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  1. ARCHIVED-Littlekutie Guest

    I just recently downloaded eq trilogy from the everquest site and installed it on my new toshiba laptop using windows vista home premium. I get a error downloading patcher window popping up. Says could not download to file. Please rerun everquest.exe to try again.
  2. ARCHIVED-HH-Butterfly Guest

    Vista requires that you do some specific things before you can run EQ with it due to the UAC.
    Move the Everquest folder and LaunchPad folder (if you have one) out of the Program Files directory tree (put them under c:/sony), the Vista UAC will mess up patching and not allow the patcher to download all of the files it needs. Once you have moved them recreate your desktop shortcut so it points to the new location.
    Make sure you have DX9 installed - 10 is not fully backwards compatible.;DisplayLang=en
    You have to set EQ and LaunchPad to run as administrator:

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