Can't do Vah Shir Citizenship quest!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Jarod997, Dec 22, 2020.

  1. Jarod997 New Member

    Before I get the blast/annoyed posts, please read:
    • I know I can't do the quest without All-Access (I had a good chat with a GM)
    • I've been playing this game since pre-Luclin (I have CD's and physical "loot" to prove it)
    So, I've paid for the game a few times over and I'm unable to access the content I paid for, AND which I've accessed before? I don't want a free All-Access pass, I would like some way for people who have purchased content to be able to access it. Specifically I want to enjoy the story line my new Vah Shir Bard should have access to in his real home city.
  2. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Prior to the game having any Free to Play option the only way to access the content you had "paid for" was with a subscription, this was clearly shown on the box when your purchase was made "this game requires an internet connection and a subscription in order to play" or words to that effect - if you still have the box go check it.
    Therefore you made a conditional purchase with a full grasp of the facts made available to you & that agreement is intact.

    Free to Play is a completely different deal. And one thing to note is that as a F2P player you may not set your racial home city as your start point, you start in Crescent Reach. If you want to start in Shar Vahl you must be an All-Access player.

    Any content that is accessible without a subscription is what is included in the Free to Play offer and that does not include every bit of content, it does not include this quest as you were already told by a GM.

    So, if you want access to the quests not contained within the Free to Play offering, you buy a sub.
    If you wish to remain a Free Player you continue not getting access to everything.

    That's the deal.
  3. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    Not sure where you are stuck at the steps in the quest since there have been a few of these Vah Shar citizenship quests that the GM keep saying are "bugged" but they are not. It can be done without all access, there are work arounds.

    Many times the answers are in google search's not in the GM, as good as they are.

    So one of the workarounds from past posts is to have an all access friend or alt account create the starting city cat. Ask in general chat. Or your guild?

    Now keeping in mind they may have changed **'ing since 2017 when this was posted, but it is worth a try.

    EDIT: oh wait here is an update from March 2020 in the Allah comments "You can do the quests as long as you have a premium account on which to create Vah Shir of the specific class. You can multiquest one of the steps and get the correct slate on a f2p account character." Use that friend or guildie lol

    Then Just have the all access friend/Vah Shar/ toon hand in the note to guild leader, then the next note to Registrar, then the tax slip to Tax Collector, then the new tax slip to Registrar. Then have your non-gold kitty (or non-kitty) say "what about an acrylia slate" to Mignah, then go back and hand it to Registrar and continue the quest from there.

    Another post recommended that "This CAN be done by NON Vah Shir. If you're a weirdo like the poster who likes raising factions or roleplaying. He just did it on his Dark Elf mage :3 he used a Vah Shir illusion potion. he don't know if that was necessary but he did anyway.

    And some other tips

    But I am confused as to what "content" you purchased if your F2P? If your talking old purchases then that is what they are - old purchases. The most you can get out of an old account now days is being granted Silver when you return which gives you slightly more stuff than a true F2P (like getting in general chat) and is still free. We all keep purchasing the all access every month. So its not a one time purchase. Unless you snagged those lifetime account offers a few years ago
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  4. Jarod997 New Member

    I realize it can be done as a , maybe I'll try that route - would prefer not though.

    The box only says "Requires an internet connection to play". Back in the day, buying the game was enough - there wasn't any subscription required. That payment model wasn't in use in the gaming industry yet. Commercial software, yes, and even then it was specialized software.
  5. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    I think you may be misremembering

    Original release had 10,000 active subscribers 24 hours after launch - that is subscribers not expansions as they were not introduced yet.

    It started at $9.99/month

    New Everquest Rates Mar 25 2002

    New EverQuest rates as of June 12, 2005:
    • $14.99 per Month
    You may be thinking of when it was produced thru physical box purchases that often included a few months free or game cards which also promoted some free months or in game cash
    Also the box is no longer pertinent as it is no longer sold thru that media. The disc in the box usually do not even download correctly.

    Edit my bad there was a studio before Sony and it used to be $9.89 for when 989 studios had it before Sony.
  6. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    A subscription was absolutely required to play the game at all though it had 30 days included with the original purchase, the Free to Play option did not exist until 2012.
    >>Free to Play Announcement<<

    "Additional online fees required" which is what the subscription costs were, shown right there at the foot of the front cover, below are photos I found of the front & back cover of the box as an example.

    It wasn't just that EverQuest wanted to be an multiplayer roleplaying game. There were dozens of those. And it wasn't that EverQuest would sport state-of-the-art graphics. It was that McQuaid wanted to combine the two in a massive open world that thousands of players could populate at any one time and charge a monthly fee for it. "John was convinced that it was obvious that these pay-by-the-hour games were limited because you had to have a lot of money to play those, but we couldn't make it free like a MUD so that's where the subscription model came up," McQuaid says. "People thought that was a crazy idea."


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  7. Jarod997 New Member

    Thaaaats right. The cards! It's all coming back to me.

    BTW, I did re-install the game using my Titanium Edition CD's (5 of them) - that got me about 20% into the rest of the download/update at a fraction of the time. (Ya, country DSL. :( )

    Alright, I concede about the membership point. But then perhaps let me buy access just for EQ. I have no intention of playing the other games at this point.
  8. Qbert Gallifreyan

    The price without all access was the same price that all access is now. There really is no premium cost associated with having an all access membership at this time. I would venture to guess a supermajority of EQ players only play EQ and none of the other games available in all access.
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  9. Jarod997 New Member

    In for a penny, in for a pound I guess. :)
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