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Discussion in 'General Beta Discussion' started by Tour, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Tour Augur

    One of the things I and I think most of my guildmates enjoyed was doing the various raid ach. They were usually a fun and interesting way to take the same raid and squeeze some extra life and longevity out of it (or as much as one can expect over the course of the year). Do the same raid but "perfectly" or "do the raid, but do it the hard way", " don't make any mistakes" etc. Some of the harder ones added the excitement of going after something you'd already done multiple times, but maybe did it just right tonight to not just win but also get the ach. And the individual ach this expan are neat too. The last two rewards were very useful, the eyes of life and decay especially, but the aug from last expan was still great. This year though it's just hard to get excited over ornamentation. Yeah, I know other expan have had ornaments as the prize, but taking the same ornament you'd get from the group ach and just adding a particle effect is hard to get all that enthusiastic about. We'll do they ach regardless I'm sure, but something that had a little more utility would be nice.
  2. Jhenna_BB Augur

    I actually kind of get this one. You'll need to flag all your apps/newer members for both EoK and RoS to get these rewards. Just having to go back to EoK and TBM for achievement augs is already tedious enough. Quite frankly it's boring to boot when one raided these expacs through farm.

    I'm not saying another nice aug wouldn't be nice and that it's not worth asking for. I'm just saying I get it.
  3. Moege Augur

    So people without hero's forge get a useless item.
  4. smash Augur

    And even with hero's it is kind of bad.

    I do not like them, as I am old fashioned, and dislike to be anonymized, which is what happens with the ornaments, when half the guild get those. So everyone looks the same, beside being darkelf, human, whatever.
  5. Orbital101 Augur

    Hero's Forge only apply for armor visible not for weapons and shield.
  6. adetia Augur

    I was a little bummed by this, except for two thoughts after considering it a bit. The reward on the scavenger is uncharacteristically nice, in my opinion, and more accessible to the masses. And it will save having to do these achievements over, and over, and over and over and over and over and over going forward.
  7. Cicelee Augur

    That sure is a nice trophy from getting/buying a lot of shiny yellow orbs. I guess the amount of work and effort into obtaining all of them is higher than a raid force completing every raid achievement. Risk vs reward!
  8. qucae New Member

    More disconnect from the dev team. People don't do Scavenger. Let's attach a bigger reward and continue to waste dev time creating something people don't like doing. Collections need to just go away, not be given a greater reward.
  9. Smokezz Augur

    Ummmm... yes we do.
  10. Nniki Augur

    As much as I intensely dislike searching for collectibles, I know plenty of people that love it. Personally, I get motion sickness trying to find them and have take breaks to recover.
  11. Metanis Augur

    Collectibles SUCK. They are so much work to manage among multiple characters. I mostly just sell mine for idiotic sums of plat in bazaar.
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  12. adetia Augur

    I disagree. We have several folks that scavenge away and we work as a guild towards finishing as many scavengers in house as possible. Why wouldn't you? The rewards are worth it, imo, to open the extra trophy slots, etc. And the trophy this time is very nice.

    I think its just a way of rotating the rewards around to various things, last two expansions vanquisher, etc, have had very nice rewards available sure, but it isn't always that way. there have been other expansions with ornaments as well. and for alot of folks out there playing the game, they don't have access to vanquisher, so i'm sure those folks DO appreciate it being rotated a bit, since everyone that has any interest in doing so can easily finish up the scavengers.

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