Changes to the Necromancer Epic 2.0 in the August 2020 Update

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  1. Antasirras New Member

    There are quite a number of people here who equate a 20% lower crit chance with a 20% decrease in DPS. Crits increase damage by ~375% or thereabouts? 20% fewer crits is not a 20% reduction in DPS. It's more complicated than that.
  2. Cadira Augur

    You know it's patch day when a million new members post their opinions on the boards outta no where.
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  3. Umber New Member

    Epics are class defining for some. People make SK over pally because of epic/lifetap, SHM for epic dmg augmentation, Nec for DoTs - They invest tons of hours in to the class and then devs start messing with stacking (okay, fine) and then make my epic worthless - heck, no - c'mon.
  4. Antasirras New Member

    They must not have gotten the memo that people who hang out here all the time "own the board" and that their opinions are invalid.
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  5. kizant Augur

    Everyone invests tons of hours and the game changes a lot to try and keep things fair and interesting. Necros aren't special.
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  6. Blyght New Member

    Right. Not saying necros are special, I'm saying it is unreasonable to change class defining items. It would be wrong to change the bard, SK, SHM, etc. epics - just as it is wrong to change the necro epic. Those players invested tons of hours in their characters and shouldn't have the rug pulled out from underneath them.
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  7. kizant Augur

    The rug wasn't pulled out from underneath. Necros were given gigantic upgrades to their DoTs prior to the change so that you end up ahead.
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  8. Nadisia Augur

    First you're comparing apples with oranges : a click with a short duration buff (SK, SHM, BRD etc) with a permanent buff.

    And as Kizant said, you've got a massive damage buff with the previous revamp/consolidation.
    In the end, the buff far outweighs the epic nerf.

    I guess it's good for necros, isn't it?

    What do you want? Your epic unchanged and a rollback to the pre-revamp spells state, or spells buffed with a moderate epic nerf?

    No, I guess you want both btw ... give them a finger, they will take the arm :p
  9. Sambenx New Member

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  10. svann Augur

    I may get suspended from the Bard union for saying this, but I wouldnt mind too much if they cancelled the bard epic too. We've been asking for instant click for so long but it seems its just not possible. I dont even use it when 2boxing anymore. Maybe extend fierce eye and drop epic.
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  11. Venau Augur

    I'd humbly like to request an additional boost in base dmg of DoTs and reduction of passive crit rate.

    Haven't raided in two years. I've forgotten a ton. But I know for sure I'd swap out my epic pretty often because crit rate was already maxed anyway for a nice 2hnd with better procs.

    Dear Dev: Do you think this even bothers a raiding necro? The only toons being impacted are those in poorly coordinated raiding guilds and casuals who lack a bit of ADPS. Of significant mention would be the solo artists who would toss Wounds on a few mobs while kiting. If Wounds are not revamped this will alter the solo game. It'll make the best solo class less effective in ways. (I tried my best to complain).
  12. Coas Lorekeeper

    For those necros complaining about the epic nerf. I'd say...suck it up. We got our revamp. We are better off having the revamp and having the epic taken away than having the epic and no revamp. You can complain again when they nerf dot base damage down 40% on revamped spells and leave the mana cost as it is.
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  13. Nadisia Augur

    Out of topic because it's a necro thread, but I do agree with you, 100%
    The bard epic click with its casting time is just an annoyance, it breaks the melody flow.
    It's still ok, maybe, for raids, but in the group game, I don't use it anymore, or very very rarely.
    I just use Fierce Eye, and that's all.
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  14. Ibudin Augur

    Its not even if history repeats itself, it will, and this is 100% going to happen.
  15. Kullex New Member

    Honestly i've been saying it's needed nerfed for quit some time, but i've always said that i wish they'd add a buff to weapons that will increase dot crit granted not as powerful as the epic but some boost to make the pain of the epic becoming a wall decoration not hurt as much
  16. seber Augur

    ok time to move on or go reroll other class fix you better
  17. PhantasmaRathe Journeyman

    what is there to make up... necro's have more mana regen then a chanter and they are still high dps even after the epic is gone... soooo whats to make up
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  18. PhantasmaRathe Journeyman

    Enchanters dont have any sort of useful epic ... its unfair on all sides i suppose and to make it fair they'd have to boost others' epics... it wouldnt be a bad idea to have epics improved upon for higher levels, it might get rid of some of the negative thoughts from all classes as how they were ripped off all these years while necros made out like crazy and settle the necros down on loosing the focus at high levels... its seems so weird to me cuz most necros i knew always complained they had to have their epic equiped and they were ripped off of a current content primary item... i guess when you have it good you want it even better regardless and that makes taking it away even harder for most of em
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  19. PhantasmaRathe Journeyman

    yea... thats a click, its not constantly on all the time
  20. shroomie Elder

    Shame that epics aren't really epic anymore. People usually get epics in their 50s and they are obsolete by 80 (actually sooner due to defiant gear). That's not much game time with modern exp rates. Never understood why not add epic-only augments obtainable via level-appropriate quests that allow your epic to "keep up" with you and the game as you level? Just a shame that my epic is hanging over the door of my house gathering dust. Well, it was until the Friday patch deleted my house and everything in it!
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