Changes to the Necromancer Epic 2.0 in the August 2020 Update

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  1. Lurikeen Journeyman

    Thank you for the announcement. I guess it is better to read about the nerf a couple days in advance of the patch than to read about it in the patch notes. I love my necro. I worked hard at getting 2.5. I am disappointed that it is now useless at my level. Oh, well. This isn't the first nerf for the class and it will likely not be the last.
  2. Ibudin Augur

    Really, you mean like the bard and shaman epic click, how many raiding bards and shamans aren't required to use it? That's right they don't have to wear them to click them, you click them from a bag and wow watch the numbers grow for the group members. SK's epic? not powerful at all.

    Not saying I disagree with what has happened, but blindly saying this with out understanding how other classes are STILL using their epic, and benefiting greatly from it while not having to give up worn stats, is completely ignorant.
  3. Kase Augur

    Yeah in those expansions you could equip it... this entire posting is about now at level 115 and the necro epic being squashed...if your a 115 beast I doubt you'd equip it the way it is. A necro still equips theirs at 115. So point being any Focus effect you get for it with the delay/damage on it would be worthless unless its a god-like FE. I still use my beast clicky but its never equipped.
    So yeah if your referring strictly to that era (OOW) then ok but that wasnt the topic and I was talking in terms of beast epic being used in this era as the necros
  4. Cicelee Augur

    What if the devs were already incorporating the loss of the 18% by boosting the base damage during the consolidation?

    So if your DOT was doing 1000 base with 18% increase to boost it to 1180, they change the base of the DOT now to 1180? That way there is no loss of DPS on your end? And I know it is a lot more complicated than that, but the point is maybe the consolidating has incorporated the loss of Epic crit chance already...

    I am sure good and talented necros will still do well on raids. Poor players may quit, and that is OK- it is their choice. I remember when magicians were beaming Evantil and Plane of Shadows for ridiculous AA and our beam targets went from unlimited to twelve, there was an uproar then. Good magicians adapted, bad ones whined and left. Our class survived and still does well. I am confident the same will be said for necromancer as well.

    And FWIW I do not take any complaints right now from necromancers to say they are bad. They are upset and reacting, and that is normal. It is when after the changes go live and we see the impact and we see necromancers are doing just fine and then there is still complaining? Like when the first necro DOT revamp happened, some were complaining even after seeing a week of ridiculous raid parses about mana costs. I talk about tbose...
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  5. Fian Augur

    "My last concern is around the concept of balance. There will always be a (real, or perceived )"best" class or "most damaging" class. Who is allowed to hold that position and why? What are the vision statements for each class? What guides the balancing efforts between each class?"

    I can't speak for devs obviously, but here is how I would approach it:
    Necro: best single target DPS
    Wizard: best multi mob (AE dps)
    Magician: 2nd best single target and multi mob dps (can toss in best dps against summoned)

    Melee (There are so many melee, it is hard to have a best, so the advantages below have to be slight):
    Rogue: best single target dps
    Berserker: best multi mob (AE dps)

    monk: single target dps, but with advanced tanking abilities
    ranger: single target dps (maybe some AE via spells?), but with punting and track
    beastlord: not in consideration, as they have advanced adps plus paragon
  6. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Well necros knew this was inc many years ago.

  7. Monkman Augur

    This thread is going to be epic...
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  8. Ibudin Augur

    100% agree with this, totally good with them quiting. Even with the huge upgrade to our dots, there are plenty of necros out there that can't even break out of the bottom 20 on raids DPS wise, they'll scream nerfs and cry. This will separate the lazy ones out quick.
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  9. MonksRule New Member

    It's high time that Everquest come up with NEW "epic weapons". While being more than willing to nerf the existing epics into nothing more than an additional character title, they seem unwilling to take the time or effort to update class epics to current content. You are basically spitting in the face of everyone that has spent countless hours killing "placeholders" located in obscure areas of Norrath to attain their now worthless "epic" weapon.
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  10. Findictive Augur

    I am truly outraged, I wanted to see them sustaining 2m on events so we could all laugh and snort about balance! Now we'll have to do it with a very slightly smaller number like 1.9m. :(
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  11. Kase Augur

    I mentioned earlier to either make all them obsolete or upgrade them all to this era... new epics or epic 3.0's. Agree with your post 100%
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  12. Kase Augur

    Its going to be alot more then a 100k difference
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  13. Kase Augur

    Opps sorry for double post
  14. smash Augur

    This has nothing to do with diversity of weapons, but everything about a weapon from OoW effect that is getting stronger and stronger for each level of spell.

    And the balancing of new spells are making it harder and harder each time.

    It is something that should have been made obsulete years ago, now it is a good point of time after the rewamp of spells, where I am sure that the devs made the changes with removed epic effect in mind, so when epic gone, necro dots will be at right level.

    NO necro has been used other weapons beside the epic, at least not those that knows the game.

    Now that is said, this effect 1 class only, but there are also other epics that could/should be made obsulete, those that effect other classes, like bard, shaman, sk and probably a few others
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  15. Deux Corpse Connoisseur

    I have to say it's eye opening & disappointing to see so many people golf clapping a drastic nerf like this to another class and even some of you cheering on people quitting. Pitiful.
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  16. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Lol your having a laugh, wizzy AE damage is utter garbage.

    Necro as it always has been should be sustainted and wizzys should be burst. With mages somewhere in the middle.
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  17. Findictive Augur

    Will actually be a net gain to DPS using the 2hander sympathetic always. Crit rate will just be much more dependent on others now. With proper adps and rotation you will still very very rarely fall below 100%.
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  18. feigntrain Elder

    wut? that kind of change would just make it even more required. Then you'd be able to have the passive effect while being able to equip other stuff with way better stats and other focus effects.

    How would making it even more powerful change it from required to occasionally useful?
  19. smash Augur

    I am sure devs already took epics into consideration when making the rewamp so they balanced them for NOT having the epic effect, so they made them that % too powerful-
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  20. feigntrain Elder

    Shut your mouth. The SK one was already heavily nerfed years ago.
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