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  1. Zrender Augur

    The expansions will be available but I don't think that will define the pace really. No guild, regardless of numbers, will be fully current at any point. That's the nature of this server and it's going to change how people look at the pace on it. In the end it's similar to a completely fresh live server but with a neat schtick and additional rewards to help it along. I don't really expect a whole lot to happen in the level 40 phase. Possibly near the end of it we'll see a few of the raid kill announcements and for the first time they will mean something and probably elicit actual congratulations from the server population :)
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  2. Alikat Lorekeeper

    Spent the day looking through the LDoN gear list. It definitely seems the the way to do it. 20 point gear looks about the same tier as solusek temple quest gear, 150 point gear is 25hp/mana stuff and 440 point stuff is about equal to ToV quest armor or 50hp/mana stuff.

    I'd probly do something like get a 20 point set as a baseline, then farm the 150ish stuff + an expensive weapon and a couple important augments with haste or spell focus effects depending on your class. Would let you outfit a character to a reasonable level in less than 200 level 40 ldon completions. Let the sweats go for 1500pt gear.

    Even if you went for the charm augment completion at like 372 runs or whatever it is, that still only puts you in the neighborhood of a 440pt gear set.

    But I'm basing that off of the 15points per run value at lvl 40 a couple people have mentioned, assuming it's true.
  3. Neuro Elder

    I think the -10 level will be the progression point of most guilds. For the first 4 weeks, I see Naggy/Vox and Cazic/Inny being the target, with some braver guilds trying PoSky. (This assumes that CT/Inny are lvl 55 versions, if they are the revamped 63+ versions, not sure lvl 40s can kill them.) Maybe some weaker Kunark raid targets will drop, like Venril Sathir. I don't think lvl 40s can kill the Kunark dragons, but I could be wrong. Kunark targets will still have MotM, not sure how that will factor into it. Maybe some intrepid guild will make a bunch of lvl 40s on Mischief/Thornblade (since those are in GoD right now) and test it out.

    The lvl 50 part that will be interesting. Only 2 weeks long, and that's to try and get down all of Kunark and as much of Velious and Luclin as you can. There will NOT be a lack of targets, that's for sure.
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  4. Xondor Lorekeeper

    To make these goals more attainable, many level restrictions will be relaxed on this server, allowing players to use items they normally could not and land spells on NPCs far above your level.

    With that being the case nobody can currently know what will be killable at any level really. It will be interesting to see how easy it is to land spells vs how easy it is to hit a mob 20 levels above you. Could possibly really suck for melee if they dont do it right.
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