the aa window. Is there a way they can Highlight Character names to show they have used this auto aa grant or not just like already done with PVP / discord / roleplaying colors. This would allow Raid leaders and Recruiters to see, you have 4200 aa, but your name is *yellow* so you have only earned 200 aa by yourself, VS a Normal Blue name toon with 4200aa who has busted his/her rear to actually play the game right.
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  12. Critton New Member

    OH Noooooooo! I have never seen assassinate work on DK blues, and I am sure if you make it that way it will be lame at best. Shoot I can't solo more than two Dk blues at a time anyway, and that is risky. At least make it work in the light blue area I solo the most, and even at that after a couple go down they rest go after my healer, and I have to BS them to death. Of course that is probaly the next thing you will nerf. Darn I am starting to wish I never came back to this dumb game, and see all my hard work go for nothing. Boo on SOE!
  13. Oranges Augur

    I would rather they cancel the idea than actually do that, even though I'm not against the AA in the first place. Your idea will lead to stigma / elitism. Enough of that in EQ already. No one should get a stigma attached to them because they joined the game yesterday.

    If they don't know their skills, help them learn them.
  14. Critton New Member

    Now there is a good idea
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  15. Tarrin Augur

    So lemme get this right.

    When PLing is the norm, we are ok with that. We don't gripe and moan on the forums all day about a toon being PLed. We don't request that PL'ed toons have their names a different color. We don't always assume a PL'ed toon doesn't know how to play their class..since people have been PLing since the dawn of EQ.

    But when people are granted a chunk of AAs..( which smells mightily like a PL ) suddenly the sky is falling, and the same behavior that was previously at least tolerated is suddenly EVIL!

    Being granted your AAs, I guess, is much worse than sitting in a group AFK as someone PLs you.
  16. Tarrin Augur

    I quad kite in EW regularly. The mobs are plentiful but often really spread out. The mobs move from their spawn point already.

    This would kill all kiting in that zone, which is a popular place for druids.
  17. costic New Member

    if you can't kite in a circle thats a apoor poor excuse to just say it would ruin something. I've 8 kited on a necro you don't travers a zone dot kitting you stay in a fixed area moving with in it.
  18. Tarrin Augur

    Have you been to EW? Sometimes the mobs are spread out. I must have 5 mobs at a time to kite. Thats how you quint-kite. I know how to kite, gotten a solid 9k aas out of it.. The mobs spawn then roam all over the map.
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  19. Baragash New Member

    You guys seem out of touch with why so many people play EQ1 and why we have loved it for so long. It's not recent content, it's emergent gameplay and mostly old content. I've never played a Ranger, Rogue or Berserker but these abilities are near the top of the reasons I love this game so much.

    You seem bent on consigning the first ten years of content to the rubbish heap. This new system seems designed to force people into new content. The player base don't want that.

    Let's have a little honesty here. There are two separate issues and you are exploiting the fact that swarming needs dealing with as a convenient time to tie in these old AAs and remove them.

    Swarming - player base knows this needs dealing with and will fully back you fixing it however you think is best

    Decap/HS/Anatomy - old AAs and emergent gameplay that is known and loved and amongst the reasons why EQ1 is such a great game. Makes the suggested changes to these abilities and EQ1 is closer to dieing for many people. The correct answer here is to leave these abilities as they are but restrict them to one target at a time.
  20. Aelenar Journeyman


    I can live with the rest I guess, but this will kill the game for a lot :S

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