Can't login to world server, false positive for boxing

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Velzira, May 29, 2017.

  1. Velzira Journeyman

    Hello and thank you all for your time and patience! I'm a returned player who has been playing on the new Agnarr server for a few days, however tonight I am receiving the following error:

    "The world server has denied your login request. This world only allows a maximum of one account on a machine at a time."

    I have been playing EQ for a very long time, I've also never been a boxer. Not even once. I'm definitely not boxing, and I have done a few troubleshooting steps. I can log in to any other server with this account, including other servers that use the "True Boxing" system. I can also log into another account no problem on any server. My account (the "bugged" one) can log in just fine on my other computer, but that computer is terribly old and that isn't much of a solution. I have checked my services and processes, there is no second version of eq running. I restarted the computer as well.

    The last thing I did before logging off was buy Hero's Forge upgrade on my only character, I grouped for maybe 45 minutes, then I camped. I came back hours later to not being able to log in. I did some research and found my exact same problem from a guy a while back on another TLP server:

    Thank you guys so much for any help you can provide.
  2. Velzira Journeyman

    An update: I thought maybe this could be caused by my router giving out duplicate IP addresses so i reset the DHCP server but i have the same result. Whatever is happening is specific to this account and this computer on it, i'll keep trying.
  3. Velzira Journeyman

    Wanted to leave a final update. I found i think 5 other posts since Pihnny server that explain they have the same issue. None of them came up with a fix, but all of them and including me could log back into the server after 3-5 hours. Not sure this helps but its something.