Cases where game masters will not intervene

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Numiko, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Numiko Augur

    Wooo! 500+ posts, I do not think I have ever started a thread that hit this achievement...

    I'd like to thank Battleaxe and everyone who is arguing with him (that covers everyone else in this thread right?) for this honor!...

    do I get a trophy for my house?
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  2. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Ahhh yes.. true true.... forgot about that. At lease pets won't eat items now.
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  3. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Heh heh normally Battleaxe and I end up on opposite sides of a discussion but he has been pretty much spot on in this thread in a lot of ways. Have to give credit where credit is due.
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  4. Numiko Augur

    I agree while I have not agreed with everything he said he has been pretty reasonable throughout, must be softening in his old age.
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  5. Melanippe Augur

    Actually he sounds more like a salesman for some fly-by-night computer security start-up trying to drum up business. Lots of hype, little substance. ;)
  6. Kellaer Augur

    This is exactly what he was talking about. Did you even read what you quoted? It has nothing to do with what you replied with.
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  7. Battleaxe Augur

    removed a response to an off topic post.
  8. Lisandra Augur

    Battleaxe you old softy!
  9. DBskazinthemouth New Member

    Personally I Hate DB in every aspect, all they have done is taken any assistance away not that we have had a whole bunch anyways.
  10. sucubae Lorekeeper

    yeah here is my fun story. I die on a mission and it was looking like a wipe except for the necro who got fd off and survived. I zoned and was standing at my bank looking for haste potions when I got a rez notice. I took the rez and when I zoned back in I was naked. NO GEAR. I REPEAT NO GEAR! stats were all basic beginner stats, level was correct, BUT NO GEAR. game bug, so I camp out and return, still no gear. I camp out completely, rerun patcher, still no gear. I do a petition and camp out. when I return 30 mins later all of my stuff was back except for my first 2 bag slots, both bags were gone. I check all of my other bags, nothing. so I petition again. I was rewarded with "you should not have deleted the items and you can buy tokens of reclamation. i reply I did not delete the items they were simply not in my inventory and I was basically accused of not telling the truth (LIEING!). the only reason I managed to get my bags back was one of my regular group mates was a guide and called a gm for me. so if not for me being lucky and knowing someone, I would have been screwed out of money to replace items that a game bug took.
  11. Saave Augur

    So, did he get his toon back or not ?

    I'm not going to read 500 posts.

    Is the in game support dead? will accidents be fixed ? if you didn't share an account, and your toon got hacked, will they give it back?

    What exactly is the support now.

    See, I played EQ because of the support and security. I lost an account on Diablo once.. and it sucked. Blizz did not want to give it back.. ( cybor cafe CD key issues with cafe/blizz) Point is, I lost my account.
    I started playing EQ again after 4 year break from the first expansion.. because of the security and support SOE had.

    Now that things changed, how much support do we really have?

    Paying $15.00 a month.. then take the support away.. then the game should be free or 5 bucks a month for Gold.

    Daybreak, you have a serious issue to decide here.. you will not get away to charge charge vets. $15 a month taking parts of the game away. It is bad business. You will fall on your face.. What would the point be in having SoE game EverQuest when no one will respect your new ways.

    I see you have teams not working on NEXT .. so you have the team make another fantastic kick EQ expansion.. because lets face it.. if you dont .. may as well kiss the game goodbye.

    So your working on the expansion.. you short cut your bills by laying off a lot of folks.
    You have saved a lot of money by removing some Customer Service.

    Sorry to say, this does not impress me. IF the CS is cut.. game dies. your pacify the situation.. WE HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE.
    No matter how many expansions you come out with .. you are now showing your true colors.

    IM Absolutely discusted!!

    This is where, Smed gets involved in my post. I am starting to believe YOU are the problem. Same money model that is failing. this business ' model ' is showing some nasty parts and we don't like it.

    Smed, i NEVER see you out in the forums. EVER.
    That makes me think your all locked up in your office .. all by yourself. @@ ??
    You are just a very busy man and have others answer for you.

    look, I have respect for you. It is just the fact .. these changes are in your control to fix or sort out yet you don't speak in the forums at all.

    I have lost my respect for you.

    You see, we come here to chat about it.. and the posts get removed by the ' watch dogs '
    It is a no win scenario for us as we hardly ever get feedback from EQ at all about our issues.

    We are just getting a tad fed up of the way your pacifying us. ( FOR YEARS )

    If there is a tun of nerfs that take support that much away.. I WILL be posting, in this goodbye thread, my goodbye.

    Maxed AA 105 Clr, over 10 yr vet.

    so now, for those .. this is one legit reason to quit.
  12. shik Elder

    as far as i know he did not get it back,
    and its reported that a former guildmate Ploww ripped him off.
    When do we hear about how ploww was banned to prevent him from profiting from this?
  13. Tweelis Augur

    There's a lot more to compromising an account than sharing accts and passwords on public (or even private messages) forums. Two guilds I've been in shared accounts and passwords openly all through Luclin, PoP and Gates....via a "secure" file on their website. Most people put their stuff on those lists. I was tempted a few times but never added my acct info. Even if/when people left said guilds figuring out what their new password would be usually could be done in a few attempts.

