Cazic Thul is requesting a server merge

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  1. Maedhros High King

    While I do appreciate the confidence here Salinae, I want to set the record straight.
    The first rule of leadership is that you're responsible for everything good and bad that happens to your crew.
    I have indeed made every effort to avoid drama and cliques within the guild and the efforts usually pay off, but there are definitely issues that come up that usually stay behind the scenes. I try to respect people's right to privacy if they want to vent about something that bothers them and do not ever try to air dirty laundry.
    We are extremely lucky to have a kick officer group right now, and I cannot remember any officer rage-quits, but that is more due to how good and patient our officers are than anything I can take credit for outside of realizing they had the right kind of potential and promoting them.
    I believe that a guild leader should lead and not be a figure head and take on the burdens so that others can have fun. That works for us but there are many other ways that work for other guilds.
    Leave my crocs alone, they are the master shoe!
  2. feeltheburn Augur

    LOL did you really say that while sober, coherent and sharing the same oxygen as the rest of humanity? bout the most entertaining post I have read yet, and one so enlightening as to how inept the poster is about the subject.
  3. YellowBelly Augur

    Did I strike a nerve feeltheburn? Raiding today is nothing more then a discord channel and a GINA push. Take away those two things and you guys would never leave your basement. BTW your commie candidate Bernie Sanders will never be president. LoL
  4. Cronar Lorekeeper

    False. Raiders/hard core are the ultra vocal ultra minority in eq1 and eq2.
    You may think you are the largest group, and if yours left the game would fail, but actually the game would be fine and perhaps grow, because the devs could concentrate on a much easier developmental path of 2 types instead of 3.

    This isn't 1999. Most mmo gamers have changed. They still love them, but refuse to devote quite as much time and effort into them.

    I should add that there is nothing wrong with wanting to raid or to have a raid style game. Perhaps if (that is a huge IF) pantheon ever proves itself to not be vaporware, your type would be more at home there.
  5. Cronar Lorekeeper

    I, like most, choose not to raid. But i am also speaking for the silent majority that we would rate see love given to the majority over the few.
  6. Cadira Augur

    My bad.

    What I should have said was, "So a guild leader of a dying guild made a post on boards and asked everyone in the guild to get on said thread and post nothing but vast approval to cast the illusion that the general poplulas agrees with it. Instead they could give up their beloved guild tag, merge with another guild and actually solve their problem that a server merge will not."
  7. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    Granted it's been a long time since I last posted on Everquest forums, but I have never been one to champion the cause of the hardcore raider. When I was a Community Leader in a past life it was specifically because of my vocal support for the casual player.

    But the idea that getting rid of raids altogether is the magic bullet that will revive this game is patently absurd.
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  8. Bumkus Lorekeeper

    The mid-tier scene is already way ahead of you Cadira. This is not a case of holding onto a beloved Guild tag as you say. I can't remember the last time i raided with a only people from one guild. The raids that i participate in are a collection of people from many guilds. Are there any single guild raid teams on CT besides RoTE and SR that are even attempting anything in TBL, or RoS for that matter?
  9. smash Augur

    If no raids then there no eq.
  10. smash Augur

    If you want that so bad, maybe WoW would be better for you? Because EQ has been/is/always will be the mmo where people can come and raid, and cooperate in achieving something.

    EQ is the MMO that fills the niche of supporting raiding, which is why survives so many years.

    And yet, it also gives the people who do not raid a strong area of places to be in, and challenging things as well. For many an expansion lasts a year, a lot of people runs through that in shorter time.

    Will also say that in many places the equality is better today than it was in a number of earlier expansions, you can however say that some of it might bit on the too hard side, and too much in TBL is locked behind too much progression, take Smoke zone, imo everyone should be able to zone into all zones, except for final zone. IMO, they should open so people can zone through smoke and move to other zones, except final one
  11. Mintalie Augur

    It is possible to find a solid guild without drama. I've been in those with exceptional drama and in those without, and it always comes down to leadership. A solid guild leader with solid raid leaders and officers will tend to thrive without drama. And individuals who enjoy being ensconced in drama--both creating and observing--tend to find guilds with exceptional drama. It evens out in the end and sometimes requires a server transfer token or three. But the right fit is out there if you want to find it.

    That being said, it's pretty obvious that the pool of ultra-talented players in this game is miniscule. To be fair, that's the way the world tends to work, though, isn't it? There's a small percentage of exceptional people, an increased percentage of above average people, and then a large swath of average and below. (I've worked in corporate for 20+ years and can vehemently affirm that the workforce is overflowing with average and below, and very, very, very few superstar employees.)

