Celebrating EverQuest’s 24th Anniversary!

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  1. Loup Garou De loop de loop

    My question is - I do not see it now. Are you talking about in the past? Or is something wrong that I do not see it to purchase it right now?
  2. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    It is something they have granted access to several times in the past, normally about once per year since about 2016.
  3. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Like with everything else they could be making money off of if they just left it in the store year round, they choose to only offer it randomly once in a while.
  4. CatsPaws Boy, that one flew over your head

    So you kinda did a "spring forward" for daylights savings or maybe it was a "fall back".
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  5. Accendo Community Manager

    I clearly have Anniversary fever. :D
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  6. ForeverCold New Member

    why the heritage crates have been removed from agnarr??
  7. Derd Augur

    Is agnarr the pop locked? If so blame the guy complaining about the paintings being useless and how he needs refunded:)
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  8. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    Make an Agnarr-Only NPC that will trade pictures/housing items (Prize version only) for a different random item. The item received would not be the "Prize" version, you're stuck with what you get (though I think everything is heirloom).

    That's the only real way around it, that I can see, or people would abuse something like that. Even though they'd probably end up with just an inventory full of Hero's Forge stuff anyways :p

    Or specifically limit what the reward would be, based on the %'s. Say an illusion or mount is 1%, familiars are 5%, but the paintings and HF are 8%, you'd basically only be able to trade a painting for a suit of HF armor, since that's the same tier that the original crate opened from. (Which, would "technically" make HF a 16% chance in this example, but only if you partake of said system).

    Personally, I find if you're willing to blow $100's on crates, or just collecting them up with the free monthly, you'd be able to put them on a single character, transfer server with said character, and make enough plat=>Krono to justify the server transfer cost.

    I've found the ports to be the most valuable part of the crates. FashionQuest is nice and all, if you're into it. Illusions and mounts, if that's your thing, but some of the ports have cut down so much travel time doing various quests...
  9. Iven Antonius Bayle

    Brew Day (St. Patrick)
    Bristlebane's Day
    Stomples Day (Easter)

    Why every year all four events at the same time ? It's such a mess and all events do grow and grow yearly for an even bigger mess. Anniversary itself is a mega event. Brew Day and Bristlebane's Day could be moved to other months easily.
  10. Velisaris_MS Augur

    At the very least, they need to reschedule the specific events (Brew Day, Stomples Day, etc) so that they don't over lap. Let one play out and finish before starting up the next one.
  11. CatsPaws Boy, that one flew over your head

    Its just another example of the dev's "quirky" sense of "humor" because they also throw in the bonus exp during this time but your so busy working lower anniversary or other seasonal quests that there is no time to work on that bonus exp:D
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  12. Brickhaus Augur

    Why? Because that's when they fall on the calendar. Bristlebane's Day is clearly April Fool's Day and all three holidays just happen to be near the anniversary date ... which is a specific date.

    Personally, I like this time of year. I know there are a ton of things I can work on in game that have nothing to do with whatever expansion is current ... because lately I've finished the expansion except for housecleaning (hunter, collections) by March and want to do something else.

    But even if you had never touched any of these events before this year, it is super easy to finish all the holiday events. And since the Anniversary runs for almost 2 months, it's even possible to do every single Anniversary event from the start in one year.

    The question you should ask is why have the developers not beefed up the events after the Anniversary and Hardcore Heritage like the Death, Death, Death, Living Legacy, and perhaps the most boring event of all, Stone Cold Summer.
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  13. MyShadower All-natural Intelligence

  14. Iven Antonius Bayle

    Just like Velisaris_MS I would like to focus on just one event and not on four at the same time. Four does mean that no specific event is going on at all but instead an event mush. It is like mixing cabbage with chocolate, eggs and beer. EQ events don't have to be 100% synchronous with RL. Max one event per month at always the same time of the year would be ideal because the game should not only focus on events the whole time. The players do also need time for getting creative and focusing on other stuff and would receive a clear orientation. Something is wrong with the game concept if events are there as replacements for lacking expansion content.
  15. Quickener New Member

