Cant log in

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Cstoner187, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Minato Augur


    think ill go get some fresh air today
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  2. moogs Augur

    Double XP is so other games that are online.
  3. Numiko Augur

    same thing here, a connection cannot be reached it all i'm getting .......
  4. laraizaizaz New Member

    altho i do not remember the last time this happpened i do think we are kinda blowing this out of proportion, it is rally dumb and they should fix this pronto
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  5. TarewMarrForever Augur

  6. Gutzz Journeyman

    Up now, so approximately 41minutes to fix.
  7. manofjc New Member

    Complaining about it does no good in the long run. Contact support, open tickets and tweet the hell out of it to @DaybreakHelp .
    Does it suck yes, do I think complaining on the forums is really productive? no
  8. Kazser New Member

    ya i just got in too after about 30 mins of trying
  9. Oroso New Member

    Yup back up. Stop complaining and go grind now. Enjoy your day!
  10. laraizaizaz New Member

    while it is still down we need to accept that with big companies like daybreak there are going to be things that fall through the cracks, while this shouldnt have happened in the first place we have to be reasonable and recognize all the times that this DIDNT happen. And most of all we need to remember that it is a game. if you are this troubled about it then you need to take a deep breath and do some push ups or something till they fix it. Say what you ned ot say write a ticket and move on. that is all you can do.
  11. Nathanar New Member

    Can't login on multiple PCs, same symptoms posted above. Wife logged in 2 hours ago and is still in game, can't login on her PC either with any of my other accounts.
  12. Brackson New Member

    Finally was able to log back in.
  13. tanith Elder

    Just got in after 20 minutes of repeated error message. Which is then repeated on trying to log in other toons. So something is still broken
  14. Azzurri Journeyman

    and down again
  15. Mileaux New Member

    Heh. Of course this happens during Xp Bonus and Marketplace Sale days - Never fails. DeyBreakGames is so apt. Not content with breaking guilds and guildhalls, they are really going for the Inept Game Support of the Year award early for 2017.
  16. Tvarian Augur

    finally got in earlier, and then get booted out of game and back to this log in problem. I was in PoK when I got booted, same old problem with graphics half greyed out.
  17. Kenona Journeyman

    not sure if this helps DB but, I have been online since about 9:30 am pst. Every thing was fine until about a 1/2 hr ago when lag set in. I'm in the convortium with no other players. Cant run 10 feet without being warped back. No ping problem, 100% on connection, forever to invis ect. Hope this helps narrow down.... who spilt the coffee and when!
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  18. AlienRespwan New Member

    Is it clear what the main problem is with these server issues ? Or are they just wild turkey shooting in the dark forest ...
  19. Raludar Apprentice

    Same problem here. I was grinding on RF and just started to lag so bad you couldn't move without constant roll backs.
  20. svael New Member

    entire game went down. for a bit i couldnt even get the launchpad. still cant

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