Case of the Bobbing Frog

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Aghinem, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Aghinem Augur


    Writing to see how isolated or how expansive this is. When you are playing a froglok, and sit down to med - your screen will bob up and down if you are in 3rd person viewing mode. Anyone else having this issue, and is there any known methods to get rid of this bobbing effect? Its giving people motion sickness :p The motion seems to mimic the movement of the froglok as it inhales and exhales.
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  2. Critts Augur

    Illusion... Never noticed the motion, to tell the truth. I did have a problem with the Frogloc casting animation makeing me fall off of crowded ledges on raids at one point. Took me forever to figure out why it was only me that was having the problem. I ended up useing illusion on that part of the event.
  3. Aghinem Augur

    Aye - illusion is a way to circumvent the motion effect, but is there another way for people who don't have or don't use illusions?
  4. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    It's a bug that was introduced with the most recent patch. Characters are now continuing their idle animations while sitting down, they didn't use to do that before. All races are doing it, but it's much easier to notice on a Frog because they're so animated compared to the rest. I've reported it in the bug thread, but it'll gain more notice if others post to confirm the bug.

    If it's causing some motion sickness, I think the workaround for now would be to use an illusion, scroll into first-person view while sitting, or get on a mount.
  5. Aghinem Augur

    Yeah - I have several guildies complaining of motion sickness. Do you have an established tracker link?
  6. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    First, high-five to your guildies for picking the best race. Second, no I have not submitted an entry into the issue tracker yet. I only posted to the live bugs thread. Haven't had a lot of luck with the issue tracker, it took Daybreak over a year to fix the Battle Cat Mounts after that was submitted to the tracker and confirmed.
  7. Dzarn Developer

    Have you noticed excessive camera movement while sitting for any race other than Guktans?

    This issue appears to be related to some animation changes that were done to allow pre-Luclin characters to animate while riding mounts.

    Prior to the last patch the camera bobbing would occur for Guktans if you didn't have a weapon in your primary hand as Luclin era characters have animation variants based on the state of equipment in their hands.

    Prior to the patch, if you did have a weapon equipped in your hand as a Guktan, you wouldn't animate whatsoever when sitting, so the camera bobbing on that animation wouldn't have been noticed.
  8. Aghinem Augur

    Hey Dzarn,

    I will pose these questions to the team and get back to you. Thanks for the response. Happy k0d!nG
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  9. Dzarn Developer


    A fix for the Guktan camera bounce when sitting will be in the next full patch.

    If any other race is exhibiting 'excessive' vertical camera bounce when sitting in zoom (first person -> scroll wheel) or tether (F9 x5) camera modes we'll try and take a look at it.
  10. Aghinem Augur

    It looks like there may be a isolated issue with the Iksar animation, certainly not as prominent as the Guktan. Like the Guktan, only occurs while sitting in 3rd person view or camera pan F9*5.

    Additionally, if you all want something to laugh at - I'll throw in this little bonus regarding the illusion click:

    Delightful Visage of the Answerer

    When you use the illusion click, you are given two effects.
    1. Illusion: Butterfly
    2. Butterfly Flight
    This is where it gets fun. If you click off / remove your Butterfly Illusion - but keep the Butterfly Flight spell effect, you are in for some fun. Now that you only have the Butterfly Flight effect, activate a mount or a random illusion. After you have done this, attempt to walk. You will see that there is no movement animation. I have tested this with several mounts and different illusions, and the results are hysterically funny. To restore the movement animation, simply remove the Butterfly Flight effect - and the movement is back to normal. Again, not game breaking - but interesting nonetheless.
  11. Aghinem Augur

    The freebie Sarnak illusion has the same problem to a lesser degree, many of my team mates are reporting.
  12. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    That's actually normal for non-player race illusions. If it's considered a bug for those too, then the list of affected models would be impressive.
  13. Malbro Augur

    Friends don't let friends play frogloks :D