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  1. Table New Member

    Two of us are back now about 3 weeks and seem to have hit a bump. When we quit in Dec 2015 Mirror had just been released and we had started that expansion with a mix of raid and good group gear from the previous exp. So Mirror this go around didn't provide us with many upgrades or challenges but we went through it. Then we went on to EoK and have done pretty well with that. Chardok was a challenge at first but the outdoor named were doable and with enough Tier 1 gear we were able to do Tier 2 and it was fun. But in RoS we seem to have hit a wall. We were kind of following the suggestions in this thread:

    The named in the overthere are pretty nasty. We can just barely kill one or two of them if the stars align right. But with deaths rebuffing etc it is very taxing on experience and nerves.

    Two people playing War, Dru, Enc, Bst

    We have been giving the good gear to the War of course, but in the OT we can only pet tank atm.

    We tried GMM but that was pretty tough and we could not kill a named in there. Tried 2 different ones
    Exp at 110 everywhere is really laughable. If it wasn't for overseers we would be going negative at this point.

    I guess what I am looking for is a softer mission somewhere that could yield us decent aa experience, a place to pop lesson, and the chance at some loot. My War has about 175 K hp and 5100 ac which, I understand, is about half of what a warrior in the current expansion would have.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. The real Sandaormo Augur

    If you can handle FM that seems to be a spot people do alot of "catch up exp" and AA work.
    Mobs are not too hard and have a pretty fast respawn so you can keep going without those gaps you see in some zones.

    For the Warrior his Defensive AA's and Augs are really important moving into the tougher zones. Some of them can ramp up pretty steeply.

    What server?
  3. Windance Augur

    It sounds like you are at 110 so you should be able to buy up the tradable gear from ToV.

    Get your spells and weapons, and focus on DPS.

    Find a good spot in EoK and grind out your AA's.

    Lot of people like FM. I personally loved Chardok.

    Try the GMM heroic mission.

    Maybe try and join a casual guild and see if you can hang with some real healer types.
  4. MmmmBop Wise Troll

    Like Windance suggested, upgrade to T1 droppable ToV gear. It's pretty cheap and is basically the equivalent of RoS raid gear. Also, turn on autogrant AA if you haven't yet done so.

    Once you have your warrior fully geared up in ToV gear out of the bazaar, try killing RoS named again... if you are still having trouble, then the person playing the warrior (or the healer) needs to visit (or to learn how to play their toon better. If, on the other hand, you are able to smoke through named at that point, then you may want to start doing tasks / missions in ToV to level up. Going the quest route is way faster than grinding AND it allows you a chance to get gear upgrades / aa as you run through them. If you prefer to just grind easy stuff, then I liked Sathir's Tomb as a good place to grind... though, you won't get any gear upgrades since T1 ToV gear is going to be way better than what drops in RoS. You can visit to search for augments also if you want to camp upgrades in various expansions.
  5. Table New Member

    Thanks for the responses.

    I guess we will just grind on. Need to find a way to make plat as there has been some inflation and "cheap" is relative!
  6. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Droga isn't bad for grinding. Set up in that first big room, in the far corner, and you can pull all day long with very little downtime. Only one roamer to keep an eye on. There's two or three named within pulling range as well.
  7. MmmmBop Wise Troll

    If you buy a krono and sell it for market value in plat (use general chat to sell), that will probably land you enough plat to gear up 2 or 3 toons in ToV gear. $18 for instant plat vs. ~1 month of farming plat... I know which route I would take.
  8. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    check your loyalty currency in the currency tab can purchase bags of platinum from the loyalty vendor in PoK usually get around 15K plat.

    As someone asked before which server are you on ?
  9. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Yea GMM used to be easy when it was current then it went harder least was lost easier in the heroic missions then they went to same toughness as static zone then it went downhill from there. Yea theres a difference from EoK to RoS i finished all the missions and hunters on my ranger in a few months. I did RoS but tougher met a bluff golem and i had to log on my mage lol. Can tank fine but the silence is no fun although i will go back to RoS in due time but since they added a ton of hunters to older expansions will be awhile. But keep at it and youll find a way! Get your chars to 115! my rangers ac was little over 7k and around 375k hps merc buffs plus tribute.

