Chaenz Abella from the Wayfarers.

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  1. Reskal Elder

    I'm wiz 18 and i was in Everfrost Peak cause i would like to start the LdoN-thing. They gave me a adventurer stone and i read in ZAM that i have to go to chaenz abella now, to get a emblem, but all he does is offering me a quest, the text below is from ZAM, so something is wrong it seems.

    It's time to acknowledge you as a Wayfarer. Give Chaenz Abella in East Commonlands your Adventurer Stone and he'll replace it with your very own Wayfarers Emblem. Or, if it's being used in a charm, you must remove it to get your new one. And, if you simply destroy the stone, he will replace it with your much-deserved emblem. Just tell him you want your [emblem].

    Have 2 questions:

    1.can i do LdoN-missions only with other players(i play solo all the time) ?

    2. is the emblem necessary ? i read the adventurer stone can be used for teleportation between the wayfarer-camps but doesnt work anyhow and i don't want to put it into a armor-piece cause they wear out that quick at my lvl.
  2. Yther Augur

    1: Yes 3 minimum including mercs, so another persion plust 1 merc will do it. They don't have to join in or do the adventurer, just be in the group the whole time. My LDoN Expansion Overview may be of some help, especially note that it requires a level 20+ to request a mission (and be group leader to request any mission).

    2: No, and neither is the stone. The Emblem is only for after you done all of the LDoN progression (See the bottom part of my overview), which is a number of wins in each theme and corresponding hails to appropriate NPCs associated with that themes progression. The emblem is a fixed version of the adventurer's stone, which has a charm effect based on your LDoN progression. It's mostly for prestige and showing the max stats when you link it, instead of no stats or maybe stats based on the person it's linked to. I don't remember exactly, but it's not accurate to you on the adventurer's stone. I think it's no stats, as you only see them when they're equipped also I think.

    Adventurer's Stone allows you to port from any Magus to any other they list (excludes Guild Lobby Magus as a destination for any other Magus). Without the stone, you have to go to Nedaria first then you can take the Magus to any other Magus other than the aforementioned Guild Lobby one. So with the stone, you can go from Butcherblock to South Ro, but without it, you'd have to Butcherblock to Nedaria to South Ro.

    Yther Ore.
  3. Reskal Elder

    thanks so far, but this leads me to 2 other questions.

    1. Are the missions hard or could i log in a non-prem char just to get the mission and do it alone then with my char of my gold account ?

    2. well it would be very nice to have the stats shown, so what do i have to do to get the emblem or do i get it when i absolved a mission ?
  4. Yther Augur

    1: It depends on level and gear and other things, but with defiant gear and a tank merc for most of the levels, it's plenty do-able by a single person. Just need the others online to stay in group while you do it. I did many of them that way, boxing a 2nd character I left in the Guild Lobby. EDIT: Even before defiant and mercs, and using crappy level 20 wizard shrouds, people would solo them just for the wins to max out their and a few shrouded friends adventurer's stone.

    I remember them getting tough around the 40s through about 60 to 65. By 70, they're pretty easy again, since they don't go above 65 in difficulty.

    2: You can see them if you have it placed in a charm item that is equipped when you inspect it. But as with most charm items, you won't show the stats (at least correctly) to others by linking it to them. You have to have well over 50 wins in each camp and the list of NPCs in the overview hailed to be able to get the emblem (In other words have the LDoN progression maxed out). This around 350 or so wins total, as some camps have different max amounts.

    Yther Ore.
  5. Reskal Elder

    thx for all the info, then i get my wizzie to 20 and my ranger from another account, he is 40 now but i can shroud him then down to 20
  6. Cakeny Augur

    Did they change how the grouping works? I remember using offline group members to get the quests (and to get group average low enough to be able to do the missions).
  7. Yther Augur

    As far as I know, you've always had to be group leader to request a mission. If that is what you are meaning. The 10 level difference still applies. More than 10 levels if max group member level is higher than 75. They've raised the max to 100+. I haven't tested it since the level cap got raised again past 100.

    Yther Ore.
  8. Reskal Elder

    And even like that the character in the guild lobby gets xp from the one fighting in a LdoN-mission ?
  9. Yther Augur

    No, but they do get the win to progress their adventurer's stone. No exp, but no risk and free progression.

    Yther Ore.
  10. Reskal Elder

    Ok. so would the xp be worth it to take the boxed char with me into the instance ?
  11. Yther Augur

    With it being shrouded no. When they get to similar level as unshrouded, then maybe. LDoN XP isn't super great to start with compared to slaughtering older content, but it's not the worst way to get XP either. If you can set up a few simple macros so the boxed toon can help, it will make killing faster.

    Yther Ore.
  12. Reskal Elder

    Thanks again. Trying that out now :)
  13. Sebbina Augur

    You can leave the adventurer stone in bank and still use magus transport, one extra slot on character could be useful.
  14. Koutarou Elder

    Something most likely is wrong if you are getting that text in game, that is the text you get once you are entirely done with the LDoN progressions after about 370 missions.
  15. Reskal Elder

    I did not get the text, i copied it from ZAM.
    Actually i'm at the camp at the wayfarers, groupleader is my wiz 20 and another member is the ench 14, and the adventure recruiter says that there are no adventures available for my group at the moment. Either i have to add more ppl or the existing group has to be closer in lvl to each other.
    Not sure what of both is the problem. Isn't here the 1.5x in lvl-rule for grouping active ?
  16. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    Minimum LDoN level is 15 IIRC.
  17. Yther Augur

    Wyre is probably correct, I just hadn't gotten any confirmation in many years of the minimum level so left it out of the guide. Get the Enc to 15 then try again, and report back. Also, you using a merc on the 20lvl Wiz? 'Cause 14+14+20=44/3 < 17 for minimum group average. Just in case that the problem.

    EDIT: LDoN grouping has a 10 level span limit, until max level is over 75, then grows a little bit, still way less than normal grouping level. 1.5x rule is for experience sharing.

    Details on XP sharing level spans:
    Exp Distance = 500 from mob death spot.
    Highest = 1.5 * Lowest + 1 round fractional results down (with a minimum of 5 levels difference and a maximum of 30)
    Lowest = (Highest - 1) * 0.666 round fractional results up
    Grouping Level Ranges table

    Yther Ore.
  18. Reskal Elder

    I tried the 20 char with his merc out and the 14ish with and the other time without merc, both did not work, will lvl the 14 then further and try again.
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  19. Reskal Elder

    Wiz 20, Enc 15, no mercs out: not working
    Wiz 20, Enc 15 and the enc-merc out: not working
    Wiz 20, Enc 15 and the wiz-merc out: not working
    Wiz 20, Enc 15 and both mercs out: not working
  20. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    Does the enc have the adventurer's stone?

    My logic dictating that they both have to have received the invitation to take part in LDoN's.

    Really, the stone should be irrelevant, but may play a part as to getting an LDoN at less than lvl 20.