Cant log in sort of

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Andarriel, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. Elyee Lorekeeper

    Same thing happening again - and again - holy crap am I glad Daybreak patches and breaks the login launcher over and over again...
  2. Hellboy007 Augur

    They turned on that code that bans people for using cheat software..
  3. Hawg on Agnarr New Member

    Correct, while simultaneously realizing the necessity for allowing it lol
  4. Poyzen Frawg Augur

    Error - A timeout occurred ...….. x 20
  5. Elricvonclief Augur

    Keeps timing out as well, won't reach server select.
  6. Akirrah Journeyman

    Cant log in any of my 3 toons

  7. svann Augur

    This is outrageous!
    DBG should give us free hamburgers.
  8. Darkrez New Member

    Cheese on mine please.
  9. Morayna New Member

    Unable to log in Error-A timeout occurred on 2 different boxes across 4 separate accounts, time for another patch to fix the patch scenario again. :(
  10. Gutcutter New Member

    Same here. Two accounts, both timing out for hours now. Better get some bonus XP or something for DB's buffoonery.
  11. Livvy_CT Elder

    This login issue has been on going for to long, it’s been weeks
  12. Eico Eico New Member

    LFG for RAIDS so i can AFK ..

  13. divirgmar Lorekeeper

    same here- times out. Can't log in
  14. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    got one account in real fast. 2nd account couldn't get online for like a hour and now im trying for my 3rd account and no luck. keeps timing out kinda annoying.

  15. rayray30 New Member

    I never managed to get on either of my accounts.....
  16. Santified Lorekeeper

    They should do updates at Midnight. At least then they would be able to solve issues by peak times. Trouble with login servers happens quite often after an update. Believe the only time i really see issues with login is after updates.
  17. Azbaelus Lorekeeper

    Or tacos. And one vegan selection for the druids.
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  18. Greymantle Augur

    Two accounts unable to log in either. Timeout errors
  19. Cadbane Journeyman

    Was in since servers were up, then I went LD. Can't log in, go figure. Positive note, Fortnite log in servers are broke too, lol.
  20. Millianna Augur

    When is this issue going to be resolved?