Fixed Internally cant login, cant reset pw

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Svann2, May 3, 2020.

  1. Svann2 The Magnificent

    This morning I got an error logging in to my first account. It worked fine last night. Im pretty sure there is a bug going on because it is also not allowing me to reset my password. I have 2 step authorization setup with my phone but when it gets to that point the continue button is greyed out as if I am entering a wrong number. Im sure its correct though because the xxxx number they list above the field ends in 2 visible numbers that match my phone#, and when the phone thing was setup they did verify it was correct by sending text.

    Anyone else having this issue and/or have suggestion? Petitioned already using this acct which still works.
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  2. Ameroth New Member

    Same issue. I'm assuming the accounts are stored across multiple DBs, only 1 of my 4 accounts is affected.
  3. Brian1383 New Member

    same issue, one of my accounts having same issue, the account worked about 3 hours ago and i am not able to log in now
  4. Coffee Journeyman

    same issue here as well. only one of my accounts. of course its my main.
  5. Petts Elder

    having same issue …. it says 'invalid credentials'

    I can log in 2 of 3 accounts
  6. Javaliscious New Member

    Wife and I both same issue. Some are ok some wont log in. Something is broken. Also. Crystallos...respawns are about 50% slower now than they were 3 days ago. Timed at 22 min 3 days ago ...more like 34 now.
  7. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Same here on one of 4 accounts so far, logging other in to check.

    Just keeps saying invalid credentials, can't reset pw, its like it isn't finding the username.
  8. funtimes New Member

    Same, cant log into game, forums, nothing on main account.
  9. Kibbz New Member

    Same issue - I was using the account about an hour ago, did some yardwork, came back and unable to access the account.
  10. Wylus New Member

    Same. My main account says invalid credentials. Can't log into forums or game on that account right now.
  11. DEviator New Member

    same, 2 of my accounts cannot log in, even after PW resets.
  12. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Update, checked my other accounts, 2 of my 8 accounts affected. Not my raiding main at least, can at least raid tonight, but this is pretty sad.
  13. Kravlo New Member

    Same issue 1 of 3 accounts wont log in. However my trader on that account is still logged in. Can't get to PW reset or anything because it says my credentials are invalid.
  14. Linluwen New Member

    Glad I'm not the only one lol.
  15. Coffee Journeyman

    also is the account that i have an offline trader on
  16. Vindaven Elder

    same issue! I own two accounts. One is working and the other isn't! They had the same password. But it told me invalid credentials so I reset the password... and the new password also didn't work. Cannot log into my other account.
  17. Tishanian Journeyman

    same issue on 1 of 6 accounts "Invalid credentials".unable to log into forums with that account either
  18. Ashtaron New Member

    Same here! Cannot log into one of my accounts, both eq and website. Submitted a ticket
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  19. sarongor New Member

    Same issue. One of three accounts cannot login. I was able to reset the password, but still cannot login.
  20. enclee Augur

    Same issue happened March 7th, the stability of this game is highly questionable.
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