  10. OlavSkullcrusher Augur

    The lesson that I have learned, since I came back to the game in 2016 with my main toons at lvl 75, is that 'catching up' is generally a matter of working through content that is an expansion or two behind the best gear that you can get. For instance, once RoS came out and I started getting my main team (two boxing at the time, then later 3 boxing) levels 106-110, I worked on getting them outfitted in conflagrant gear and doing things in TBM and EoK. I did GMM a lot after hitting 110, but before they made it harder and nerfed the final xp of Darkness Howls. I did do most of the partisan and mercenary quests for ToV before CoV came out, but I've had trouble boxing the missions, so I still do a lot stuff that is prior to ToV even now that I'm 115. Of course, I tend to get addicted to faster progress and less dying that comes with leveling up characters on content really designed for those five levels below where my guys are at the time, so I have a ton of alts between 105 and 115 and don't focus on my top guys enough.
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  11. Windance Augur

    This is a thing.

    As much as it sucks, you are going to find it rough until you get the AA to go with your levels.

    Pushing to get to max level is great, but you are going to get 'lit up' until your gear/AA and skills catch up.

    Once you get to the point you can do RoS static zones, try doing the heroic mission from Gorywn ( forget the name ). It is the easiest of the missions. It gives a decent amount of group coin which you can use to buy type 5 augs. Get hDex for me your melee characters to improve their chance to crit. I've heard tanks going hDex, hStam, or hAgi depending on who you talk to.

    Be social. you have 2 empty slots. Making friends and/or getting into a guild might give you a nice boost
  12. Table New Member

    Thanks for the additional replies!

    We transferred to the Erollisi Marr server kind of randomly. Later we found out we have some friends still playing on Xegony but I had transferred my toon before I figured that out.

    I mentioned the krono thing to my friend as something to think about but as was mentioned previously, we need the aa anyway and the type 5s etc etc so may as well just keep going.

    We wanted to find some ppl to do stuff with and we will. Just getting the macros and chat windows set up is daunting. Every day I find another skill or spell or disc that I had forgotten about. So we kinda want to get that all sorted out before we start grouping with people.

    I did manage to consolidate my plat on the character I transferred so I am not broke broke. Once we figure out where we will land permanently we will bring over other toons that can help us make money on the broker etc.

    When I have a couple hours I like to be able to be productive. In games like ffxiv we could do the dailies, restock the marketplace, make a piece of gear, etc all within an hour or two of playtime. EQ2 had some of those features but that game is totally ruined lol, and EQ we played pretty heavy before and has that appeal for us but I have to get used to not being able to check off boxes as "done" after logging in for a few hours.
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  13. OlavSkullcrusher Augur

    I may have to do this myself. I'm still quite a bit behind on a lot of augs, though I'm doing pretty well with AAs now, having used overseer collectibles to boost my AA count.
  14. Schadenfreude Augur

    Just a small note but some of the named in Overthere have abilities that make them arguably tougher than almost every other group mob in the entire expansion. When the expansion was new it wasn't unusual for certain named to be completely left alone because very few groups could safely cope with the fizzle or silence AoEs (especially with merc healers.)
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  15. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    Level 110 is a nice level. Is what you want to do in the game get to the top level? Not much to do up there that you can't do here. So have some fun:

    Get the daily HA if you can do those zones - they change every day and have decent exp at the end. Clayton Teek [Daily Adventures]

    Doing Partisan and Mercenay of the different zones can earn you a ton of AA and are fun. Cool stuff usually drops

  16. Accipiter Old Timer

    I tagged a named rhino and died to its DoT before I even made it back to camp.
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  17. Table New Member

    I will look for the daily HA I had no idea such a thing existed.

    Since I posted last Wednesday we moved on from Chardok (which was a fun zone) and are able to kill a few tier 1 named in OT and Skyfire though they are like an exponential difficulty upgrade from T2 Chardok which was what tripped us up.

    Going through partisan/mercenary levels in all the zones yields experience and stuff but no loot rewards? What happened to totems, etc? No chests for completing the zones? You have to hope a named spawns at the end. Still trying to fill all the type 5 augments.

    We funnel all new augs to my warrior first and he's still missing some so hes not as strong as he could be. Since Chardok the bst pet tanks better esp with some of those dots and detriments but eventually I guess things will change.

    All in all yes, going through the content is the way to go. I guess the goal is to get our characters ready for the next expansion and so if we wanted to app a raid guild we wouldn't be apping as complete charity cases. So we probably have time.