Cant connect error on login?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by flash000, May 3, 2016.

  1. flash000 Augur

    cant connect error? anyone else?
  2. Kylkort New Member

    I'm getting the same message on my accounts.
  3. Soraia Journeyman

  4. Myth Elder

    My one account logged in fine earlier today...but just now..I go to log in my 2nd account on 2nd computer...and i cant..I click on Launcher..I get a blank launcher with unable to connect..

    Open close a few times..It loads up..I launch to get into the game....Same message but on different connection to the server...

    Hitting Cancel on the screen also brings up the error way to close the game

    Whats up....
  5. Myth Elder

    unable to log in as well, says no connection to server. Im logged in fine on my main..but cant load 2nd computer
  6. Lydius Insidious New Member

  7. Starry Journeyman

  8. Soraia Journeyman

    Same here.
  9. dupliciti Journeyman

    Same here as above. Now unable to get past the Launcher.
  10. KermitMadMan Journeyman

    same here in NC. can't get in.
  11. linlee New Member

    I was able to pass the PLAY screen, but after click PLAY got an error said server can't be reach.

    anyone having same issue?
  12. Misaligned Augur

    Also can't login.
  13. Dragari Journeyman

    Same issue for me - looks like something is broken.
  14. Coridger New Member

    Same issue as well.
  15. HorghAeturnus New Member

    After entering login and PW, then clicking the "PLAY" button, there is a substantial black screen pause, then I get the "A connection to the server could not be reached...". This is on all 4 systems.

    I have internet (obviously, since I'm making this post) but with the lack of anyone else making a post with similar issues, and the servers showing "UP", I'm thinking it's something on my end. Any ideas?

    I did the "validate game assets" in the advanced settings but no help there.

  16. Saroc_Luclin Augur

    Ditto as well. Doesn't seem to want to enter/accept the username/password.
  17. EQForumAcct Augur

    Yup - seems to be an issue. SO's account is at char select without issue. I can't login.
  18. HorghAeturnus New Member

    Same, just made a post in the support forums too.
  19. zlie New Member

    cant login as well
  20. Msocorcim New Member

    I get the check your connection and updates. both are fine as far as i can tell.

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