Can't log in, says access denied

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Lilura, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. Lilura Augur

    Daybreak blinks. Boy I can't imagine what it was like for them today.

    I hope they suffered.
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  2. Gilad Journeyman

    Thank you so much DB! I haven't gotten an email yet for my two accounts, but this just made my weekend. Thank you so much for taking the reasonable option even though it took awhile!!!!
  3. Aneuren Augur

    I'm not sure if it is already discounted vis a vis the 40% discount but it would be, probably, a good call for them to discount the expansion as a good will gesture over the holiday weekend - I bet you would get a lot of sales from the people that are now suddenly without TBM.
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  4. dchap0808 New Member

    2 of 3 accounts got the email. Come on #3 and let us log in!
  5. Blart Lorekeeper

    You made the right call, DBG. You respect us, we respect you.
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  6. Jindaru New Member

    Its going to take some time. Can only accomplish so much at once.
  7. Koben New Member

    How does this fix the issue with Krono's though? I am more worried now about future security if I buy a krono with plat in the future? I understand that a screenshot can be taken. This is the last warning, so? I want some information relating to the future security too us players who actually purchased in game items with plat/kronos for items. Thanks!
  8. Xanaron_povar New Member

    proof once again that temper tantrums from children makes mommy and daddy give in.

    you engaged in theft regardless of intent. In the real world you'd be in real trouble without mom and dad to cry to
  9. Blart Lorekeeper

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  10. AlmarsGuides Augur

    What is this inception? Are you telling me im not real and living in a virtual world?
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  11. Zargonza New Member

    Money is Money, If you're more then willing to pay those charges why would they not turn those accounts back on? Unless they like hemorrhaging money and loosing Columbus Nova's Miniscule profits. Columbus Nova's business practices when purchasing companies is "Let it burn itself to the ground."

    "Once again I was not effected by what happened nor any of my closest in game friends"
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  12. Joules_Bianchi Augur

    The <only> line I quoted was the Redsite link, and asked a question.

    So far today you've called me names 7x, told me to bugger off, asked what I was on about, called me White Knight Daybreak Read back through my history, I think the content belies a different stance toward Daybreak to say the very least.

    If by 'Holier than thou' you mean, no, I will in fact not let people like you call me names unchallenged, especially those I had no quarrel with to begin with or attacked I any way, then yes, I AM in fact holier than thou.

    All you've done toward me was namecall, verbally abuse and evade my questions. YOU assumed the antagonism was there when it wasn't. (Until now anyway.)

    and.. Actually the post regarding spamming was regarding spamming purposeful misinformation. Yet another thing you put out there to try to define me and my actions to others. (Yes, another rhetorical device)

    The one thing you haven't done today is answer any of my relativley affable questions.

    YOU were talking about Redguides, YOU provided a forum link.

    I merely asked if it was affiliated with or authorized by Daybreak as I didn't know, I never visited their site. YOU apparently have. The only thing I quoted was the actual link YOU posted.

    Wow that question pissed some folks off lol.

    My guess is the pissed off ones are pissed off at the simple realization that they've been had as thier possible recourse slips away.

    I didn't ban anyone.
    I'm not a hater and am by NO means all Pro Daybreak, in fact I was probably the most vocal person in the game regarding the underhandedness of daybreak's actions concerning "Forgetting" to announce the XP nerf to Phinny before release, not saying anything about it until AFTER release, yet making short unlocks and available XP pots turning it into a pay to win kronofest.

    I stand up for the game we all love and I stand up for the honest players.

    If you hate me for that, there must be some reason dude, eh?

    Lastly, and this isn't directly to you, but to everyone munching popcorn and making opinions of all this...

    I personally don't care HOW you play YOUR game as long as you're not griefing me or others..I don't pay your subs. I don't give a rat's patootie if you m@crokwest, get rich cheat codes, afk kill etc and so on.

    I do however take exception to and push back at bullies who namecall like 9 year olds and I push back at disingenuous a**holes who try to define me in colloquial terms I didn't <earn> and I'll always push back at those who ruin the game for others.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I have dailies I meant to get to like 8 hours ago lol.

    Your mileage may vary.

    I also have the cajones to stand in PoK on THIS toon. People who know me know I'm nice to everyone, religiously. They also know anyone who's hating on me isn't about THAT.
  13. Joseph Lawson New Member

    Joules calm down. Why are you even here if you weren't affected, seems like you were looking for an argument . Just go play and be happy daybreak decided to save Everquest.
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  14. Koben New Member

    I think we should be worried about comment #514, this is a future everyone should be worried about.
  15. Joules_Bianchi Augur

    Funny how this alt keeps popping up in defense of this tool.

    and yes, I'm done with him (you?) but the persistent namecalling and questioning my character today pissed me the off. lol
  16. Joules_Bianchi Augur

    That's easy..

    a simple button [Gift Krono] in marketplace.

    Honestly Krono sales are ruining EQ all TLP is about is Krono farming and people bragging about their 80 accounts funded. It's a suckfest.
  17. dchap0808 New Member

    I'm not dealing with Krono at all any more. No buying from anyone at least. Just too risky now that they will do this.
    How are you to know one way or the other, if the krono you are buying will be flagged due to the original purchaser (which could be several levels of trades now) won't decline the credit card purchase a few days later?

    I get all of the CD keys issue. That's just dumb. But ill-gotten krono is a huge problem too.
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  18. Koben New Member

    So, basically a button that records how many Krono's a player is traded, that would mean it would need to include parcels. I know that Krono's are rough on the TLP's, I gave up on live to go back too my best memories of the game.
  19. dchap0808 New Member

    3rd account got the email. Looks like everyone got a mulligan.
  20. yepmetoo Augur

    Same. I really wish the unban letter said exactly what the account was banned for. I really want to know why one of my accounts was banned, as I am sure the only thing it has used like that is krono. Now I don't want to use any krono I have saved, and don't feel comfortable selling them to others if it could happen later to them.

    Also wondering how long between getting the letter and being able to actually login. Been about 40 minutes so far, so starting to wonder.
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