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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by CatsPaws, May 16, 2019.

  1. CatsPaws Augur

    The daily hot zones were changed quite some time ago to reset when the servers do. However this is not displayed accurately in the /calendar.

    Instead they show the hot zones changing on the first day of the month every 3 months. This may very well be true but they also change when the servers go down for updates or bugs.

    It would be nice if the hot zone resetting frequency could be reflected on the day of the server update which is always the 3rd Wednesday. So it would show: "Update" then "hot zone reset"

    One little line is all it would take to stop the argument;)

    I doubled checked after yesterdays server update and there are new hot zones.
  2. Shaantara Elder

    Just an FYI, I checked the 70 hotzone on the night before this most recent patch and the day of the patch once the servers came back up and it had not changed with the update. This is on FV server btw. It was Arcstone before the patch and Arcstone now. I'm positive about this because my characters do the level 70 task every day. Don't know about other levels though, perhaps Clayton Teek's did change and Franklin Teek's didn't.....??? I was surprised as I thought they used to change then too. Not to detract from your request, just wanted to clarify.
  3. Dythan Augur

    Hot zones change on server up randomly. One of the random choices is to be arcstone again. WAI.
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  4. CatsPaws Augur

    You are right Dythan - they change randomly and can be the same as they were last time. So the fact that Shaantara sees the same does not indicate they do not change but that it changed to the same as what it was. Called RNG.

    On Tunare the level 65 was BOT the day of the patch and is now Barren Coast. So that is more of a conformation that they do change when servers reset per this note in Allah: "April 2016 - In fact the hotzones rotate since this date with every patch regardless the time between the patches."

    The daily from Clayton Teek have always changed daily and have never included the hot zones. Those are called HA's.
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  5. Shaantara Elder

    You are correct that it could be the same again, I hadn't considered that.

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