Change keying for 3 month servers

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by RainbowCane, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Dilf Augur

    What is the expectation of your guild?
  2. Accipiter Old Timer

    That's sort of the point for most raiding guilds on TLP, no?
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  3. Warrior007 Augur

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  4. Ryak Augur

    Noone is indeed forcing us to play the game, which is why they should fix it if they like that situation.
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  5. Rajaah Journeyman


    Increasing flag drops, to me, is no different than adding AOCs to the early expansions in terms of making the in-era experience accessible to players. It's an overdue improvement.
  6. highelfbard New Member

    I can't believe Devs are commenting on so much crap on the forum yet don't have the bollox to give us a reply here. man up and give us some information ffs!
  7. Zanarnar Augur

    I mean.. if they won't reply to that.. I wonder if a different approach might get a reply.. Phinny is supposed to be a 3mo/xpac unlock server.. then they (LOOOONG after we started here) decided some will only be 2mo long and *underfoot falls under that*.

    So how about it.. can we have the 3mo we SHOULD have to do that xpac even? Honestly, every xpac from TSS onward should be 3 months regardless of if it has a level increase or not. Or, you know, you could fix the key drops so they are relative to the new, compressed, timeline. (roughly a 6X increase in *KEY* drop rates for underfoot, 4x for SoF)
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  8. Punchu Augur

    The 2 month thing was good for the 70-75 stretch but it's usefulness ends after Solteris.
  9. Dailor Augur

    I've already suffered too much, for the rest of you to catch a break.
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  10. Ryak Augur

    Having lived through it now, I have to say introducing the 2 month thing for GoD through SoF was a good move. In fact, I wish they started it with LDoN.

    However, the game changes after SoF. 2 months is no longer enough time for non-cap expansions after SoF. Restoring these to 3 months is literally the LEAST they could do to address this.

    But UF is so egregious, that they also will need to adjust the drops as well.
  11. Baldur Augur

    I agree, 2 months of GoD was perfect, 2 months of PoR was too long. 3 months of LDoN was torture.
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  12. Febb Augur

    The reason why the devs probably haven't responded yet is because the fixes that are needed for this probably isn't as simple as people think. So they need to clear some development time and that's not going to happen with an expansion being worked on right now. The expansion has full priority over everything else other than emergency patches.

    I would be surprised if they promise anything until after the new year after the new expansion has launched and even then they'll be busy fixing things from the expansion.
  13. Machentoo Augur

    Adding additional item drops can't be that hard, and they have done it before (Trak teeth for instance). Most likely just some simple database additions.

    Changing the expansion timer back to 3 months for all level 80+ expansions can't be that hard, either. Probably easier than adding a rule to make non-level increase expansions only last two months in the first place. Now they just have to modify that so it no longer applies post level 80.
  14. axedat New Member

    There's no excuse not to. Prog servers are on 3-month timespans and you're leaving keying going forward which is set for 12 months. Believe it or not - having 50% of your raid unable to attend raids for an extra week or so in between isn't engaging gameplay.

    It might not be as simple as a straight reduction equivalent to the time reduction but leaving it as is is lazy af. You've already retroactively made changes to later progs for time sinks (think VP key) so why leave Corinav to be the guinea pig again?

    This doesn't make it hard. This doesn't add challenge. It actively encourages people not to play because of timers.
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  15. RandomStrategy Augur

    Methinks you are on Coirnav. Enjoy the hell that is the VT key.
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  16. Trevalon Augur

    VT key isnt that bad as long as your not in a guild that doesnt mind if you go in week 3 or 4. Its the guilds that require their members to have it done in week 2 that make it ridiculous - but those people chose to be in those guilds, so more power to em. Remember there is always a choice!
  17. snailish Augur

    Keys should be changed for any AoC server because the sell of that ruleset is "raid what you want when you want".

    A future 3 month unlock racing-unlock server may* want the current limited key situation to add to the competition aspect. This doesn't appeal to me personally, but there's enough forum noise about it over the years that it probably deserves another go.

    *though math showing if a particular keying in 3 months vs. the original timeframe given (often 6 months) is unreasonable it is worth considering.
  18. Communist Puppy Augur

    Why would they bother replying? Would it make you feel better if they said for like the 10th time that theyre not changing flagging(this post comes up and gets answered every single expansion). If you want to do all expansions without moving foward until the previous one is beaten, just tell your members to stop leveling when new expansions come out.
  19. Aziuno Augur

    Snailish, think of all the guild grouping and actual online time keying forces...
    Many guilds prior to a new expansion are at a status where players login to raid only... if you remove keying, you remove that 2weeks-1month of grouping in casual guilds.

    I think keying is a necessary evil for the health of any server.
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  20. snailish Augur

    I'm not in favor of getting rid of keys. I dislike that the Hole key was removed... in hindsight I'm not as fond of them unlocking keyed zones later either, but I do think all old keys should go on the old keyring...

    Key steps that resulted in a literal pile of people on top of a groundspawn are silly on any server, but contrary to the spirit of AoC servers would be my point.

    Actual drops/quest kills/progression keying goes back to the math situation... is there an expac that 3 months is unreasonable to expect an AoC server guild to progress together (maybe Underfoot based on comments here?). Those are the situations (if any exist) where math would suggest that keying needs easing in some way, particularly for AoC servers.

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