Can't log in - Servers "up"

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by haaaalp, Oct 9, 2018.

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  1. Zeklen New Member

  2. Zeklen New Member

  3. CorvusCorax New Member

    I am in and online guys, it is working...slowly. When it comes up timeout error, select chat on the screen and relogin and then select game servers. Worked for me.
  4. Zeklen New Member

    Well said, in an age where constructive criticism is becoming a relic of the past. Often buried between sarcasm and disrespectful tantrums and everything in between. This is a good example how adults complain.
  5. Chanteren Elder

    Devs: Please take the whole thing down, add more servers to the Server Select process and restart it.
    Thank you.
  6. Isellaz New Member

    Seriously thinking of not paying for my accounts anymore. This is stupid. Servers are up and cant play because they botched the login server?
  7. ZoomBox Lorekeeper

    ***UPDATED October 9 at 9:20AM PT: Due to an issue, unfortunately this maintenance is taking longer than expected. We'll keep you posted as we work to unlock all servers!***
    Servers are now unlocked and ready for play! Thank you for your patience, and we'll see you in Norrath.
    Roxxlyy, Today at 12:58 PM Report

    PROVE IT!! Nobody can log in . . . .
  8. So Happy Augur

    While your at please reset test so instances work. I still don't understand why no one bothers to do this weekly. They start screwing up consistently 8-10 days after the server is reset.
  9. Ungkor Journeyman

    I run a bunch of servers with many layers of possible failure points (load balancers, security devices, etc). Before we touch anything we snapshot (backup) the systems. If anything behaves odd, we roll back immediately.

    I've always been curious why gaming companies can't operate that way. It would be interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes.
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  10. Yeltion New Member

    I remember back in the day... the login servers to "the outside" never went down. Possibly we can learn from that code?
  11. Danorok New Member

    I got in... Maybe they're back up now. Keep on trying people!
  12. Pimpie New Member

    Made it in on 1 of 2.
  13. Eriadoc Elder

    Just stop touching stuff. Jeez.
  14. Daysee New Member

    This is not simply a matter of a lot of people trying to log in at once. I have been trying to login for well over an hour on this account. My other account has been logged in for over an hour. The few that did manage to get online are commenting on how dead the server population is right now.
  15. Lisand New Member

    Try to log in for 4 hours now..
    I wont try to ask anything to those "guys".. they don't care what we are saying on the forums.
    But 4 hours.. they said 2 hours patch..
  16. Blendar Journeyman

    Yeah, jeez, there totally wasn't a Dev on forums trying to confirm the issue he didn't see himself, nor a banner on the forums, nor an update on Twitter feed, or anything. Jeez. They've just chosen not to hit the 'Everything Magically Works' button, damn them.
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  17. koldyne Lorekeeper

    When they finally posted the updated tweet, I thought, "That was the longest 15 min. break ever."
  18. Lisand New Member

    Oh they did use twitter?
    And they don't have the "Everything magically works" button for 19 years? oh my, silly me.
    It s so new.. all that. Never happened before.

    Some people take their time and try to do things with other people. Unlike a single player game we need to organise our time.. And we do it with info coming from people you are defending.

    They need to do a better job. That's all i m saying.
    And i don't think it s a lot to ask.. since again.. i m pretty sure they don't really care much about those forum.
    So.. i can complain a bit too about the situation.
  19. Blendar Journeyman

    You mean when things just work properly and unintended side effects don't happen?

    You'd think after watching this happen for 19 years, you wouldn't organize anything around the expected end of any downtime.
  20. koldyne Lorekeeper

    They went from being down 2 hours to being down an extra 5 1/2+ hours and counting. I would enjoy an exp bonus for the remainder of my vacation. Thanks in advance.
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