Change VP ground spawns please...

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Master Kahleem, Jun 30, 2021.

  1. Green_Mage Augur

    Just have the ground spawn instantly respawn another. Anything more is not adding to the game play in 2021. Things get cancerous very fast with krono as a motivation.

    Allowing the keys to be traded has been working out great and its probably the only way more casual guilds will get to see VP.
  2. Machen New Member

    Nonsense. Casual guilds have been in VP in era on every TLP since Phinny.
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  3. Nicorus Elder

    Considering the only way to get a VP ground spawn is extreme luck or cheating I think making them instant respawn is the way to go. in 2000 50% of the player base wasn't using SEQ and at a huge advantage like they are today. It is insane to think it adds to game play to reward hacking to this extent.
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  4. Lanffear Filthy Boxer

    Key was tougher on Phinny too.
  5. Yeux New Member

    Let's be honest, it isn't "casual guilds" trying to key that is the issue. It's people farming the drops to sell.
  6. bardybard Augur

    VP key is tradable? So you only need 1 per raid?
  7. Cainen Augur

    I've been told the VP key is not tradeable, nor is Sleepers or VT from what I've heard. The components are, but the keys themselves are not.
  8. ForumBoss Augur

    I for one am glad they are tradeable. Sitting around competing for a ground spawn is not my idea of fun, so having a way to bypass that in line with the servers tradeable theme is great. Increasing the spawn rate dramatically is what I'd like to see, or making the final key tradeable so it can just be passed around.
  9. manglered Lorekeeper

    the fact that keying for VP was made this much easier shuold be enough ... tough it out and get the key done. and stop the whine
  10. Green_Mage Augur

    No -- its stupid to defend click competitions on ground spawns. Its not fun, it doesn't add to the game. The fact people can deal with the broken design is not evidence the design is good.
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  11. Tornat Augur

    make all ground spawn locations spawn every 10 mins , this is a beyond dumb time killer. I mean come on devs ask your self is this fun and rewarding . Do you think STARING at the ground for hours is engaging content and fun.
  12. Atomos Augur

    That's really my biggest complaint about it. Standing in 1 spot, staring at the ground, is not playing a video game IMO. You're not fighting anything, you're not using your brain, it's not difficult, etc.. I guess you could say it's competitive but being the winner of the staring at the ground competition doesn't really feel that great. It's just not video game material.

    Hell, just put the ground spawns on mobs. I'd rather kill stuff with a low drop chance than stare at the ground.

    I was actually expecting the key to be tradeable since it was free trade rules, it's pretty unfortunate that it's not.

    No other keys are this bad right? I don't remember what the Sleeper key entails, I know the VT key was kinda meh but not comparable to VP key and on Mischief the pieces will be tradeable and also won't rot.
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  13. Thez69 Elder

    theyre better cause theyre tradeable - just pay some nerd a couple krono to farm it for you and save the headache

    chances are multiple people in whatever guild you are in are farming them, ask in discord and i bet you get a couple pm's
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  14. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Sleeper's key is just a Talisman that drops off a variety of raid mobs in Velious, not a long and involved quest with mulitple groundspawns and rare drops so you should be fine there.
  15. Atomos Augur

    Yeah I'm remembering now, killing the named drakes in WW for the talismans.

    And that's what I mean. The VP key is absurd when compared to every other key. Why? What's the point?

    Just change the damn key. Who's it going to hurt? Like 2 people will complain, and everyone else won't say anything because they'll be too busy enjoying the game. In VP!

    It's perfectly aligned with all the other changes (a list that grows with each patch) that have been made to make TLP an even more enjoyable experience. It's quite obvious that we are not here to play a 100% reenactment of ~1999 era Everquest. There is P99 for that, and the P99 population doesn't compare whatsoever to TLP and it's even free!

    #NoChanges has been proven time and time again that is the wrong way. Would TLP be as popular as it is if it was just a copy of P99? Nope. Because TLP is progressive, it is ~1999 Everquest for a 2021 community.

    Except the VP key.
  16. Magickon Augur

    Compare that to shady and angry goblin.

    Thankfully with everything being tradable, and multiple mobs in multiple zones dropping urns/sinews ,and even the cords themselves, there really is very little reason to worry about ring2. Yes, it's a badass ring...but when the only ways to get them involve staring at the same blank spot engaging in psychological warfare over quest npc's with that long of a respawn time, or asking 50+ of your closest friends to all sit in a zone for 15 minutes so you, just you, can do a quest is really fun.