Can't create character.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Clyve, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Ootax Augur

    No I very much have a class, I'm playing an SK right now, you should be here it's amazing!
  2. Hufflepuff New Member

    Not really. I agree that does happen but they know the numbers every time you do that you take a big risk losing a customer from that point forward there are reasons they do overbook because the stats show that some percent of fliers almost always cancel and they try to save that lost revenue by overbooking. And the ones that usually get screwed are the very low frequency fliers. They keep numbers on this, yet another database we are all in. But those that pay and come back on a regular basis rarely if ever get bumped as they are their biggest source of revenue. And I am an EQ repeat customer I have never used a krono and never will but I pay for my monthly sub and I want what I pay for on a regular basis and have for decades.
  3. Tuklofeign New Member

    Log in <Server is full. <<<Estimated wait time 11 minutes>>>
    Time Out, log back in <<<Estimated wait time 29 minutes>>>
    Time Out again, log back in, again. <<<Estimated wait time, 39 minutes>>>
    You guessed it, Time Out, log back in. <<<Estimated wait time 59 minutes>>>
    :confused: o_O
  4. Thundun New Member

    I only have a 52 minute wait, but my bud has a 2,980,360 minute wait.
  5. Clyve Lorekeeper

    Sure glad I gave DBG money...
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  6. Hufflepuff New Member

    You have a longer wait than that, it'll time out long before that timer gets met
  7. Hufflepuff New Member

    Hell even their queue is . I have been in the queue 7 times now and it always times out before I can get even close to the end of the wait time.
  8. Fastlane Journeyman

    I think we all get it, they're not going to drop a dime on new equipment if they don't absolutely have to. Otherwise there would be EQ in VR by now. I think what is upsetting alot of players, myself included, is the way it was done. The scheduling... I mean you're going to open up two new TLP servers, at noon (after most of the Friday night crowd has finally crawled out of bed and had their coffee) on a Saturday. Oh and we'll also be throwing in a 50% exp bonus on top of that. This virtually guarantees a login / server population issue. As usual, this caught them (seemingly) by complete surprise, and now they're scrambling to try to figure out how to fix it. 20 years later and they still can't properly plan a launch... I'm fine with how the servers respond on a daily, it's not the hardware.
  9. Hufflepuff New Member

    Has anyone actually gotten through the wait queue without getting disconnected? I am on attempt 10 now.