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    My current payment method for membership, Daybreak cash, perks is a Master Card that will be discontinued soon. So I want to delete that card and add a new card (Visa) to be used for the payment. When I log into the account Payment Sources, it shows the (soon to be invalid) Master Card is used for EQ Subscription and only has an EDIT button but no Delete Button. I am able to add the Visa card as another source of payment. So how do I delete the old card and switch the payment to the new card.

    Please help and thanks.
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    It will not let you delete the old one until you enter the new one. Seems like once you have a credit card in there you cannot take it out and leave it empty.

    That is the way I switch them around. "Add" the new one, designate it as payment method and then it will let you delete the old one.
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    Your right MC, no need to contact CS really

    I used a gift card that is a Visa so had to change it to a regular credit card after the balance ran out. I just added my new card, told it to use that as payment method and then just deleted the gift card. But you can't delete it without putting another one in there first.

    Did not want to chance them trying to bill an empty gift card and then banning my account for a charge back
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    Hello consumer, Please send a ticket into customer Service at They can assist you regarding this issue.