    Have anniversary quests from the 10th anniversary come and gone? Is there a schedule as to which anniversary year quests are available when?
  16. CatsPaws Boy, that one flew over your head

    the schedule shows in the box here

    April 12 - May 10 is the years 5 thru 13 and its also in /cal in game
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  17. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    If the game didn't have [insert North American common holiday] analogue at around the same time as the [insert North American common holiday], there would be complaints about "why don't they have [insert North American common holiday] in EQ". For the purely Norrathian ones without an [insert North American common holiday] analogue, they're easier to shift around on the calendar (such as the originally player created Tinkerfest). For the anniversary, that too is calendar locked because it coincides with the original launch of the game. If they shifted that to a different calendar time, there would be outrage about that. (EQ2's anniversary is in the Fall because that's when the game was originally released.) It's not like the Maisels, we can't just shift the birthday to suit our personal schedules.
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  18. Iven Antonius Bayle

    You would be shocked by the reality, because Daybreak is already shifting the events a bit or they do have a long duration.
    A birthday party in RL is usually only one day long and not eight weeks.

    Anniversary 2023
    RL: 16.03. (ONE DAY)
    EQ: 16.03. - 10.05. (EIGHT WEEKS)

    St. Patrick's Day aka Brew Day 2023
    RL: 17.03. (ONE DAY)
    EQ: 15.03. - 28.03.(TWO WEEKS)

    April Fool's Day aka Bristlebane Day 2023
    RL: 01.04. (ONE DAY)
    EQ: 22.03. - 04.04. (TWO WEEKS)

    Easter aka Stomple's Day 2023
    RL: 09.04. - 10.04. (TWO DAYS)
    EQ: 22.03. - 02.05. (SIX WEEKS)

    It should be possible to decrease the lenght of some events and to shifting them around by a few days or weeks for preventing or reducing overlapping events. Some events, like Brew Day and Bristlebane Day, should never had been bound to RL events and I think that those could be uncoupled from RL and shifted. It was a silly idea to let them happen during the anniversary festivities and they could be just loosely but not strictly related to RL events. There is free space from 15.02. - 14.03. which are four weeks. Perfect for putting Brew Day and Bristlebane Day into, which are currently two weeks each.

    Source: Events Calendar
  19. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    Starting a celebration ON that day and extending it is not shifting it.

    I have a friend who celebrates her birthday month. Yes, not 8 weeks, but it is more than a single day. I usually celebrate mine with several days as well, taking off time both before and after the single day so I can have a chance of actually doing something ON the day. Several years ago when I was living in the San Francisco area, we took the train to Seattle for my birthday. That would have been impossible if I held to just a single day for my birthday.

    And, I would not be shocked the celebratory events are not held to a single day. They're extended to give a wider swath of the player base a chance to participate.

    If the Anniversary was only one day, as you seem to insist is what is only valid for a birthday, what happens to the player who works and that day falls on a work day? Oh well, so sorry, you should have taken a vacation day if you wanted to participate in a fun thing in the game. Plus, even if each quest or mission took 15 mins, how many could a player get done in a day? Or should there only be one quest available each year? Should that be the raid one or the group one or one that can be solo'ed by most characters no matter their level? Having it stretch for 8 weeks allows players to do more of the events from previous years, if they want, and allows Daybreak to add more than just a single quest/task/mission for the current year.

    Even with an event extended for several days, there are many players who miss it because their real life didn't happen to align with the in-game activities (or they had raids or other in-game stuff to do).

    There are some single day events, too, and a lot of players miss them no matter how much they might have wanted to participate. Bristlebane shenanigans on 1 April and Santug Claus giving out a special item are two examples.

    I am shocked, though, that you seem want to have all events only last a single day cutting out the majority of the playerbase from being able to participate in any. You can choose not to participate in any of them, but it is nice to allow others the choice and chance to participate in many.
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  20. Iven Antonius Bayle

    I am not insisting that but you wrote that "we can't just shift the birthday to suit our personal schedules". But we can shift the days where we do celebrate, just as you and your friends do already practice it. Basically you are already agreeing with me.