Changes with the February Update: Developer Updates

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  1. Bonemelter Nemesis Enforcer

    Honestly if they want to make the game funner , allow raids older than 4 expansions to be requested with less than a full group, and allow mercs in on them. That would open up a lot of content to people who never got to do those raids. Just saying,
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  2. Kromeollie New Member

    Have the damages been increased for HS to balance the fact it's only going to proc 2/min?

    For instance...

    Tosk mobs take 2 procs to drop, but it now procs way more than 2/min. So dealing with adds are possible. Would you please consider greatly increasing the damage so when it procs, if it procs on the mob, it will drop?

    Sorry if this has been covered. I'm only up to page 98 currently.
  3. roth Augur

    Actually, no.

    The discrepancy comes from two things.

    First, WAY back when, they revamped the cost of Gates of Discord AA lines. Things like Coat of Thistles went from 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, to 5, 5,5, 5, 5. Innate Runspeed 4 and 5 went from 5, 10 to 5, 5. Weapon Affinity went from 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 to 5, 5, 5, 5, 5. Those who caught wind of that before it actualy happened were able to buy rank 1 of Coat of Thistles, and ranks 1 and 2 of Weapon Affinity. When the AA cost revamp went live, those people had more Assigned than Spent. The AA rank now had an Assigned value of 5, 5, for 10 total, but they'd only spent 2, 4, or 6 total, so they had more Assigned than Spent.

    They have also done something else. I forget what it originally cost, but they went ahead and gave everyone the AA Origin. They did not refund the AA's for those who had purchased it, but it no longer counted among the Assigned. That would increase the Spent relative to the Assigned. That might have been where the AA's that you were responding to went.
  4. RaceCondition Augur

    A 'toon' (lol) from 5 years ago definitely isn't the same as a 'toon' that has been actively playing who just got up to 7k AAs added onto what they already have.

    So, who is the one being silly?
  5. Gutzz Journeyman

    The Innate Stats are useless until those people have a certain rank of Planar Stats. I don't know what rank that would be and at what rank they'd arrive at with the Underfoot gifting. I do know that my level 32 rogue bazaar mule that is geared in defiant gear (not all of it at level 30 rough defiant gear) is almost 255 all stats (wis 254, int 213). They need to compare a level 85 defiant geared person versus the stats to see if they're truly needed. Most defiant gear is common and wouldn't be too demanding for people to get (though the jewelry like ears should drop more ...if they even drop at all, think they're too pricey from the vendor).

    But, no point in removing them if you can't cut enough AA's to get under the magical 4k AA bonus.
  6. Tarrin Augur

    At level 100, they are truely needed, as you will not be capping out all of your stats. To give you an example, as a druid I am fairly well geared in T4 Raid RoF and T1 CotF Raid gear. My stats are as follows:
    STR 815/1019
    STA 951/982
    INT 768/820
    WIS 844/829
    AGI 959/1019
    DEX 999/1019
    CHA 678/770

    Since ultimately you will hit 100, unless you level lock yourself..they are ultimately truely needed.
  7. Hatsee Augur

    What I would assume drives people away is trying to get to the area where other players are which is 100 levels in and at least 3-5k aa's depending on class. All they are doing is trying to give them the option to cut off the bottom content that people only use to power level and for nostalgic purposes and direct people into the newer content where there is a more traditional approach to the genre with quests, etc.
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  8. Gutzz Journeyman

    You left off what your planar stats ranks and planar power ranks were, and I'd forgotten about the level based cap increases. So should compare a level 100 in the highest rank defiant gear with the gifted aa's.

    Max planar power + max planar Stats is 300 stat points worth.

