Changes to the Necromancer Epic 2.0 in the August 2020 Update

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  1. sk8jack Journeyman

    Hi guys, just side-tracking a bit, I'm currently playing a necro on a TLP server and am boxing a shaman at the same time. So am thinking of adding a third box and was wondering which would be the most optimal class to be the third toon.
    I would like to have a class which will be able to contribute the most adps to my necro.
    I'm currently on TSS expansion but would like to plan ahead for when the server reach the point whereby the necro 2.0 epic decay starts to kick in.
    So for those necros that 3 box on live servers currently, what class would you recommend to be the third box?
  2. Mithra Augur

  3. Mithra Augur

    Enchanter or Bard
  4. kizant Augur

    Have you played EQ this year?
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  5. Ythera Lorekeeper

    Naw, I like the big consolidated dots and enhanced decay better than the epic.
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  6. Ibudin Augur

  7. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    I vote Epic 3.0

    Just a note, be cautious on 2 things in the game.
    Nerf to class
    Nerf (changes) to UI.
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  8. Akonite New Member

    Several days a week. I don't raid and seldom group. It would seem that high raid dps would benefit all the raiders. I was on Drinal when Cats in Hats killed the Sleeper, who was not supposed to be killed. Big fuss. At that time necros on raids were just mana batteries. Perhaps there should be a special pariah server for necros.
  9. Akonite New Member

    and never, ever, ever mention anything good about your class. Or say bad things about another. EQ needs more differences between classes, not less.
  10. kizant Augur

    Then how did you miss the DPS increase? Are you still only using wounds or something? Your class finally has a regular single target/burn at the start for named and you no longer have those long fight times that you were talking about. All the negatives you mentioned in the previous post are gone.
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  11. seber Augur

    you can have the epic I replace with 2h and update dots /smile
  12. Dhurgan Augur

    I lost track of this thread, did somebody actually post some parses yet?

  13. seber Augur

    you can parses ?
  14. Igorath-Bertox Lorekeeper

    If your wanting to shut down Everquest then grow some balls and just do it and stop killing the fun aspects of the game so people continue to leave and you then close it saying 'not enough interest' or 'not financially viable anymore' because you drove the player base away with your stupid ******* nerfs.
  15. Ibudin Augur

    Sorry you feel that way, however any necro that likes the class, and plays it well...isn't leaving over this. We'll adapt (already have), and move on.
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  16. Akonite New Member

    To what do you refer as "regular single target/burn" ? I have all useful aas available at 109, rank 2 spells, focus augs, and focus spell aas. I attributed much of the increase in dps to these and to anguish robe and scent. Apparently I was wrong, but I still fight slowly, with pet twinked with summoned gear and any that I loot, maxing use of wd and summoned pets, conserving mana with blood magic and death bloom. Em vii. I don't box. I don't macro - that's robot playing and boring. I don't rush, I don't run out of mana, and I don't die. Weaker spells and slower fights would be fine with me. I like playing a class that's complicated - not every child should get a prize. The rush to level just means needing new spells and gear and augs to deal with higher mobs. Rinse and repeat. Meh.
  17. Akonite New Member

    The nerfing and tweaking goes on and on and the classes converge. Mage pets are too strong, wizzy nukes do too much damage. Everyone wants to solo. Rangers filter feeding with Headshot have always been a major pia for those trying to fight in a zone but finding 40 corpses in a row and no living mobs.
    Better more differences in classes than less.
  18. kizant Augur

    One complaint some people had is that necros weren't too useful in groups when fighting a named since they died too fast. You needed to load up too many dots before hitting your burns to be effective. Now you can do 800k to 1 million dps pretty quickly at 115 if you need/want to without any help.

    It sounds like you're choosing to play like that way while your character is capable of a lot more. So, if you prefer taking the slow route then I'm not sure why you would mind losing some crit rate. You like things as slow as possible?
  19. Akonite New Member

    No, just at my own pace - which has evolved around the epic for something like 15 years. It demanded great patience and persistence over months and months to get Deathwhisper, and the game was difficult to a degree unimaginable to those who joined in recent years. It was considerable accomplishment, and was given respect. So I resent losing Deathwhisper.

    Of course such archaic accomplishments have trickled into in the slop bucket with the continual erosion of the game, particularly when heroic characters at 85 were introduced. A long time ago having it showed a lot about the player. Now it takes a few days to get and means nothing.
  20. Dhurgan Augur

    Yes, but I don’t have a necro with a 2.0 to test with.

    What are we supposed to be angry at, the loss of dps or the principle of losing the effect? Reading prior comments being made about schadenfreude, if you want non-necro classes to be on your side, give us some numbers to work with that make your loss quantifiable, otherwise it’s just whining and complaining. Those of us that raid don’t want to see anybody get nerfed because it’s really a loss to the whole raid force.
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