Career, Family, Everquest, Sleep, choose up to three.

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  1. Montag Augur

    Exp is too slow on Mischief, I prob wont stay past classic cause I just can't keep finding the kind of time it takes to not only grind but get in a good grinding group in the first place.

    I don't know how other adults find time to stay leveled up at these speeds while working full time and not neglecting wives and kids, even with 25% exp pots on 100% of the time it's just way too many hours grinding to hit.

    I guess the answer it's:

    Career, Family, Everquest, Sleep, choose up to three.
  2. Zapsos Augur

    Everquest is a game that have players playing a few hours a week, and players that play a hundred hours or more. If you only have the time to play a couple of hours here and there then you won't get to experience all the content, that's the way it has always been, and the way it has to be to keep the hardcore players coming back.
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  3. Hypatia New Member

    join a guild make friends help others and they help you.
    "Sometimes you may forget what you give is what you get." ~ Ratt
  4. TheTone Elder

    The key is to remember that we're about 8 TLPs deep here and every TLP iteration weeds more and more "casuals" out while retaining most of the hardcore players.

    If you want to join Faceless and not feel like you're way behind, then yes, you'll have to dedicate 30+hr/week to EQ and forego something else. If you join Golden Rapiers, you'll find a ton of folks who are in the 5-10hr/week business and you can actually enjoy yourself.
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  5. Protocol Augur

    Leveling is the best part of EQ, being 50/60/65 etc is the boring part. Enjoy the adventure and take your time.

    That said, if you really want to hit max level these last two sets of TLP are the easiest progression servers ever for it. You should try to examine how you can use your time online more effectively. Set up a premade group that will be online and in zone at start time. Go to high zem zones and make sure you’re pushing the groups limits with pull speed.
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  6. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    Rough math says that you need to level once every 3.5 days if you started at launch and want to hit 60 by the time PoP launches. If you want to hit 60 by the time Kunark ends that goes down to one level every 1.5 days.

    You are right about the choices you have to make, but the alternative is to not worry about the race and just keep plugging away.
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  7. Montag Augur

    itt: no-lifers who don't see the problem

    This 22 year old game's main client base is adults with adult responsibilities and yet we keep driving them away by requiring too much time commitment to stay leveled and AA'd up. It's just dumb.

    You should have to grind so many hours per week in the GROUP game to stay caught up enough to be viable in the RAID game.

    This is why the populations of every TLP starts so high then falls off so fast. (well that and the krono rush dying down.)
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  8. wagz New Member

    I have the same issue. But I try and plan one night a week where I can play (after the kids are in bed), and that will keep me happy because I’ll have grind time. Other than that I wake up early and play for a couple hours on my off days. It sucks getting up at 4 when I could sleep in, but it’s worth it. I suggest you give up a couple hours of sleep on your days off from work when it doesn’t mess with family time.
  9. Protocol Augur

    Yeah man I think you’re chalking up your own issues to other people not having personal and professional lives which just isn’t the case. Myself and my friends have careers and families and leveled fast without issue. The exp bonus further trivialized this, if you were leveling effectively and played just 2 hours a day from Friday-Tuesday you’d be level 40+ already.

    You can campaign for the game to be easier or you can plan to be more effective. Which one is more likely to produce results?
  10. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    Some of them maybe, not me. I'm level 13 on Thornblade, and I started on day one. I now have an alt that I made specifically to play with a friend who came back. We're gonna play about once a week together, I still think we will hit 60 by PoP, but who knows.

    Just because some people who want to play don't have the same options as others doesn't mean you should only worry about them. If it's too easy, the hardcores get bored and don't come back. They are the majority here so we need to keep them interested. The rest of us have to make choices as you said. The choice you didn't list is "not keeping up with the hardcores."

    This server will run for 5 years or so, and most of that will be post 60, where it's AA's in two months or 5 levels and AA's in 3 months. If you want to raid, or at least raid in the early game, then you have to choose to make some time available to rush to 50, or more likely rush to 60 during Kunark.

    I chose not to rush, because who cares? The benefit of tradable gear getting replaced is it gets sold, and for less. So this server has appeal beyond getting the latest and greatest. But if your choice is to stay on the cutting edge, then you have to sacrifice something else.
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  11. Montag Augur

    Not easier. Less time-consuming, they are entirely different things.