    I agree, they're needed at the End Game. They also may want to include them just so they don't get petitions from people saying, I bought innate (stat) and my (stat) didn't go up.
  9. Ixni New Member

    Question, if i have 4000 AAs at lvl 100 collected over the past how many years does this mean that ill be just as far off in AAs as everyone else who can level a character to 100 in a week and receive 4000 free AAs? cause honestly lvling a char to 100 is absolutely no battle, and if so what does this say about the work ive put into my character and the how many years ive paid to do so if your oging to grant everyone else 4 thousand AAs at least give the people who have worked hard to get there another 4 ontop so that they may not be just thrown into the same mix as the people who havent worked for it at all whatsoever ..... having worked out 4000 and then to only have 200 more than anyone else is really gonna make me sad
  10. Shimmerleaf Augur

    Lots of mobs in CotF are humanoids; bandits and cultists in ETWK, BIXIES, Dark elves, assorted pirates and guards in dead hills. I can't tell (yet) if xulous count as humanoid.
    Alarans and shissar in RoF just as a start.
    I will miss cruising thru most parts of UF, but I am willing to give the change a chance to work out for us.
    Shimmerleaf, 100 Ranger on Bertox
  11. Quilix Elder

    I quite agree with what you are saying here in a way - this is a good chance to bring in a decent revenue stream:) - It just worries me when we get to the stage that they have to try this as some previous games they did this with were very soon after "sunsetted". And with the new changes to billing coming in - i.e. you are buying a SOE game pass and not an EQ subscription - then as long as they keep some games around there will be no way to ask for a refund / and no need for them to offer.
  12. Hatsee Augur

    I don't agree because you're saying on top as though you'd simply get 4k aa's. I don't recall reading about any option to 'heroicify' your toon somehow, I think this would be a good option though but it would need to stress that it'll only bump your aa's to the same level as a heroic toon and not just give you a large sum, for a few people this could mean getting 2,000 and for some it could mean getting 50.
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  13. Ixni New Member

    i also have never thought when seeing some people with 10k aas 12 k aas that i wish i could just catch up to them for free ..... if were doing free AAs might as well let us have bots that play for us
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  14. Izcurly Augur

    No, it's not 4000 free AA's, that's just a number people have been using since the real numbers aren't so simple. It's nearly all the AA's up through the Underfoot expansion, the exact number of which is class specific, but is going to be more than 4000...maybe even as much as 7000 for some classes. You end up with all of those plus whatever HoT-CotF AA's you already own. I'm sure you have some, since you're level 100.
  15. sinderkad Augur

    It is funny that most people who oppose this will also say that 4000 AA is no battle just as you say getting to lvl 100 is no battle. If you have been investing your AAs properly then you should still be receiving tons of AAs in the AA lines that are less optimal or fluff that you really should not have bought yet. All that aside yes it sucks for someone in your position. I feel no sympathy for those who whine about how they earned these AAs years ago and have enjoyed them all this time, i only feel for people like you who have only recently been forced to grind them out. Either way someone is going to loose in this situation, in this case it is you. I hope you can take some solace in knowing that life will be a bit easier for new players in the future, and if you cant well ...
  16. Shimmerleaf Augur

    Silly people expecting the devs to stay on all night and all weekend to reply to the same questions that have been answered in previous dev postings. PLease run thru the Dev post tracker before getting quite so worked up.
  17. Ixni New Member

    not so much as heroicify my toon as keep my hard work above those that have done nothing in all honesty im completely against these free AAs but it seems thats WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN bold print so the only thing i can do is attempt to stay level with were i already am haha
  18. Shimmerleaf Augur

    Elidroth stated he would fix the agro on decapitate. you may rest easy
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  19. Harabakc Augur

    Character power attained via AA pre-85 is minuscule in any type of comparison to 85+. You're gaining a bunch of very small things that is of no comparative value to those coming later. And in the process of doing so, you're slowing down the available rate to gain post 85.

    This is an ineffective way to "help" people catch up. I'd almost wager that the AA available 85-90 grants more character power increase than those available 84 and under. By slowing down AAing 85+ you have slowed down people trying to catch up. Sure, you can opt out, but if you do what was the point of doing a grant that isn't actually helping?
  20. Dabrixmgp Augur

    granting is probably going to work like it does on the beta server. you get 4k AAs and then spend them the way that you want to. I really hope they dont send me into slow gain AA mode by wasting them on crap stuff like tradeskill AAs or innate wisdom or innate cha.