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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Cstoner187, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Cstoner187 Elder

    Anyone else getting the stupid, "A connection to the server cannot be reached?" Obviously I have internet connection, per my post.
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  2. Cronos Journeyman

    Yep same thing happening to me right now.
  3. ilaar New Member

    This could get weekend
  4. Jimbop New Member

    Login server must be down. I am also unable to log in.
  5. nantalbus Elder

    same here
  6. Troutfest Augur

    I can log in it seems, but when i try to go to server select it fails, the message about connection to server could not be reached. 2 separate machines, 3rd that i didnt log off with is still on. Once I get error message I hit the button to get out and go to old login screen, try to cancel out of it and get same error message, can't exit out of login page without shutting down eq window.
    Other people on server now can log out of a character and back in if on same server with no problem.
  7. TarewMarrForever Augur

    Yep it's fekked. This is nuts. Finally get a day off and can't play.

    It's not the global login server, it's the EQ world / auth server. Login through Launcher is fine, but whether you go through Launcher or bypass it with patchme, you will end up with:

    "A connection to the server could not be reached..."

    Fix please!
  8. select21 Journeyman

    Well damn. Worst thing to happen on a day off. I even woke up early to get a good start on my eq day.:mad:
  9. Frostymaine New Member

    Ditto - even tried adding the -patchme trick and didn't work.
  10. Willb0 New Member

    well bummer, too busy over holiday weekend to make use of exp bonus but was looking forward to getting some time in finally this morning before it ends. hopefully comes back up soon otherwise time to go do something else instead of sitting waiting :(
  11. laraizaizaz New Member

    this is very annoying is daybreak even reading this?
    does anyone actually know what is going on?
    did daybreak flip the switch?
    Are they under attack?

    cant log on. it disconnects before i hit the server screen
  12. Tvarian Augur

    Can't log in either. Get outta bed & fix the problems.
  13. Troutfest Augur

    Submitted to tech support also, not having much hope that gets attention but hope others do and maybe if it reaches a certain point it will flag a problem. Category Disconnecting/Failed to Connect
  14. Minato Augur

    i was in trying to make a couple more audio triggers and the audio wasnt showing so i camped out to log back in and same cant connect to the server
  15. Agamotto New Member

    this happens way to often. WTF Daybreak.
  16. TarewMarrForever Augur

    What pisses me off is that in 20-friggin-17 there's ZERO excuse for there to not be automation to deal with this that, at a minimum, provides reasonable customer support / notification. I've been building and running MMO live services for nearly a decade, in games for nearly two, and this would NEVER fly on my team. Never.

    For my current game, going into beta soon on PS4 and already in beta on PC, EVERY SINGLE PUBLIC FACING IP AND PORT is monitored externally from 6 points around the globe so that traffic flows through critical BGP routers. Not just for connectivity, but for FUNCTIONALITY. As in they actually have to PROCESS requests. As soon as there is a hiccup for > 15 seconds (3 failures in a row), alarms go off. 95% of the time, automation fixes the problem automatically through restarts that are remotely triggered. The other 5% of the time the 24/7 NOC fixes it within minutes.

    Either way, if after 1 minute of lack of connectivity of critical services still exists, then Forums are AUTOMATICALLY posted to, Tweets are AUTOMATICALLY sent out, and website network status page is AUTOMATICALLY updated. We know exactly what the customer repercussion is of a particular service being unavailable, and that allows us to tell them exactly what to expect, automatically, with ZERO HUMAN INTERACTION. If the failure is only in part of the world, we customize the message to say the region(s) that are affected. All automatically.

    This is not rocket science. It took a junior server engineer a whopping TWO MAN DAYS to build this level of sophisticated monitoring and customer notification.

    Oh, and it's *STILL* down...
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  17. Gutzz Journeyman

    Would be nice if they showed if Login server/Authentication Servers were up. All the other servers being up is useless if we can't get to them.
  18. laraizaizaz New Member

    Most of that flew over my head but the jist of it was daybreak is incompatant right? also this default background and font are dumb choices but i dont think that is daybreaks fault. jsut makes it hard ot read...
  19. Invictvs Augur

    Down for me :( RIP day off
  20. Mukkul Augur

    Be nice if Daybreak would fix the ancient bugs in their software.

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