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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Whiggy, Apr 27, 2020.

  1. Whiggy New Member

    Today, i am no longer able to get to the character selection page on ANY server on this computer. I get past server select, files load, but take a CRAZY amount of time compared to what it normally does, then a black screen - and EQ no longer responds. Other computers are fine. Nothing has changed, no windows updates, ive tried to uninstall and reinstall. Running as admin. ALL the reboots - and yes, 3 times. Nothing.

    I then get to the character screen and its all black with the character selection outline but an error message saying "It took you 152 seconds to load your characters, it is possible one or more failted to load. Please contact customer service if one of your characters is missing." [IMG]
  2. CatsPaws Augur

  3. Whiggy New Member

    I don’t think this is the same problem because I can get on this account and characters on a different computer.
  4. xxGriff Augur

    You have at least narrowed this down to your other system. Prob best to start with what is different between them. How they connect to your network, wired vs wifi, if using the later, distance and quality of signal. the other would be to see what is different between the systems. same OS? builds? were your EQ directories/installs same source? or was one copied from the other? if so, could be an ini issue. there are too many variables to provide more comprehensive answer for you, sorry.
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  5. Whiggy New Member

    Appreciate the response, really. But both are the same. Same OS, same network, not wired, both have/had all the same ini/ui/config files. Literally NOTHING had changed. I even played the day before too - then all of a sudden *splat* nada.

    I know this sounds like a huge "oh sounds like a local problem", but I would totally understand that if i had updated a firewall setting or even if the computer thats sitting right next to the problem child is ALSO having issues because of a network problem.
  6. nemotech Journeyman

    well, I would advocate using LAN and then try. then, try logging in the problem system 1st. rinse, repeat using wifi.
  7. Shownuff New Member

    Just saw this after I posted another thread. I'm having same problem. Cant get past server selection. No idea how to fix this. Was working fine yesterday. Not sure if my character is still logged in or what.
  8. nemotech Journeyman

    you can also try and bypass the launcher/login by using patchme command switch.
    If your game is patched to current, then you can use patchme.

    Find your eqgame.exe in your EverQuest folder on your hard drive.

    Create a shortcut of your eqgame.exe from your EverQuest folder.
    Right click on your eqgame.exe and Select Send To > Desktop (create shortcut)

    Right click the shortcut and select properties

    Click on the Shortcut tab.
    In the Target window after the eqgame.exe" hit the spacebar then type patchme

    In the Target section will look something like this:

    C:\...\EverQuest\eqgame.exe patchme

    also not a bad idea to select Run as Administrator. GL =)
  9. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    Unplug your modem for 30sec, plug back in. Wait for sync. Try again.
  10. Whiggy New Member

    So after that entire day of working on it i gave up.
    Came back the next morning to just try and log in and it worked. I didnt do ANY other troubleshooting, didnt unplug and replug anything, no settings changed. Just tried to log back in and it worked.

    My ticket has yet to be updated with DBG/DPG so i dont know if its something they did. But I am now the 2nd person in my guild that has had this problem and then making a ticket resolved it in 24hrs. But again, nothing has been updated on my ticket.

    Thank you everyone for the resonses!
  11. Whiggy New Member

    Go make a ticket.
  12. Swiggin New Member

    Hi folks,

    I have this exact problem--OP's picture is nearly identical to what I see. While trying to find a workaround, I had to kill the process and log in again, at which point it notifies me at server selection that I have a character logged in. I find this odd because I just opened my account and haven't been able to create a character yet.

    I submitted a ticket, but if anyone knows of a solution, please let me know.

  13. Swiggin New Member


    Sometime yesterday I lost audio on my laptop (Gigabyte Aero 15), I did some research and it seems the problem is related to a small Windows update. I disabled the audio driver(s) (intel, nvidia and realtek) and the Everquest problem was immediately solved. Just sucks to play without sound.
  14. SunDrake Augur

    I just discovered this post. I had the same issue as you about a month ago. After checking and double checking things related to connection, install, game files, etc. I discovered it was all related to my sound output. I run my sound through my surround system using HDMI. Whenever I was attempting to play EQ without that turned on, it would time out at the character select screen like was posted above.

    Edit: and I discovered no 'fix' - I just simply realized I had to have the stereo receiver turned on that HDMI slot in order for EQ to work, so.. I do that, haha.
  15. Whiggy New Member

    This is preeeeeeetty odd considering its an audio issue that is causing the hang up....
    For what its worth, I use VoiceMeeter Potato to manage all of my audio for my streaming. I have my output set to go to THAT software's default output. Which it hasnt changed and as far as i know - hasn't updated automatically. Then again, it could be possible that my regular audio drivers were updated by RealTek?
  16. Madfreddy New Member

    Unable to get past server selection as well. Once I click "play everquest", the screen goes blank and the arrow is in middle...then nothing. I have to end task from task manager. Nothing was changed on computer, I use a LAN. I've not changed any sound, nothing. Validated...nothing. Checked for updates...nothing. Uninstalled EQ, reinstalled EQ....nothing. Antivirus...firewall....all same settings as other computers and nothing had changed from one day to the next.

    Any ideas?
  17. Oamm New Member

    Can double confirm this fix here - Was having a black screen on launch from server selection. Looks like disabling my Realtek(R) Audio Sound controller (version: in Device Manager allows the load to complete. Looks like the driver is getting stuck in some form.

    Update: Just tried updating Realtek(R) Audio Sound controller to latest (version: 6.0.8924.1) same issue. I also tried utilizing with my bluetooth headset, and that is good and the load succeeds. I would assume a usb audio device would be successful too.

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