Changes with the February Update: Alternate Ability Grants for Gold Members and Ability Changes

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Piestro, Feb 4, 2014.

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  1. dpsdpsdps Elder

    if you grant all those free aas, i want a refund on the membership i paid to earn all of mine on my various accounts. thx for my thousands of dollars back soe? not going to refund our money? then don't give away what we paid to earn.
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  2. Nightmares Augur

    I liked for the Part of Just giving AA is bad and people won't know how to play their toons cause there will have been no experiences gained personally to know what or how to do things.
  3. twister500 New Member


    I am a long time EQ player 15 years on my primary account I think personally I like that the dumb down those abilities however I think the move you are making is a make or break idea. people will start grouping again or you will lose the last of your gold members to the game. this is coming from a person that can happily say i have been a WARR for years and i never got or needed the following classes to make my time fun...

    Berzerker ( warr or steroids W/ less ac )

    I have a mage but it has never been able to beam kite i have tried its too hard for me.

    I like what you are trying but if u are going to implement this i hope you strongly consider merging servers again. no one wants to group now days and if the people who have ranger/berz/rog/mag quite u are going to take most of the game. oooo and lets not forget about the SK's.

    With out continuous life taps they fall very fast.

    you may want to rethink the idea...

    Frozone 100 Warr Drinal

    Ps. i was not happy about no time to bleed but i got over it the rogs/rangers/berz/and sk's should too and not leave EQ.
  4. Zanmar New Member

    I look at what they are doing now as a glimpse of how they will handle the same issues in EQnext. If the case is constant nerfing then I will save myself the disappointment.
  5. Numzan Augur

    Really the question is why are we even paying for the game,,, what happened to those players that have paid for years without stopping just be told everything it took you 10 years to get, is now being given freely away.

    Think about this...
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  6. Jaylin Augur

    There should not be such a steep curve to even get to playing the game. This is not 1999, the sheer amount of work any person who would want to just casually play is insane. Some sort of catch up is needed. Maybe not the way they are saying, but we do not fight mainly in gfay anymore. The game is almost entirely int he later expansions. There is no reason that a person wanting to play, has to put in hundreds of hours just to get to the point of not being told they can maybe group with others.

    In my opinion... Do not autogrant..... Recreate the tutorial, in a series of zones. With insane xp modifiers. Like an alternate leveling path. Make it that by the time you would be done with it, you are level 85 with 3,000-4,000 aa or so. Autogrant skills to compensate for the increased leveling speed. Let people buy all spells, or let them be rewards based on the quests in their level range (like all spells for a full level). Personally i would love an alternate leveling path to the current.. PL or do it on your own. And i do feel a new tutorial(maybe not that word), or Alternate progression path could get people up to snuff learning their class, and giving new content in the mean process.
  7. RS68 New Member

    Well why are they putting an obvious hardware problem in the hands of the development team????
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  8. Nudia Augur

    I'm okay with those years being given away for free. Don't speak for "those players" - your opinion is fine, own it yourself.
  9. CaRnon Augur

    never complained about beam kiting.. and CLERICS DONT need swarming... But nice try putting the blame on us..
  10. Xiaoyu Journeyman

    Have you even been to cresent reach? You can level a character legit with a merc to 50 in days doing quests and killing in cresent reach/blightfire/goru'kar mesa
  11. Dredxzer New Member

    Exactly to the point. This is how 75% of the comments look like and THEY DONT CARE. I will easily quit if all this stuff is implemented absolutely No questions asked. Go ahead and tell me "QUIT THAN" Cause i will.
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  12. Velric Journeyman

    Guys I've played this game for 14 years and the main reason my interest has been kept up is AA's. Please at least make an opt out button. I do not want anything handed to me, I enjoy starting at level one and earning every level and AA along the way. Unfortunately, this will be a game breaker for me.

    Could you consider some kind of an opt out, and maybe do something such as having natural characters names be displayed in a certain color or something?

    As far as the nerfs to the powerlevelling, I am all for anything that helps prevent disruption of the servers.
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  13. sprinder New Member

    If the auto-grant is not optional, have you considered or would it be possible to add an option to halt experience gain?

