Changes with the February Update: Developer Updates

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Prathun, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. GrandOpener Journeyman

    After being a hardcore raider around 2005, and coming back just recently after a nine year break, I was definitely feeling demoralized about having to grind through thousands and thousands of AAs if I wanted to get back to my old habits. This announcement gave me new hope. Gear already gets obsoleted after a few expansions--it's high time that AA progression gets the same treatment. My hat is off to you guys for finding a great solution, sticking to the course in the face of naysayers, and making it reasonable for people like me to actually come back. :D

    Just make sure existing players get a chance to check this new box before the granting actually starts. It would be a shame to mess up a little detail like that. ;)
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  2. Yanamtil New Member

    Very nice - now other classes will be killing lvl 99 mobs with one shot while wizards are still puttering around casting the same two spells over and over and over.
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  3. Myric227 New Member

    What about the AA from muramite proving grounds and DoN progression?
  4. Karthanon Augur

    I kid, I kid.

    So, you increased the amount of damage HS/Decap/Assassinate will do, right?

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  5. Xevestial New Member

    Its unfortunate that a solution couldn't be found where the AA were earned instead of being just granted... even if it were the same amount of AA over a few weeks, it would have felt more natural.

    I am guessing its not as compelling as a marketing tag to say that you can earn the AA super fast as opposed to just get it.
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  6. Funno New Member

    This was going to be posted on the first thread but it was closed after 97 pages and 1920+ post with a large majority negative/against the changes.

    Why do I get the feeling that the AA granting is a smoke screen? I have this feeling that the Devs will say "oh, people are so against the granting of AAs that we will compromise and not give the AAs away. The nerfs will go through though."

    Then again I could be TOTALLY wrong but it seems that SOE wants to eliminate the competition when they start selling heroic characters, i.e. lvl 85 with 6K AA for $50 just an example not a fact. Isn't something similar like this in EQ2 already?

    Funno HappyKatz
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  7. Piestro Augur

    I believe those have specific requirements in addition to level. Requirements still need to be met.
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  8. Samatman Augur

    Thanks for your detailed reasoning in the initial thread and thanks for listening to our feedback!
  9. Nightmares Augur

    Curious about the SK Melee life-tap change.
    SK's do have AA abilities for Life-tap procs and weapon based life-tap procs, and buff based life-tap procs. Will these also be limited ( as in the AA will now be activated and have a certain number of counters, or the normal life-tap proc spell buffs have counters and have to be recast all the time)?
  10. Langya Augur

  11. Nanan00 New Member

    Well then can you do a total aa reset so we can at least make use of the aa so we don't basically have years of work negated by a fluff gift to appease the masses you are upsetting?

    So anyway now that you have removed the benefit of swarm kiting to help the servers not lag, what is to stop me from just kiting a big swarm of mobs for the heck of it?
  12. Thinn Lizzy New Member

    I don't like it at all still but you are gonna do whatever you want regardless of what I think anyway and is why I typically don't post or vote on these things (Tis why I am a new member cause I have never been outraged to this point) so have fun those who thought this was a valid change cause there can never be enough World of Warcrafts huh :(
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  13. Slasher Augur

    What about aggro do you realize how much aggro decap causes right now ?
  14. Gragas Augur

    Awesome now decap will straight up get you killed unless the aggro is reduced on it.
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  15. Piestro Augur

    It doesn't make the same impact to players psychologically. And they still have to do something to earn it, that requirement will be leveling.
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  16. Beldan_VZ Journeyman

    so these are changes to the ORGINAL changes, but everything else announced in the oringal changes other then what is changed here still applys? (ya I know its confusing)
  17. Deadjester New Member

    As and SK player only playing one toon these changes make me very happy, had to get that off my chest. now i had an idea come to me about the AA granting could you instead make everyone opted out and give them the AAs as a /claim type of thing, now i dont know how well this may work but i think that it would give everyone the chance to do as they wish with it i dont know how much you could break it down but maybe so far as to /claim level 51 AAs, /claim level 55 AAs, ETC. or make it once you /claim AAs you are in for the long hall down what i see as a dark dark road, but that is my opinion.
  18. Fansy Augur

    Remember this day!!

    So what about riposte disc swarm pulling? Monk swarm pulling? How long before all the people who finally got what they wanted get bored and move on?

    Now that you guys fixed this ground breaking stuff when can we expect burstained to be fixed? The UCS? How about all the content, AA and spells everyone paid for with CoTF that seems to be missing?
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  19. Piestro Augur

    I'll forward that question on to the devs so they can give more specific details.
  20. Karthanon Augur

    We'll, if you have Krono to give away on EM I'll take 'em. Be able to go gold from Silver for a month. :p

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