Can't charm rare creatures

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  1. Falafel Lorekeeper

    The joys of charming The Crypt spectre in howling stones. That thing was massively busted.
  2. Wulfhere Augur

    But egg-shaped pumice was instant cast originally ... it was nerfed in 2005.
  3. Wulfhere Augur

    Yes and this needs to be addressed as well. PH for bottleneck quest rares should also be un-charmable in many if not all cases.
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  4. Gnomie Denser than most

    Yes, People were charming ancient Jarsath for VP keys and gating across the zone to steal spawns and sell the drops. It was 100% justified.
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  5. Gheed Augur

    Poor guy couldn't charm undead barkeep :oops: better log off!

    People would charm your rare mob and gate it across the zone.. then kill it while you had your thumb somewhere it shouldn't be. Be happy its fixed.
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  6. Ebine Augur

    They were not gating in the same zone. They would charm the mob and have CoH going at the same time. You could be CoHed with your pet back then. The biggest issue was the ancient mob in FV for the VP key. People would levi up high on something with mage. Go and look for ancient then charm it and coh back. kill mob and then sell the loot rights.

    So they stopped letting you charm Rare and you can't bring your pet with you if your CoHed
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  7. FranktheBank Augur

    Some absolutely were. Some were Cothing, the real big brains were rezzing because the box stays up.
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  8. Aenoan Augur

    If only players could be trust to not to look for ways to abuse systems. But in that same train of thought if developers could just pay attention to what they are creating and think about the bigger picture instead of trying to push out content to meet quarterly earnings. Or maybe upper management could stop pressuring developers to push unfinished content faster. But if players didn't try to instantly consume all the content maybe the dev teams wouldn't feel pressured to work on more content faster or constantly nerfing classes to the point where quirky things like this might still against if it wasn't for the first point.

    Either way glad this isn't a thing.

    CoTHing was always an issue. Back when Luclin first came out I believe it was Triton found a way to Coth to AHR by passing the warders, I don't remember if warders had to be killed before you could go to AHR or not but my guild got leap frogged by them when clearing VT it was actually pretty funny. It didn't take long for SOE at the time to change how CoTH worked.
  9. uberkingkong Augur

    Yeah if this was specifically 1 mob, aka Ancient Cyclopes, they should have just put this on that named.
    I believe PoR and beyond you can't charm nameds anyways, even when the other rares like Ancient Cyclopes was charmable.

    Anywho, just charm the mobs that insanely powerful but not a rare. They have mobs like these in classic and early EQ.
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  10. Ambee Elder

    No, it doesn't.
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  11. Tweakfour17 Augur

    It was not just 1 named. Most of the VP key named, Ancient Cyclops, rando named in Chardok. If it was charmable and had loot worth looting people were charm gating it.
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  12. code-zero Augur

    I fully expect that at some point in the near future they'll make changes to the collision algorithm to put an end to both training and swarming which is a related issue.
  13. Gnothappening Augur

    Go look at hamlord group and see if they have frenzy's PHs charmed :)
  14. Gnothappening Augur

    How does collision affect training?
  15. code-zero Augur

    Getting a really big bunch of mobs overlapping is part of the collision calculations.
  16. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    It doesn't and would have no impact on either of those issues.
  17. Risiko Augur

    This change came in to place because charm gating became the norm for owning camps. A ton of jerks were dominating everything by just charming the name when it would spawn, and going back to their kill spot far, far away from the camp. There was no way to dispel the charm pet because it was gone in mere seconds from the time it spawned. You literally had to be there to see how bad it was to understand.