    Grinding 50 hours is not harder than grinding 20 hours. It's just a time cost that prices lots of old-time players out of coming back and staying.
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  12. Fallfyres Augur

    Best thing if you are not looking for hard core raiding is to have some friends i-r-l to play with or a few players in-game or in a guild that want to set up static playtimes. Then you can get your group game on without having to mess about with pick up groups primarily. Best of luck finding your tribe and having fun in Norrath!
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  13. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Not everyone lives the same life you do.

    Many people that play EQ are on disability and cannot work. Some people are between jobs or work only when they need to. Some are retired. Some require very little sleep. Some are taking sabbaticals from their career to focus on EQ.

    The list goes on....

    Count yourself among the fortunate to have such cause for celebration as career, children and a family to call their own. EverQuest is fun and should be experienced within the constraints of your actual life - not in spite of it.
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  14. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    You literally posted a thread about how it's hard to commit time to level in this game and then said committing more time is not harder...

    My wife requires more of my time than some other people's wives for us to have a happy marriage. That makes committing time to any game harder. That makes the choices involved harder. I made the hard choice, I can't race to 50, I can't raid weekly. I totally would if I was in another situation, but I'm not.

    There is no one-size-fits-all EQ. Fixing it for your playtime would break it for somebody else, that's the hard choice they have to make.
  15. Zansobar Augur

    Wasn't Ratt referring to venereal disease?
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  16. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    If you don't have the available time to play on a TLP, there are live servers.

    TLP servers are 2-6 times faster paced in terms of levelling phases than live servers, their big advanatage being that if you have the time you can find a lot of other folks around at the same level as yourself after the rush to 50 each time an expansion unlocks.

    TLP dont get 2-6x the xp rate and they don't get 2-6x the plat drop rate either - you basically put in the same "active play" hours as you would on a live server over 6/12 months in just the condensed 4/8/12 weeks on TLP if you want to max out levels & AA (and later on progression tasks / achievements) and your in-game bank balance between expansion unlocks - that usually necessitates some selective "what do I want to get done in this expansion" choices from the menu of things to do as for most TLP players they probably wont get everything done.

    Live servers have the disadvantage in that there is an enormous gap between starting there at level 1 and the current level cap - even though there are many ways to get from 1 to cap it's still not going to be an easy journey as finding other players in your level on most live servers will be impossible until you get closer to level cap.
    You can use mercenaries to "molo" to around 65/70 fairly easily by yourself at which point it gets increasingly difficult & slow to level alone

    In either case if you are behind the curve what you need is either a "clique" of players who all play the same hours you do to level up together at pre-arranged times or a guild whose players will either help by powerlevelling you or carrying you through content your character has a reasonable chance of living through once you are within xp range of them.
    Or you can box.

    The XP rate on the two new servers is "progression XP" paced, it will see some increases later on (GoD & TSS) that will bring it up to the same XP rate as live but the only TLP server that saw a boosted XP rate above live's rate was Selo - and that was because the expansions unlocked every month on that server.
    Some figured a "FV style free-trade loot" server would get FV's boosted XP rate but that was not the case for Brekt which was free-trade too.
  17. Egil New Member

    I'd suggest giving Agnarr a try. You can level at your leisure or usually find someone leveling an alt who is willing to PL you up very quickly. The raid guilds don't have minimum attendance requirements and the server won't progress past LDoN, so you can always log in whenever you have time and enjoy the game and when you need to take a break you don't feel like you're falling behind.
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  18. Machen New Member

    Funny, I am able to have all four. I do play on a server where I never have to spend time finding a good grinding group, though. Your solution may be different, but this is exactly why I play on Rizlona. It lets me fit in EQ, even at a fairly high level, among everything else I have going on. YMMV...

    Does help too on the family front that my wife plays with me.
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  19. Nolrog Augur

    I reject your premise. XP is not remotely too slow. There are dozens of level 50s already and the server has been out for just over a week. In fact, I can make a strong argument that XP is way too fast.
  20. HoodenShuklak Augur

    "Comparison is the thief of joy."

    -Patty Bouvier
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