Changes with the February Update: Developer Updates

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  1. Tharzak Elder


    You make the perfect point to not nerf. What happened to all those wizards, bards and druids?
    I don't know with any certainty why I see so few of them. I have no numbers to back it up, but I can only assume that when the abilities to solo for good amounts of experience were taken away so was the desire to play those classes.
    Yet, you say good riddance, have fun in WoW.

    I say think long and hard before changing any class. Especially if it affects its ability to solo.
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  2. ketterman New Member

    ok I don't come here to chat or say anything but to make changes like this .....are you trying to end this game as I said it was the last game id ever play just a few whines and do what they say and not to stay with the idea of everquest you are making the game too easy with that said it is sad that you hear every whiner in game and do stuff to make the game so easy your old players go what's next no dieing come on if you guys that hard up for idea let me know I can send you a few like not giving out what I worked years on for free and making the game so easy here is the thing if you make the game this easy who will want to play it so if you want to end eq your doing a great job . so id like to know what is been done for the guys that been here and I don't want no free stuff I work for what I want in game as it should be ...
  3. Serriah_Test Augur

    DO NOT - for a single minute, think that the give-aways are for returning players. They are for veteran players who are making alts.

    It just baffles me that SoE would toss away 18 expansions worth of content because server populations are low. Did they ever think -that- is the reason why server populations are low? A new player logs in... welcome to MOLOING for 95 levels. There's no reason to do old content when that moss snake just dropped QViC equivalent RAID loot. If they are going that route, why not re-tune old raid content to be groupable and set the respawn timers / lockout timers to be like 2 or 3 hours?

    Also: I can make a great argument that the new content is nowhere near as good as the old stuff.
    I think we all can. Why else were the Progression Servers such a big hit?

    I mean, I knew we turned into a "throw away" society - just never thought it would creep into our entertainment too. Sad sad state of the game.

    I hope this mentality never makes its way into EQ:Next.
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  4. Nedrom Augur

    I signed up my second account for Gold membership because of the upcoming AA changes. Thank you Devs!
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  5. Siluett New Member

    Iam also gonna sign up a second and maybe a 3th account for gold when this go live. Thanks SOE
  6. Zadya New Member

    The only reason to change my status from silver to gold, was the 1000aa cap.
    I am willing to pay monthly, to have the opportunity to make lots of aa. But NOT to buy them.
    Why should i play a game, where i cant develop my Char ?
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  7. Leeanni Elder

    I'm not too sure about them being "ebayed" characters. If they get the auto grant, it will be at level 51. If they haven't been PLed to that point, they already have a pretty good idea how to play their character. They will just get some skills and abilities added along with a little bit of survivability and power added. If they have been PLed to that point, then most likely they are bots that will be used on a bot team. Once a player has a character that is actually usable in a group, they will learn very quickly how to play that character or will be put on people's ignore lists.
    I was totally against the AA grant at first, but I'm warming up to it now. It will allow more new players the ability to group with people who have been in the game a long time. Without those AAs, they are just basically worthless in a normal group unless someone actually takes pity on them and invites them along for some exp.
  8. forbes77 Elder

    ive been looking for the date these are gonna go live but im either blind or there is no date as yet,if you know of the date there gonna push this please let me know without abuse please thank you in advance :)
  9. poto Elder

    or gain more for paying $15 a month........

    but keep arguing against us for wanting them to tie AA catch up to game play (you know offer less to the player base)
  10. poto Elder

    my main is 100 with 3kish AA. I to would welcome an easier faster route to >> earn << AA.
    Join my lv 100 in his guild - where i spend all day every day helping people form groups, helping do their tasks / quests etc - because it drives me nuts to log in and see new/returnee players scrape a living. Just seeing them type words of disappointment when realizing the chances of finding their epic 1 raid mob up .... they spent a week or two plodding on happy as larry doing their epic quest without a clue or word to others only to get to the final hurdle and be crushed (by other players greed)

    Auto granting may well help you TODAY but it wont be good for the game in the long term.

    A quicker / faster / more rewarding GAME play route might not even be the best but its a huge upgrade to the current lack luster - none game related auto grant.

    opting out - the save all feature people use as a counter argument will not fix the AA grind. All or nothing is not a game its pay to win
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  11. Leigo You come here often?

    Yes, I am just curious.. I tend to do achievements from time to time. The question hadn't really been asked so I wanted to know if they would be applied the same way as earned AA in that aspect.
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  12. Siwin Nonesuch Elder

    I.P. Addresses! ;)
  13. Tarrin Augur

    I have never voiced once that I am against tying AA to game play.

    You ability to put words in other peoples mouths is quite amazing.

    There is a difference between not minding the autogrant, and being against tying AA to game play. You seem to not be able to discern the difference.
  14. Tarrin Augur

    If you think you win EQ by getting a couple thousand initial AAs, then I think I see where there is a misunderstanding.
  15. Chaosthunderbear New Member

    At this point I would just like something concrete as to what and when, I am a returning player and don't mind the grind also would not mind catching up a bit quicker, but have 3 toons at 55 (when AAs start becoming really important for soloing) and would like to know whether or not to start grinding AAs. This hurry up and wait stuff is for the birds, make a decision and lets go I don't want to wait forever to know that's worse than all the whining on both sides.
  16. Piestro Augur

    I prefer text files. My security guys don't like me opening word docs. ;)
  17. Piestro Augur

    Most of the coding suggestions aren't, unfortunately, very useful. This isn't a code problem, the code works well. Could it work better? I'm sure, but the same problems would still exist. And cutting the code out and replacing it is full of its own dangers. Thats a big thing to change, and people are right in saying the problems that crop up when you do something like that are scary type problems. If we could resolve these issues that way we still might try it though.

    I've worked on a fair number of MMOs. Some developed by SOE, some developed by other companies. This same problem has existed in every MMO I've worked on, it's usually just masked by design that is directed at solving this issue. Mobs that leash, mobs that forget about you quickly, hard caps on aggro. Hell, when I've played other MMOs I've seen what it is they do specifically to deal with this issue. When I have had the opportunity to spawn mobs at other companies that ignore these rules the mantra has always been "don't do this much, you'll crash the servers because they can't handle it". This is an issue for every game.

    For EQ we could pursue one of those design oriented paths, but it would change a lot of fundamental aspects of the game. And every one of those design changes needs to retroactively encompass 15 years of content. And they're a lot bigger change than changing a few abilities.
  18. Piestro Augur

    Powerleveling exists, will still exist, and isn't a big issue for us. Not something we generally encourage, but not something we really have a problem with either.
  19. Null New Member

    hold on a second, basic RAID geared player? so it will be utterly worthless for anyone that does not raid, or is undergeared/underAA'd etc.
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  20. Piestro Augur

    Any AA in the grant that you do not have will be automatically granted to you (if you opt in).