Can't recharge Baton of the Sky

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Zipe, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. Zipe Journeyman


    Finally completed Cleric Test of the Weak PoSky quest on Phinigel

    I got as reward Baton of the Sky ( ) instead of the expected Truwian Baton ( ).

    I tried to recharge Baton of the Sky using Box of the Void and all possible mana batteries provided by the Key Master but all combines failed. It should be rechargeable like its previous versions and all other PoSky quest items with Charges.

    It looks like the item got updated with some different damage values, changed name but it is now impossible to recharge.

    Did I miss anything? I am going to create an issue ticked, since a Daybreak petition didn't help.
  2. Scarcius New Member

    I tried to recharge it in a box of the void with all different class batteries and it would not combine. I am a tinker with 119 skill and tried in a toolbox with the same result. "Does not combine in this container type"
  3. Scarcius New Member

    Just to add. This is the direct upgrade to the previous quest reward , Wutain Baton. The Wutain Baton features the exact same 3 charge Rez effect and is rechargeable. This item should continue to be rechargeable. Otherwise the upgrade is complete downgrade and renders the reward basically useless.
  4. Zipe Journeyman

  5. Prathun Developer

    This appears to be intended. The rechargeable Truwian Baton was replaced with the non-rechargeable Baton of the Sky for completing the Cleric Test of the Weak. This pre-dates change logs and is how the quest works on the Mac server as well. You can hand in the Truwian Baton to Derric Lenox to get the Baton of the Sky, which is largely irrelevant on modern servers as the Truwian Baton was effectively removed from the game over 15 years ago.

    The Zam entry is incorrect in indicating that the Cleric Test of the Weak results in the Truwian Baton. There's no natural way to acquire the Truwian Baton.
  6. Sumonerr_Tunare Augur

    This has been corrected. Thanks!
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  7. -wycca Augur

    The change was during a revamp of sky loot they did because it was weak (they missed many items and even revamped sky items are still weakish). This did long predate the Mac server, as it happened on July 19 2000. They largely boosted stats across the board, and allowed the turnin of old items for the new ones.

    The Truwian Baton was given a stat upgrade at the same time like many other items, and made into the Baton of the Sky. I think the question then becomes, was the no-recharge thing an oversight when creating the item, or an intentional nerf. It's impossible to say but I'd lean towards intentional because of how they did the battery name in the lore of the rechargable items. Ie omitting that would have essentially made it an oversight in two areas of the item creation not just one. Still could be an oversight, but one with no apparent way to tell, except that it's been in for 17+ years at this point.

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