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  1. Vargaz New Member

    Greetings folks!

    Champions if Norrath guild is a family/raid guild. We are raiding ToV Tier 1 and 2 currently as well as a few TBL raids. We raid Wed/Fri 7pm EST and Sun 6pm EST. We do require that you have Discord for raids (Listening is required/Talk function is optional) and use GINA for raid triggers. Currently, raid requirements also include level 115 and a min of 25,000AA but allowances on AA can be made from class to class. We are also unusual in that there is no Required Raid Attendance (RA) requirement. We believe that family and life are the priority.
    We are a very active guild and have folks on all hours of the day and night. Guild chat is is PG at worst, so very family forward/friendly.

    As of April 2020 we are looking to fill a few slots on the raid roster and those needed classes can be found at our website:

    If you have any questions, please reach out and we'll do our best to get your questions answered.
  2. Shamanagins New Member

  3. Affront New Member

    Still in need of Shaman (2); Druid (1); Enchanter (1); Berserker (1 or 2)
    Always welcome casual players!!! Other raid ready 115's welcome as well but see above for priority.
  4. Imminent Journeyman

    We're still recruiting! If interested, shoot us a tell in game
  5. Imminent Journeyman

    Bump! Where are you shammies!
  6. Shamanagins New Member

    Still hunting a couple of classes!
  7. Shamanagins New Member

    If you're offline, like we all are and thinking of playing a shaman, please let us know.
  8. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Champions of Norrath that's a good ps2 game although I liked Return to Arms better.


    ps kinda wish I had the games and system with eq keeps going down.
  9. Biirr New Member

    Clearing all ToV raids for the last few months and still trying to find a Druid, Shammy, Chanter and Zerker to fill out raid rosters. Been in beta for CoV and looking forward to hitting the ground running with new raid challenges.
  10. Biirr New Member

    Bump -
    ToV Farming for new applicants.
    CoV T1-T2 Farming

    Still raid Wed/Fri 7p EST and Sun 6p EST

    Guild website still can be found at

    Send tells to Tsiawd (Newly minted recruiter) or Ravwolf, Rankkel, Enverdaz, Senwar, Feldorne or any CoN member online on Xegony server.

    Still looking for higher playtime Shaman, Druids, Clerics or Enchanters but any/all well AA'd/geared are also welcome to join.
  11. Imminent Journeyman

  12. Imminent Journeyman

    We've made a slight change to our raid schedule. Wed/Fri/Sun now all starting 7pm EST and been having "Throwback Mondays" getting folks older achieves / clickies /etc.

    We're still looking for a couple of raid ready folks who play Shaman / Druid / Enchanter (115 / At least 35k AA)
  13. Biirr New Member

    We're still looking for a couple of raid ready folks who play Shaman / Druid / Enchanter (115 / At least 35k AA)
    Can find us at
  14. Biirr New Member

    Bump! Summertime slowdown but we've still got room for priest classes and chanters.@@

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