    There's also an aptitude factor. Clearly those at the top have aptitude and great ambition. That is the winning combination. And no matter how much you may try to instruct the average and below on how to improve, it's just not going to work. They don't want it bad enough. Because it's been proven that it's possible. Above average yet not elite have proven that it's possible to be above average. I think the thing that bugs the **** out of hardcore raiders the most are the average and below players who could so very easily up their game but make absolutely no effort to. It's infuriating. And because the top tier players tend to also be raiders, it disproportionately makes it seem like they're against casuals or non-raiders. But I don't think they are. Heck, one of the most talented players I've seen is Tucoh, who doesn't raid, yet has a tremendous amount of respect both in-game and on FQ.

    To get back to the original point of this thread, I believe it has been thoroughly proven that Cazic is not in need of a server merge. Might need an attitude adjustment, but apparently the population is perfectly healthy.

    And if Cazic is not the right place for you, just spend the $25 already and go somewhere else. Don't play the victim.
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  12. Derka Power Ranger

    One example of a server would be Vox. We hold open raids and if it wasnt for boxers, would not be able to hit 54 people. We are so far behind other servers that we just beat our first RoS raid Saturday night(goro). Other than that raid you are looking at droga, prince and lceanium completed. Take the boxers away and that all probably wouldn't be possible with the largest guild on server.
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  13. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    If thats all true and you went through tbl progression with that you sir are an amazing boxer.
  14. Cronar Lorekeeper

    Laughable. The game, when it was at its absolute best, was prior to raid mode.
    Sure, people ganged up to kill the two big targets, vox and nagafen, but it was a special once and done thing every now and then.
    People would go about their way and either solo or group and have fun.

    At that point, the game developers had to tune content for the majority, solo and groupers.

    Enter raid mode, enter more and more and more raid content, with itemization that made most group and all solo content absolutely trivial, the game soon had its hand forced and had to tune everything under the sun for how would a raid geared character handle this.

    With that aside, people have changed. Priorities have changed. While there are still those who eat sleep breath and poop the game at all times, most don't.

    and i do wish someone with data would come in and post it, the majority of people playing this fine game do not ever raid.

    The dirty dirty casual plays and has fun. The hardcore elitest burns through content, whines and cries for more and then moans when it is produced too quickly and that raid content is broken.
    Add to that the years gone by factor and the fact that fewer people want to raid, now there are people moaning and groaning to have server mergers because *gasp* they don't have enough raiders!!!

    Here's the thing. The only solution, and it isn't one that DBG is willing to commit to, is to bring the game into the 21st century and redo this in the essence of elder scrolls online.

    1. One mega server per continent
    2. All content is at level to the individual
    3. varying difficulty exists, but the need for a hard and fast "raid" is gone.

    (If you have never played ESO, highly suggest picking it up when it goes on sale, which is often, just to get a feel. The wonderful thing about their version of raids is that anyone that shows up can participate and everyone gets level appropriate loot)
    Why am i not playing eso then? Because eq lore and its world is still better, even if it is uglier.

    Now if they were up to making changes but didn't want to do the above, the only and best solution would be to do what they do in eq2. Zone copies.

    1. contested
    2. solo/advanced solo
    3. heroic (group)
    4. raid

    Quite frankly, the game needs an absolute reset. It needs a rebuild from the ground up, bringing it into the 21st century, and given a chance to thrive amongst the throngs of garbage mmos out there.

    No, not talking everquest next. that was a horrible nightmare in the making.
  15. kizant Augur

    It was every week just like raids are today. Except it was a race and only some guilds got to participate. All while plenty of people played other games or didn't even login unless we were doing something big. At least it was like that on Fennin Ro before and after the split with Druzzil. The game was at its best during SoV simply because it had a lot of good raid targets and multiple guilds could divide them up.
  16. Odiiusx Elder

    Povar does have its problems, but a lack of good raiders is not one of them. There is just so much deep seated resentment between guild tags, that you don't even look at the players anymore, just the tag they wear. I guarantee that you can bring 54+ like minded people together and have 1 more end game raiding guild, if not 2. Rivitts open raids proves this weekly.
  17. Barton The Mischievous

    Maybe, work on fixing the technical issues with this and with account to account transfers and other problems that have not been fixed in years. Instead of nerfs and things that are not broken -chat windows- Don't get me wrong, New things are great but I would rather have things work.
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  18. Allayna Augur

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  19. Tacoheals Scholar

    Don't you make fun of my #Rainbowglittersprinklyname !!!! IT WAS FANTASTIC !
  20. Cailen Augur

    This statement confuses me... He started rote and has always been the boss