    I like to explore older content and I use the AA "mountain" as a way to slow down or at times eliminate level increases so I can explore an expansion while it still offers a challenge. If there are no AAs to earn I assume all of my experience will slide to level gains and the mobs will con grey long before I can see everything an expansion had to offer.

    How much content was designed for level 70? Will I have to leave a stack of corpses every night before I logoff to avoid making content that devs put so much work into obsolete before I have a chance to see it?
  14. Terminat Lorekeeper

    You can catch more flies with honey. Make the mission and quests worth doing XP/reward wise. There's no need to blanket auto-grant AA when you make the game itself worth playing. Possibly give diminishing returns on killing the same mob/mob type over and over? I played a text based MUD from the 90s that did that (Phidar). At a certain point the NPC gave no XP, you were forced to move on. Give more XP based on actually playing the game instead of blindly killing stuff over and over.
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  15. Numzan Augur

    any chance you forgot mage or are they given 0?
  16. Vanety New Member

    Well having a SK at lvl 82 with just under 2500 AA I have to say this really pisses me off. I spent a lot of time ( = cash) to get my char to where it is now and yes I enjoyed being able to tackle slightly harder content than an 82 might normaly solo - but I worked for it ! Now suddenly every PL'd player just gets handed the AA it took me ages to build and will be able to tackle the same mobs without any effort. And this happens one day after I paid a year up front for a second account :( - seriously regretting that now. Between defiant / T1 / T2 armour etc and now mass AA all you are doing is creating a server full of clones who will all have virtualy the same abilities. Could people at least get back the AA they worked (=paid) for to spend again. Or why not just up the AA bonus instead of granting them en-mass. Even if fighting level appropriate content the first 300 were 1 per kill / next 300 were 0.5 per kill or something like that you would still have to earn them.
  17. Zanmar New Member

    I read one post that suggested that people that already have all that AA get a title. Might I suggest the title "The Pissed Off"
  18. Rebelord Journeyman

    I'm ok with all of these changes as long as a new TLP server is created so I can play Everquest instead of the WoW-clone-wannabe formally known as Everquest.
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  19. Oranges Augur

    People don't like playing on their own in a Massively Multiplayer Online game. Getting the caught up wtih the rest of the players is good.
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  20. Zalamack New Member

    OK, first of all, I am happy with the anti-swarming changes. People will now have to play their class the way it was intended, and for the right reasons. Meanwhile, non-swarming classes are no longer at a relative disadvantage.

    I am very opposed to the AA changes. My necromancer had 300 AAs when I returned to the game last year. Now, I have almost 9500 AAs. Only a small fraction (<200) came from any sort of power leveling, the rest I got from kiting or task rewards, or achievements. I worked hard for these, and my character is very powerful as a result. I know how to play my class and I have the AAs I do because I stuck with it! So many people don't stick with their characters, never learn how to play their class properly, and juggle a million alts - of course they don't have enough AAs - they didn't work for the reward! How are you going to sit here and hand people thousands of AAs that they didn't work for? Why are you going to devalue all the work the great majority of players have put into their characters by letting a million newbies get AAs handed to them? They won't even know what the abilities do, or what's best for their class, because they didn't learn how to play it at all.

    This change is not going to make you more money. The vast majority of people playing this game have played it before. I tried to get a friend of mine into it for the first time but graphics are an issue with him. Graphics are a selling point to folks like him. Joe Schmoe off the street is not gonna look at EQ and go HEY I'M GONNA PLAY THIS GAME IT LOOKS AMAZING! You need to cater to the people that actually play it. The people that have made EQ fun and engaging. The people who have put great effort into their characters in order to be badass and help others in need. Don't devalue our time investment by giving people free AAs.

    The magic of EQ is its difficulty, or what's left of it. You've already given people mercenaries, and crazy inflated armor stats, defiant gear that makes low levels trivial in difficulty. People abuse mercs in the low levels so that the journeyman merc effectively solos all their levels for that player. Then, when they get to higher levels and don't know how to play their class, they whine that there is something wrong with their class and AA amounts and anything but their own lack of effort or dedication.

    I have 9500 AAs because I worked for it. No one held my hand. Don't turn this into one of THOSE games like WoW where the player's hand is held the entire way to max level. DON'T TAKE AWAY THE JOURNEY!!!! If you do, it will be the final festering death of EQ. And most of us aren't looking at EQNext with any anticipation.
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