Can't create character.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Clyve, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Clyve Lorekeeper

    Just tells me that refer a friend stuff will be disabled and doesn't proceed.
  2. Mithra Augur

    That's where my slower laptop is stuck, but no worries we're also stuck on Entering World

    If you do get in try not to zone
  3. Khalifa Kush Lorekeeper

    50,000 of your friends all try entering Walmart at the same many get through the door?
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  4. Clyve Lorekeeper

    Now it says I have a character in game already and it needs to kick it to connect, but I don't and it's not.
  5. vylo Augur

    Give it a minute it took me 2 min after clicking the button. Been waiting at least that long to log into the world.
  6. HighElfPlayer Journeyman

    I show the server as being down now, including some live servers.
  7. Clyve Lorekeeper

    Haha, wouldn't be a TLP if there weren't a ton of speedbumps day one.
  8. Ilshade Augur

    same then disconnect - or they letting in all the streamers first like last time ?
  9. Korzu111 Elder

  10. Clyve Lorekeeper

    Can't even see the server list anymore, haha.
  11. Ilshade Augur

    OMG now i have a locked character logged into the server nice that is it for that account
  12. Psalmz Elder

    20 years and still can't figure out how to login a crowd? Btw, they did decide to wait until Saturday afternoon to have the largest possible number wanting to log at the same time.
  13. Someone Apprentice

    Only 3 people in Mangler general atm... assuming total failure :p
  14. Thomasmgp Elder

    i cant even pick a server.
  15. Roxxlyy Augur

    With about a million and 12 people trying to log in to a 20 year old game at the exact same time, we're going to have some bumps and this is one of them. For the most part things should smooth out over time, but we'll be watching and let you all know if anything goes too haywire.
  16. Kaeliss New Member

    Still trying to get into Mangler
  17. Clyve Lorekeeper

    Not so sure opening midday Saturday was the best of ideas...
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  18. PriestofDiscord Journeyman

    This was expected.

    I don't know why people thought this launch would be any different... expect it to clear up in the coming hours.
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  19. Detesto New Member

    Annnnd it's down...
  20. Clyve Lorekeeper

    When logging in is harder than the actual game.
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