Can't log in - Servers "up"

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by haaaalp, Oct 9, 2018.

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  1. FOGBANK Lorekeeper

    I propose they give us 10 days extra experience to compensate for our inconvenience that we are suffering as a result of DB's programming problems.
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  2. johntherob Journeyman

    It may not happen every time however it is happening so much more often that it is affecting everyone. This is the reason for a test server. Run the patch there first. If there is an issue fix it then
  3. Blendar Journeyman

    Righto. So, let's assume like 5 hours of 'extraneous' downtime, just cause it's a nice round number.

    Per account, $15/mo in subscription fees right? So each day costs $0.50, and each hour is about 2 cents. We're at 10 cents worth of 'credit owed' per paid account at this point. If we additionally assume that the 500 credit stipend is 1/2 the value of the total $15 subscription (Cause why not), then really we're looking at 5 cents of 'credit owed' (You still got your stipend, right?), which could be paid out as 3 DBC to apply toward an experience potion.

    Sound fair?
  4. Snack Augur

    How am I supposed to complain about Reefe's prices if I can't get into game?
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  5. Sunshine smiles New Member

    Zero chance of that.

    The chances of an apology are almost non existent even.
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  6. Deeplybald New Member

    I got in. Lucky I guess. Tried to log in about 2 hours ago, took a nap, woke up and got in.
  7. Blendar Journeyman

    happens. There's no need for an apology.
  8. FOGBANK Lorekeeper

    To that, I say no way.
    Give us our ten days extra experience. If you want only three cents for, you go right ahead and grovel for it.
  9. Blendar Journeyman

    I just recognize that throwing out random exorbitant 'rewards' is pure entitlement. A day of bonus, sure. That'd be /nice/. Good customer service. 10 Days? Why? Even one day isn't required or expected, nothing about paying them money guarantees you any specific amount of access time, and access to the game is actually free other than specific servers, so the only thing to be paid back is the extra features you already enjoy - assuming you're even paying.

    'Our ten days'

    I claim no such imagined penitence, and my post above was illustrating how absolutely little they would owe you even monetarily /if/ that money guaranteed you any form of access.
  10. Roxxlyy Augur

    This was not a regular patch, but a backend maintenance that caused some unexpected server issues.

    The team is currently working to resolve the issues regarding logins; the reports have been appreciated.
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  11. Blendar Journeyman

    Yer a hero, mate.
  12. Snack Augur

    On days like this, I like to imagine Roxxlyy going all "I AM GROOT ROXXLYY" and going all crazy on the devs. "YOU TOLD ME I COULD TELL THEM IT WAS WORKING!" Then she starts throwing people through cube partitions.
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  13. FOGBANK Lorekeeper

    Blendar MUST be a troll.
  14. Dimerk New Member

    I like it!
  15. drakinula New Member

    2:12 pm pst, still cannot log in
  16. Stephsanity Augur

    I got one toon in
  17. Stephsanity Augur

    Is about 45 people in on drinal
  18. Gwarith New Member

    Almost 20 years and we still have issues with the login servers... lol
  19. Mermar New Member

    This is unacceptable....2 hours downtime went on for what, 5 or 6 hours ? How many people now cannot log into a game that we're PAYING for ? Utterly inexcusable.
  20. Blendar Journeyman

    Nah, just a dude that doesn't freak out when a 20 year old game doesn't work for a few unexpected hours.

    I work in support, I get people trying to weasel their way into discounts or rewards for what often is literally a few cents worth of product - the same thing that's happening now. It's stupid.
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