Cazic Thul is requesting a server merge

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Emperior, May 5, 2019.

  1. Emperior New Member

    Most raid forces are struggling to keep our numbers up. We find we are canceling raids far too often due to numbers. We tapped all the guilds on the server. There is no one left to recruit from. People are leaving the game because raids are not progressing and there are too few on line to group with between raids. Please merge the population of another server with CT to help keep the server alive. Our raiding force is the only thing keeping many of our players subscribed to this game.

    Thank you.
    Emperior Quinn
    Cazic Thul/Fennin Ro
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  2. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Not only that but server merges will save Daybreak MONEY in maintenance too.
    But I agree, CT is very tapped out for raiders. (new or old)
    -Rat (on CT since 99 - knows the difference)
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  3. RazelDazel New Member

    Yes! Please we need a server merger- If not you are going to see more and more people leaving The Game. Please Help us out and Merge a server or 2 to us - it would help
    Thank you - Razel Dazel 110 mage Cazic server and
    Briea Everhuggs 110 Cleric Cazic server
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  4. the2ster New Member

    Hi gang,this is Adobo, i met with the dev team april 28 in the Everquest 20 event.i spoke with allen,he asked that we post here.Thanks.
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  5. Zimm New Member

    I too would like to see a server merge for the Cazic server with another one.

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  6. Eeline New Member

    20 year player. Have been through mergers before. It's definitely needed at this time.
    I agree, merge Cazic Thule with another server please. ASAP


    Eeline Ectasy
    Cazic Thule
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  7. Whitestripe New Member

    Guilds who are not capable of fielding a raid force have created alliances with other guilds that are in a similar situation. Unfortunately, these guilds are losing players at a rate that makes it very difficult to field a raid force capable of raiding even older content, A merger would greatly increase the pool of available players who aren't really interested in a hard-core raiding guild. These players may be interested in joining a raiding alliance. The members of the Cazic Thule Alliance respectfully request DB merge Cazic Thule with another similar server to bolster player numbers. Thank you.

    110 Necromancer
    Cazic Thule
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  8. Morthakia Augur

    I imagine that technical challenges are the primary reason they don’t merge servers. EQ benefits from the “network effect.” This is the concept that the most people using the system, the more effective it is. The easiest example is eBay (or even these forums). If there are only a handful of active users, the experience is not a very good one. Dense populations in EQ create a much more dynamic and enjoyable experience.

    By maintaining a bunch of different servers where characters cannot interact, EQ is creating a bunch of small micro-worlds rather than one or a few large ones. With so much content instanced and such limited active populations, I cannot imagine the need for so many unique servers. Therefore, I suspect it is a technical challenge rather than a developer preference.
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  9. Leeyo New Member

    Please we need a server merger- If not you are not going to see more and more people leaving The Game. Please Help us help you and Merge a server or 2 - it would help out greatly
    Thank you - Leeyo, 110 Warrior Cazic server
  10. Cailen Augur

    Nothin wrong with CT
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  11. DARKWEBER New Member

    For the health and welfare of the server - MERG
    110 Beast
    Darkweber Fenen Ro
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  12. Jovan DragonBane New Member

    Population has made it extremely hard to have a raid force that can complete or even compete with the content. Everyone on server is having a impossible time doing Raid content.
    Server merge is needed for the function and profitability of the game. People cant play the game, they will go somewhere else. Has been seen and continues.
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  13. Mennhitt New Member

    ive only been playing this game for about a year on my own, but its enjoyable game and raiding is fun i highly agree on a server merge its a win win for everyone, we can do more content progress through higher raids that were desgined and it save DBC some money.
    110 ShadowKnight
  14. Casanrn New Member

    Yup. Even the top alliances have been canceling their raids due to attendance. Would love to see new blood.
  15. Nido New Member

    A merge of this server will be a great help in keeping people in raid participation and hence interest in continue playing the game. Many raids were cancelled due to lack of players on this server.
  16. Canneto New Member

    Having been raiding with the guilds that I have been a member since the original Fennin-Ro days. Saw a number heavy duty raid guilds (The Mystical Order comes to mind) fold and or move on as number of raiding members dwindled.

    With the merger of Fennin-Ro and Torvonnolous some years ago, things got got better, but relied on the first of the Alliance teams (a number of guilds working together) rather than single uber raiding guilds.

    Finally, of late, even with the most recent merger to Cazic Thule/Fennin-Ro, we haven't been able to field a full raid force for a while. It's fun, when things go really well, to be able to ring up a win with minimal numbers, but that is rare and progressing is not possible.

    The Alliance concept is working well, bringing players from the different guilds in to a solid raiding force. But that still needs numbers, and they just aren't there of late.
  17. Cailen Augur

    you people do realize cazic has highest population in all of EQ for normal ruleset
  18. Raccoo Awaiting Bobbybick's next forum video reply

    ROS requiring backflags from EOK, and EOK having only two backflags per chest is what killed open raiding (alliances) imo. Flagging makes things more difficult for fielding raids esp for open forces that don't have the raid attendance of hardcore raiding guilds.
    Also require EOK for ROS, while EOK items have been made obsolete by group gear in GMM and TBL. No one wants any EOK gear except for visibles because they are required to make ROS visibles (horrible idea)
    Imo, TBM was ideal for open raiding, with like 6 raids in tier 1, requiring no flags. Was the last time I think I saw a bench on Freelance.
  19. Cicelee Augur

    This thread sure has a lot of new members asking to merge servers...
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  20. Bumkus Lorekeeper

    It would help if open raid crews on Cazic did not raid on the same nights. It results in half full raids competing for people. Also, I have offered to raid with CTA, but theTeamspeak requirement prevents me. if you make exceptions for people that already know an event, then it could help your numbers.
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