    Many of the people that left the guild mysteriously had their accounts hacked even after they changed their password...mostly attributable because it was easy to "guess" their password. If you're in Familjen and your account password is familjenRox and suddenly you change guilds to HnE do NOT make your password HnERox....or something like that; please just don't! Even something along the lines of Famsux, Familjensux or the guildleaders/officers name as the primary part of a password isn't tough to figure out.

    Next up I thought would be common sense by now but time and again this kind of stuff eludes people. Stop visiting websites that have junk on them that are designed to mess with your life! Example: While my mother is a sweet lady she's also tech stupid. Even though I tell her to not download free programs or click links on FB she still does it. Every couple weeks I spend an afternoon cleaning all the junk off her computer. Sometimes it's simple tracking cookies but most of the time there's something pretty nasty on her system. Her personal and financial life has gotten to the point where American Express will not allow her to make online purchases...purely because she's careless.

    I implore people, be more tech savy than my mother, PLEASE! That PC optimizer link on FB/twitter/myspace/linkdin/etc. will not help you, Cnet is not your friend, political "news" websites will flood your system with garbage and refinancing your home via a yahoo mail link is just inviting a mess. For those of you that insist on doing these things at least get some good anti-virus anti-malware software. My personal favorites are malewarebytes, spy-bot and MS security essentials. If you don't like those then check out Lavasoft Adware, AVG or Avast or some other decent scanner.

    Just in case a dev reads this: Bonnie and Clyde brought their sons to class yesterday. While they can't talk specifics about what Bungie is doing (understandably so) they feel and understand your pain regarding stuff like this. After chatting with them for nearly an hour about the parallels between what they deal with and what I've read here I can't imagine what you're dealing with. Clyde used one of my favorite old quotes from forever ago "It's hard to soar like an eagle when you work with crows". Keep trying to soar; you're more majestic than a crow.
  14. Aghinem Augur

    You won't hear anything about Ploww. Minishot made his bed, and he has to sleep in it. Its not a hack when you share your information with someone - its just called stupidity.
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  15. Aghinem Augur

    DB is SOE as a matter of fact. They just changed their name. They haven't really taken anything away. The tools for all the in game issues have always been there for players to solve themselves, they are just tired of babysitting people who act like invalids for every minuscule situation. The changes in their policy will enable CSR to be freed up for more serious situations. But lets not look at it from that perspective. Pretty sad that people 15 years ago on EQ seemed more capable and did in fact handle matters on their own versus people today who act like brats who scream if they don't get their way. Get over yourselves.
  16. Vlad Diszno Augur

    Wonder if Daybreak can determine if the char was deleted from the same IP address as the player that has been accused of it.
    If they can determine location, then check if matches, providing the offender didn't relocate login for the process. If the 2 do match, I would say the offender should be banned. Either it was truly a malevolent act, or at best could have been in on the act w/ deleted character. I do not imply that the deleted character was in on it, I am just saying that the actual 'deleter' is irrefutably either in on it or acting independently, therefore guilty. Whereas that cannot be said about the person who lost a char. So if it can be determined who deleted the character, that account should be banned, as well as any account that can be connected to it, via IP address, CC payment method, email, or whatever. That way any Kronos gained could not easily be personally used by offender.

    Seems like would be wise for anyone that has ever shared a password to change it.
  17. Ferry-Tunare Augur

    As far as I know, the issue is closed and is not being revisited. In the end, Daybreak declined to restore the character with or without gear, with or without being stuck on Firiona Vie and Minishot was forced into retirement. Minishot the person, has declined starting a new character and as of last night officially retired on our guild forum.

    My Wizard took a 5 day ban for forum violations from trying to raise awareness of the issue when it looked to us that the account had been hacked. My enchanter is still banned 2 weeks later due to the same forum violations despite having never used that account to post on the forums. When I was raising awareness of the issue I was acting on the impression hacked meant actions taken by someone other than the account owner. While I was suspended, others had a nice discussion regarding the meaning of that word. After regaining posting privileges I have taken a backseat in discussions and am no longer posting any disagreements with Daybreak because of a forum rule we all live under:

    This rule is quite clear that we are not allowed to post in disagreement regarding anything because everything that happens is a result of a Daybreak employee's actions. Every single post we make regarding something we dislike in game is breaking that rule.

    I don't know if I'll get my enchanter back but one thing I do know is that I want to keep my wizard and I'm willing to be quiet for the privilege of playing him.
  18. sojero Augur

    You sir have been silenced, welcome to the fold. Long live the ...........
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  19. Aghinem Augur

    You raised awareness on an issue without initially stating all the facts. Sharing an account with someone who screws you over is not hacking. It has been clearly stated by Roshen that they take legitimate hacked accounts seriously and do assist people in those situations. Taking the risk of sharing your account information regardless of all the warning signs that SoE Daybreak put up was simply foolish on Minishot's part. Truthfully, Minishot was not forced into retirement by Daybreak's hand. He was forced into retirement by his own hand. You play with fire, you'll eventually get burned.

    I'm sorry you lost a guild mate, a friend, a player in all this - but at some point, I think both of you need to start acting accountable for your actions rather than shift the blame. I'm sure down the line, Ploww will be dealt with - in the meantime, learn from this and move forward. Learn the best preventative medicine is to NOT SHARE ACCOUNT INFO.
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  20. Warpeace Augur

    Can't get hacked if you allowed someone your login info....very simple case there.

    I can understand the frustration but why would Daybreak do anything when the person appears to have violated the EULA allowing someone access to their account.
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