Captain Barto says you know what chaps my *** ...Its going to be epic!!!

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    My favorite movie scene

    Now Lets have a talk …

    Yimin, What is the deal with you and Shred? I know you too were in CT together. Shred left for ROV and did a good job as the unofficial guild recruiter of ROV. ROV is a good bunch of people. I love you Bigstomp.

    Yimin, how many personalities do you have in your body? I know of at least three different user names you post as on this forum: feel the burn, Yimin, and sanctum. Trying to get unknowing players to join dead servers like Brekt and FV. WTF. I remember you for a long time ago when you were in the Chinese hacker guild called Real Faith on EM. For a while the guild was kicking *** and making progress and then all of a sudden Real Faith disappeared after Nathan left. Recently, RF is starting to make a come back. I came to you and told you to find some peace and rejoin RF but instead you decided to still torment the CT members with your "Hello Pretty Babies hehe!" The Yimin I knew was a good mage and I am confused by your avatar being a BL. Care to share?

    Shred, bro, I realized you are having a lot of medical issues like me. Infections sux. I have lost part of my foot too. I am currently running at half speed I understand your passion, man, but tone it down and lay off the coffee. I always wonder if Dave Georgeson was your hero, Shred, and from what I understand you two came from the same area of the country. Both of you too are incredible Pied Pipers. Quack Quack Go Ducks!!! Wink Wink. Man I wish I had Smokejumper passion.

    But I find myself, sometimes, regretting I renew my accounts for another month. I see DB trying to get tough and tell everyone we will ban you if we catch you using third party software. But a lot of the top server guilds use the auto bot function for rebuffing their toons after they died. Script kiddies.
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  2. Bartoq Lorekeeper

    More to come I am just getting started ...
  3. feeltheburn Augur

    feel the burn is not one of them.
  4. jeskola Augur

  5. Sad Panda Elder

    Leeza I believe. No one cares what ya say. Go transfer another 20 servers since you can't seem to land on one. Your chanter and cleric.

    But thanks for all the luls on the guild chat boards

    DarLeeza should just go away.

    Catch ya in a week or two after my forum suspension

    Panda signing off.

    A spy gave me the info. Some guy named Shanks, he plays a Paladin.
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  6. Sad Panda Elder

    After much reflection it seems you are right Leeza.

    Vapor is the one that did it. She seems to be a guild breaker and man stealer.....

    RC is still a spy........

    Yim was a decent mage, but not near as good as Firepole Dancer and her mage pet Lapdance

    Panda out
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  8. Bartoq Lorekeeper

    Never trust a player who keep a pencil and a pad at their keyboard.

    @sad panda I don't hide behind a general name when I post, I have been Barto for over 18 years and my alts are widely known. Never duel a man who has nothing to lose.

    I officially retired yesterday after 18 years. I may write a book with a friend called Running at Halfling Speed, a novel about my adventures playing EQ for 18 years +. I have some great stories to tell.
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  10. Warpeace Augur

    Dead server with a top 10 Guild. Must be some internet facts there:cool:
  11. Bartoq Lorekeeper

    Let me step into this phone booth, cause super troll is about to come out. As everyone knows FV is server is open trade server where you can sell your raid loot for massive kronos. FV is also the home of the largest plat seller in EQ. Once you go to FV, you don't come back the same. FV like a coin op game, it is fun to play but you can't take your high score home with you. Go play Dragons Lair.

  12. Warpeace Augur

    Yes dead server. So like you said you need a lot bigger phone booth to try and become super troll.
  13. Bartoq Lorekeeper

    Its like Tunare or Rathe but with no plat selling. One guild rules the whole server. Tigerstyle may you rest in Peace.

    Your game is weak warpeace. When you hit 42 pages flame that SOE was forced to delete then you come and talk me.
  14. Sad Panda Elder

    hahahaha FV, here is your gear so you can handle the game , since the real one is hard and takes more than 5 minutes
  15. Sad Panda Elder

    you also have nothing to gain, so you are doing this for no reason. Good day as always.

    I know you retired, but you will be back. your 18 years of lying about what you did will catch up with you. Silly darlea
  16. Sad Panda Elder

    BTW can anyone not named barto name his widely known alts?

    i know of one i think Dwarf named Heywood Jablowme. Known all over Norath
  17. Bartoq Lorekeeper

    Well my life with EQ has been bittersweet. I seen a lot of pain and heartache, experienced some good times as well as some bad times, but overall EQ has been a safe harbor for me these last 18 + years. Its time to put the toys back in the chest and grow up. I wont say that i wont look at them and always wonder "what If." People don't retire from EQ they just go AFK. Eventually, I will get my life in order again and I may return one day.
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