Can't log in, says access denied

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Lilura, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. yepmetoo Augur

    Alt account that had traded for a TBM key, was banned, unbanned, still has TBM. Would be nice if customer support would let us know how to get a real copy so we don't log out in some TBM zone and our character goes poof or we get flags/achievements/aa rolled back.
  2. Joules_Bianchi Augur

    Planetside2 is the new /gems hehe
  3. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    What a big difference 24 hours makes. I heard about this at the very beginning when I thought it just affected a couple of people then a serious RL situation took my attention. I am glad everyone is getting the situation fixed.

    Read through the thread and I wonder if we will ever get an official explanation. Either way thank you Daybreak for reversing this as just going over General chat I see the many people being affected. This whole situation sucked for everyone it seems.

    Thanks to Aghimen and others who were the voice of reason throughout the thread.
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  4. dchap0808 New Member

    You know, reading this statement, from DBG, they are not saying that buying from a 3rd party is a bannable offense, only if the charges for the original item (Keys, Krono, Xpacs) are reversed. Anyone else reading it that way??

    • On Thursday, June 30th, Daybreak Games identified and suspended a number of accounts across EverQuest, EverQuest 2, PlanetSide 2 and DC Universe Online. These accounts had redeemed content via keys sold on third-party key selling sites. Those keys had been invalidated due to credit card chargebacks, which is often indicative of fraudulent purchases. Players should always beware of keys sold outside of Daybreak Games or our official affiliate partners like Steam.
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  5. Barraind Augur

    They can't say otherwise, because they use those sites to move product.
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  6. Yimin Augur

    Don't play games with me , most knew full well what they were doing, a very small amount were indeed gifted account info and falsely accused , and you are right I want something , are you kidding me ,other get away with paying 15 dollars for 3 expansions and I have to pay $150 ? where is the fairness or justice in that many accounts got soul marks and this is good ,maybe people will be a tad more polite to there fellow gamers because of this ....

    Yi Min
  7. Kronko Elder

    i want the next 3 expansions for 5 bucks a piece! or im gonna start a thread crying for 20 pages!
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  8. gotwar Augur

    The fairness is that you don't lose your $150 because Daybreak decided it didn't want to eliminate a large portion of it's revenue stream across it's biggest sources of income: EQ, EQ2, Planetside 2, and City of Heroes, while simultaneously fostering a huge amount of playerbase support and an uptick in Marketplace purchases by giving everyone a "pass".

    The justice is that now you can feel morally superior to all those "cheaters" in person, for many years to come, which is what you've been touting for pages and pages of this thread.

    Seems like a win/win to me, Yi Min!

    Edit: Couldn't help myself. Yi Min actually has a legitimate frustration here, but I think it's clear that in the long run the game, the company, and the players will benefit more from this decision than it could from the opposite.
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  9. yepmetoo Augur

    To be fair, I would have expect the keys to be revoked and required people to purchase at market price to unlock their accounts, but they haven't. Maybe they can't without causing other problems?
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  10. Kronko Elder

    DBG i love you consistency and your balls!

    on one hand in response to DDOS over shotguns you add more shotguns

    People steal money out of your pocket lets give them a pass. /boggle
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  11. Blart Lorekeeper

    Aww, I'm sorry you didn't get to see thousands of EQ accounts banned for no written rule violation.

    My apologies.
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  12. Kronko Elder

    if you bought a $5 expansion cd key when the expansion was $40 bucks you knowingly bought a pirated key or flat out your just dumb either way ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the rules. if this so called "krono" getting people banned is true then those people should have there accounts returned. if you knowingly bought a pirated or generated key from the shady guy spamming general chat your dumb.

    people broke the rules you just chose to be ignorant or your just dumb =)
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  13. dchap0808 New Member

    So, If I were to buy 2 copies of TBM and I use 1, and decide I dont like it, and decide to sell the other copy, at a discount, how is that a violation of any rule?
    I'm selling a legitimately purchased item, at a discount.
  14. Sintay New Member

    Gotta let it go dchap.
    That old line about debating with certain types that will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience...

    Add to that the fact that some people lack breadth of vision and an outward perspective and you get, well... the Internet.
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  15. Joules_Bianchi Augur

    Make the next expansion $5 to anyone who has <never> been banned or suspended <ever>

    Everyone else ponies up normal price!

    Call it a Meritorious Service Award


    Good Conduct Medalion with an ingame award like / title.

    Applicable to <any> Daybreak game.


    Knock off $1.70 for each year an account has been in good standing, no suspensions or bans.

    Add a mount /claim for each 5 years an account is active without suspensions.

    Give Free to Play players 500 DBC and 500 loyalty crown annually for the same.

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  16. Jindaru New Member

    I can't say its fair either way, but I know one thing, at least in my opinion they made the right call, and as soon as my mini alts are unbanned (I hope) I'm buying a ton of exp potions and grinding away all weekend to support DBG for giving my minis another chance at life!
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  17. Platrat Journeyman

    Nothing wrong with selling your key at a discount. But as a buyer of that key, I would take the risk that something could be fishy with it.
  18. Yimin Augur

    I am such a nerd but I like the idea of Good Conduct Medalion , I like your other ideas as well but I am so keen on that one :)

    Yi Min
  19. Kronko Elder

    that would maker you a third party seller...
    are you a distributor of DB merchandise or authorized to do so?
    just because you bought a copy of the expansion that does not give you the right to resell it DB owns it you are more or less renting the rights to use it
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  20. yepmetoo Augur

    People still don't have some accounts unlocked for real 3.5 hours after the emails went out. The script they used may have not unlocked everyone or stopped working.
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